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1 Izaya Orihara Izaya Orihara

Izaya Orihara...Now, I know every anime fan has seen at least ONE 'Arrogant Ass' that can piss everyone in the show off, and get loved by all the fans. But by god, Izaya is a 'Badass Arrogant Ass'! He plays around all the time when Shizou gets pissed off, and he can easily manipulate people, not only to believe him, but to completely change their view of life, which may result in changing their personalities. He can easily disguise himself and get away with it just fine (except maybe with a few haters), and he literally piss or scare people off 24/7. His sly and evil personality is just so lovable! I think they did a great job executing this character.

Oh, and also, the voice. It's just...It's just too perfect. - VeronikaHolm

He is sly, cunning and very manipulative. I'm surprised that no one wanted him in the series! He's very dark and his parkour skills rock! Also, his relationship with Shizuo (currently at #2) is one of the best hate types in the world! Izaya is the best, hands down!

My absolute favourite character! He is just awesome. Basically, he's a troll. He actually has a reason to be troll! He is funny and cool. I even like his clothes! (especially his cute jacket) I think I like him too much.

I..I ship him with Shizuo for some reason...Am I weird?

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2 Shizuo Heiwajima Shizuo Heiwajima

Shizuo is awesome. He's bad ass; he defeated an army of zombie like people. I love his inner angst of deciding whether his is human or a monster because it makes me feel so mushy gushy inside.

It's always a blast when Shizuo enters the scene, especially when he gets pissed off like he always does so I dunno I feel I can relate to him to some degree since there was a time when the slightest thing could piss me off as well...glad I grew out of it, that's where the part where I can relate ends since no one on this entire planet could be as strong as he is.

I like the couple, but SHIZUO must be the first, or defeat Izaya at least. Dictator said so!

God dammit, he is awesome! (by the way I ship Izaya and Shizuo together. Shizaya! 😄) Someone might have to help me describe how cool Shizuo is.

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3 Celty Sturluson

Celty is a headless horseman who rides a motorcycle with no headlights. Need I say more?

Celty is sexy, creative and deadly

I love her, she is amazing, if I could have her I would. I go Shinra for her every time I look at the screen


4 Kyohei Kadota

Yasss! Kyohei is one of my favorites!

5 Masaomi Kida

Out of all the amazing realistic characters in Durarara! I personally find Masaomi to be the most human and connectable of all of them. We've all tried to run from our past because we were scared, and we had no faith that we could overcome our guilt. Most try to cover up their past with the present, and so does Masaomi. The choices he make and the feelings he have are realistic to the point where realism can't catch up. Besides, his dorky awkward attempts to pick up girls is just hilarious, I laugh every time see them.

Masaomi is such a cute dork, I honestly love his character.

He is the sexiest boy who ever lived

The most realistic and relatable character from the DRRR series.

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6 Mikado Ryūgamine

Damn, Mikado is just the best! I love crazy characters and Mikado is one of the craziest! His thirst for the extraordinary and his hatred of the ordinary is just fantastic! I was almost sad that he decided to become an ordinary person by the end of it. Still, I'm hoping that he gets involved in SH even though he wasn't planning on it!

His character arc is one of the best in show and probably all anime. I liked him at the beginning, I loved him at the end. He becomes my favorite anime character of all time in last couple episodes of the series

He's shy and cute at first, and over time starts to show a darker side...what more could you want?

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7 Simon Brezhnev

"You look serious...Buy some Russian sushi and you feel better"

You by, it good

"Our sushi not made from human even at half price day."
This and many more quotes are the main reason why he's the best.

8 Shinra Kishitani

Everybody calls this guy a pervert, but he only makes perverted jokes-unlike some characters *Cough* Orihara Twins *Cough* He's also hilarious, and be honest here, you think the way he acts around Celty is sweet.

He's hilarious and cute. He really really love Celty!

9 Anri Sonohara

She's so cute and has a sad past. How could you not love her? (No spoilers if she actually isn't lovable) - FrozenHatingPokefan

10 Shingen Kishitani

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11 Saburo Togusa

My boy, my love, my hope

12 Akabayashi

That man has class! He looks scary and really is but he's also nice. Although he's a yakuza I think Akabayashi's a good person. He has his own code and takes care of the persons dear to him.

Let's have him closer to top 10!

13 Rokujo Chikage

So nice to the ladies, and a surprisingly strong and resilient fighter. He deserves more love!

14 Saki Mikajima

She is just amazing l. She has her weaknesses and can be naive sometimes, but I think we need at least one character like that in the series.

15 Erika Karisawa

I seriously love how she ships shizaya so much, whenever she starts to gush over their interactions, even though the other characters disagree though

She's cute and I love her interactions with Walker. - FrozenHatingPokefan

She is a funny otaku


16 Aoba Kuronuma

I feel really bad for what happen in his past.

17 Walker Yumasaki

Just for the burning van scene alone he's awesome.

He's a awesome character who uses a flamethrower fire exquisher.

18 Vorona
19 Mairu Orihara

He has no emotion but he still cares about his brother and his smile is the same no matter what he would be the best at poker.Who would no like him!

20 Ruri Hijiribe
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