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1 Zhou Tai
2 Lu Bu Lu Bu

Lu Bu is a amazing warrior abeles to destroy orchi in on hit

Lu bu is much better than that fool of a man ditching shu like that, justatrocious

3 Guan Yu

Guan yu is the best of the best! I ever played as guan yu with my friend (he use zhao yun) we both lv 25 and we just kill lu bu very easly. And then I ever play in a map with only wu people in there ( I forget that map's name) and then I met sun quan! Okay, in this case I already became lv 50' but he just kill everyone swinging his blade like a boss and kill sun quan alone. I mean, he is just awesome!

P. S: he is the very first guy in dynasty warrior I use. So I really love him!

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4 Ma Chao

Speed and strength and range most bad ass in my opinion and he's just a bad ass character.

The splendid ma chao a sight to truly gaze upon

Here comes from strategist of mt. Ding jun, marquis wei, the governor and valiant of liang

5 Zhao Yun

I love his fighting style and character design. - killerbees66

Legend and poster boy of the game plus he was ome of the main characters that survived every battle

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6 Xiahou Dun

Xiahou Fun is the best,he is very fast with his blade and is able to kill several enemies at once.with xiahou dun fun I killed 600 in the first level and with guan yu I killed 350.

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7 Cao Cao Cao Cao

Killed lu bu enough said

8 Zhou Yu V 1 Comment
9 Jiang Wei Jiang Wei

He's such a tragic hero and is so fun to play as. I know people don't like his voice but I really like it. He's one of my favorite characters ever.

10 Zhuge Liang

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11 Zhang Liao

Hail the 'mighty blade of Wei'!

A level-headed general who searches the 'Path of the Warrior', he remains fearless even in death. While being physically stronger, Lu Bu was frightened of his impending death while Zhang Liao accepted his death like a man. Even when outnumbered 7000 to 100000, his fearlessness changed the tides of He Fei. He had Sun Quan wagging his tail between legs.

In addition, his character design is stylish especially those hats of his. His twin axes combined with his EX 1 makes him unstoppable.

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12 Gan Ning

Gan Ning is a true pal. Just look at his interactions with Ling Tong!

Best in DW 2-6 when he runs for his Musou. Still awesome Afterwards. Been strong and reliable.

13 Zuo Ci
14 Zhang He V 1 Comment
15 Sima Yi

The man who lied and manipulated his way to Jin winning everything, while maniacally laughing along the way, surely he was no IMBECILE

Everyone else is just an imbecile.

16 Zhang Fei

People mostly underrate him because of his alcoholism and "stupidity" and other stuff that ALLEGEDLY he did.
But actually he is awesome - he is very powerful, he is funny guy and not such a dull beggar like most character are. That's why I love him.
Unfortunately, KOEI by some reason hated him and so they want to see him the same way by the people, it's not hard to see.

17 Liu Bei Liu Bei
18 Sun Ce Sun Ce
19 Sun Shang Xiang Sun Shang Xiang
20 Diao Chan Diao Chan

I started with DW4 and I'll admit, I wasn't the biggest fan of hers but once 6 hit and she got the whip she's so much better at crowd control, plus she dances! Lol

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