Best Dutch Soccer Teams

The Top Ten

1 Ajax Amsterdam

It has to be Ajax, they have won the Champions League 4 times PSV have nowhere near the success of Ajax - plmilligan1968

The became champions for the 30th time. I guess that it should be crystal clear now.

Ajax won champion league 4 times and psv 0

2 PSV Eindhoven The Philips Sport Vereniging, abbreviated as PSV and internationally known as PSV Eindhoven is a sports club from Eindhoven, Netherlands. It is best known for its professional football department, which plays in the Eredivisie, the Dutch football top division, since its inception in 1956.

Memphis Depay is Johan Cruyff 2.0 - Puga

3 Feyenoord Rotterdam

This isn't number 1 what it won the most UEFA cups and 1 champion league it is the most famous soccer club ever everbody knows van persie sneijder come on this is the club to be it's the club of the people while the other clubs were sold to the Chinese and we won against sevila like 2 months ago

4 AZ Alkmaar
5 NAC Breda
6 FC Groningen

It is just the best team ever they won the Champions league 1 time but that doesn't mean anything

7 SV Heerenveen
8 FC Twente
9 FC Utrecht
10 Roda JC

The Contenders

11 Go Ahead Eagles


12 PEC Zwolle
13 Willem II
14 SBV Vitesse
15 FC Volendam
16 De Graafschap

A very very good club, they won the UCL 15 times

17 VVV Venlo
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