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81 Martin Garrix Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix is the best and he's getting better every day.

More of a trap producer. Animals wasn't that good.

He is awesome.

Martin Garrix is more of a EDM producer - KDProductions

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82 Black Sun Empire
83 MDC
84 Karetus
85 Xilent

, why is this guy so low down. Here's a few tracks to change your minds. His remixes of Ellie Goulding's Figure 8, Ayah Marar's The Raver and the absolute genius that is Choose Me II (Dubstep Mix)

This guy is AMAZING! His newest release of 'Reality' and 'Falling Apart' are absolutely incredible!

86 Mt Eden

Mount Eden practically PIONEERED dubstep. The music... It is revolutionary to the genre. you don't know how this isn't 1st, or at least 2nd

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87 Panda Eyes

Come on he's my idol and he should be in 10s! - InfernoTopTenners

What? down in the hundreds? I have not found a panda eyes track I didn't like!

What's he doing so far down, check out 'The Returning' or 'Weed 'n' Fries'!

88 Rucka Rucka Ali
89 Nightkilla

NightKilla is the reason I like dubstep and electro music! I am shocked that he isn't near at least the top 20!

I like his song Nine Circles and Jawbreaker! He should be higher! - InfernoTopTenners

The only reason he's not in the top 5 is because he isn't Skrillex.

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90 Ninja Kore

Really good but not may people know them, sick bass drops, they need more attention from the comunity

91 Ajapai

Ajapai is one of my most favorite dub step composers, and he got me into the dubstep genre. He makes amazing songs with his unnatural sounds.

92 Dubsidia
93 Omnitica V 1 Comment
94 Birdy Nam Nam
95 Josh Chace

Check out his YouTube channel his music is sick.

96 Teddy Killerz
97 Pendulum Pendulum Pendulum is an Australian drum and bass and electronic rock band founded in 2002. Pendulum originally formed in the Australian city of Perth, Western Australia by Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen, and Paul Harding.

Great group but has nothing to do with this list they used to make drum n bass before they split.

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98 Ben Moon

He has the most underrated orchestra dubstep music, check him out on Youtube.

99 Cookie Monsta

Cookie Monsta could force Skrillex to shave off the other half of his head.

100 Diplo Diplo

There's a reason Skrillex wanted to colab with him so bad on Jack U. He's the mastermind behind Major Lazer and made helped make hit songs Climax, Lean On, Where Are U Now, etc. Top 5 quality in my opinion

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