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21 Get Smart

Even though he was not the main character, Dwayne Johnson was VERY funny in this movie

Its awesome, this is one of the best movies I have ever seen

22 Tooth Fairy

This Is His Best Movie I Watched It 50 Times I Love Dwayne Johnson Character Here He Is So Good In This Movie Really Nice And Awesome Movie Must Be Top 1

Best Movie! Its also sad.

It wary cool movie

This movie is the rock.this is my 100 time I have watched the dwayne johnson movies. Keep doining your thing rock

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23 Pain & Gain

Only movie which makes us think that Dwayne should stand as a senate

Coming soon... Dwayne Johnson as Rusty Phallic and Mark Wahlberg as General Seminal


Hindi mt net pr dalo yr

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24 Planet 51

Why the hell are people defending Planet 51, the worst animated blockbuster of 2009?! Its animation looks straight-to-video, some forced romantic scenes, it has blatant bathroom humour, teen stereotypes like in teen sitcoms and a lot of cliches. How the heck is that good?! I know it has a strong cast like Justin Long, The Rock (as Rusty Phallic in my future Frigid Fire movie known as Rusty), James Corden, Sean William Scott and Gary Oldman, but I would give Planet 51 a skip. - The Ultimate Daredevil

25 San Andreas

I thought that San Andreas was a really great movie all the way though

New movie, just watched in theatres... and it is awesome! Has Alexandra Daddario as well, it's real good. But the rock really makes that movie one of my favourites.

Good movie

good - PeeledBanana

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26 Empire State

Dwayne Johnson (or should I say Rusty Phallic? ) must have sex with both Emma Roberts (as Marijuane Strauss in my live-action Fairy Tail remake whereas I play Natsu Dragneel) and Liam Hemsworth!

27 Welcome to Jungle

Welcome to the jangle is the best movie

Like the movie, but WRONG PICTURE

28 Rusty
29 The Fate of the Furious
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