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1 Notorious

Rio and The Wedding Album are pretty good, but Notorious takes the cake. Awesome production and very catchy songs!

Some catchy songs appear on this album, such as Notorious, Skin trade, and meet El presidente. Then their is the soft, calminf song Winter Marches On. My favorite off this album has to be Vertigo.

2 Rio

This is definitely an album that can be listened to beginning to end. Songs like "Rio", "Hungry like the Wolf" and "Save A Prayer" capture this album's spirit.

Has better songs overall than Notorious. - jenjenny

They're definitive album

3 Seven & The Ragged Tiger

I think this the best album, who all Duran Duran guys are mad together.

4 Duran Duran
5 Big Thing

By far one of their best! First to last track pure perfection!

6 Duran Duran (The Wedding Album)
7 All You Need Is Now

All you need is now! How can a band 30 years on make an album as good as this! It's rare for any band!

8 Arena
9 Astronaut

That's should be higher

10 Red Carpet Massacre

The Contenders

11 Medazzaland
12 Paper Gods
13 Liberty
14 Live In London
15 Diamond In the Mind
16 Pop Trash
17 Thank You
18 So Red the Rose
19 Decade
20 Greatest Hits
21 Reportage
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1. Rio
2. Seven & The Ragged Tiger
3. Duran Duran (The Wedding Album)
1. Rio
2. Duran Duran
3. Arena
1. Duran Duran
2. Rio
3. Seven & The Ragged Tiger

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