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161 SaladUK
162 Bingo Players

Mode is their best song.

163 Emalkay
164 Barely Alive

Barely Alive is my favorite Dubstep Artist's. They're creative with the change of tempo at some tracks. When they remix any songs, it's most likely it's far better than the originals. The bass is incredible, I haven't heard a unique bass besides Excision. Barely Alive can be very heavy when they want to. Every song get's stuck in my head. They're allways showing me other talentet Dubstep artists Like Excision, Datsik and Twine. Barely Alive get's slowly more and more popular, and I hope they get to be one of the most popular Dubstep artist's in the future.

Barely alive has a unique style like no other, he puts time into his music and his bass drops are so complex and produce a beautiful sound. Defiantly should be in the top 10

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165 Mad Scientists

Right now, we are being colonized.

166 Ylvis

They just made 1 dubstep song (Somebody Like Me or what is it called). Their other stuff isn't dubstep but are hilarious.

These guys are awesome and hilarious and I think that they should be at least at 15 or maybe 20.

167 Virus Syndicate
168 Dan
169 MitiS
170 Ephixa

Awesome. Awesome To The Max!

171 DNA A4 (Danial Keimasi)

The Best Persian Music Producer...

172 Culture Code

Cannot believe nobody has even mentioned these guys. Just have a butchers at their songs like Colors and their remix of Adventure Club's Wait. Absolutely eargasmic chillstep.

173 Danger

Just Listen to his song called 1:42

174 Kevin Drew

Why isn't he number one on the list? His music is amazing and way beter than Skrillex's. Listen to Circles, Bullseye, and Somebody That I Use To Know Remix.

175 OfficialSkorge

I literally checked out the channel on YouTube, the dude is a beast. Great dubstep, it's just great stuff! - CrazyNinja

An awesome DJ/Producer.
Best song that I think was made was Disney's Frozen, Let it Go (Remix) - Anthony8913

Yes I know I am :D
Anthony is also good especially when we both work together :)
He's awesome - SKORGE

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176 LauziereStep

Best song made would be EVIL - Anthony8913

Anthony is a beginner by himself without me - SKORGE

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177 Fall of Icarus
178 Skrux
179 C99
180 Twofold
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