Best Dynasty Warriors Characters


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1 Zhou Tai

Huge AoE damage for taking checkpoints, and his Musou attacks inflict very high single target damage for nuking generals.

Why him


2 Lu Bu Lu Bu

Clearly too op every time you fight him and according to history he was the most feared

"Truly, A Man Among Men"

Lu Bu is the Officer everyone's intimidated by, he's probably the strongest and has the best moveset. - DbzFighter

The most formidable warrior in history, he contested the 3 sworn brothers: Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu for more than 100 rounds. He defeated Liu Bei and overpowered him in no time. He killed Dong Zhou only with 1 swing of his weapon. In the actual game, his starting skills are higher than all the other characters available. He has an unique ability of becoming invincible. In the description of him, it said that he is the strongest warrior at that time. Just with a few swings, he can wipe out an entire army. Lu Bu is simply the best character in dynasty warriors.

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3 Guan Yu

2nd strongest char

Loved him since dynasty warrior 3. His moveset always seems the strongest without losing too much speed.

Guan yu is the best of the best! I ever played as guan yu with my friend (he use zhao yun) we both lv 25 and we just kill lu bu very easly. And then I ever play in a map with only wu people in there ( I forget that map's name) and then I met sun quan! Okay, in this case I already became lv 50' but he just kill everyone swinging his blade like a boss and kill sun quan alone. I mean, he is just awesome!

P. S: he is the very first guy in dynasty warrior I use. So I really love him!

I love guan yu as he spins his blade so bossly guan yuthan lubu

4 Ma Chao

Speed and strength and range most bad ass in my opinion and he's just a bad ass character.

The splendid ma chao a sight to truly gaze upon

Here comes from strategist of mt. Ding jun, marquis wei, the governor and valiant of liang

5 Zhao Yun

The best general

Please he deserves to die

Here comes the Dragon of Chang Shan!

I love his fighting style and character design. - killerbees66

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6 Xiahou Dun

Xiahou dun is the best he can beat guan you and Zhang fei and he is the one who killed Zhang jiao in the game dian wei and lubu fight and they are draw. In the game xiahou dun is hunting tigers and he encountered dian wei and fought dian wei lost to him

Badass simply

Xiahou Fun is the best,he is very fast with his blade and is able to kill several enemies at once.with xiahou dun fun I killed 600 in the first level and with guan yu I killed 350.

7 Zhuge Liang

There is no greater weapon than a prepared mind. So, what is better than The most genius strategist in chinese history.

8 Zhang Liao

Hail the 'mighty blade of Wei'!

A level-headed general who searches the 'Path of the Warrior', he remains fearless even in death. While being physically stronger, Lu Bu was frightened of his impending death while Zhang Liao accepted his death like a man. Even when outnumbered 7000 to 100000, his fearlessness changed the tides of He Fei. He had Sun Quan wagging his tail between legs.

In addition, his character design is stylish especially those hats of his. His twin axes combined with his EX 1 makes him unstoppable.

He is one of the overpowered characters in the game. Not only that, but his all of his fighting style can be used in real life. This is hard to come by, mainly because other characters use magic and/or fly around. Or if you look a Lu Bu with his "fire" in Dynasty Warriors 8, not realistic at all.

His courage and valor at Hefei should be rewarded with 1st place. He's probably one of Wei's best men... #ZhangLiao

Definitely the man, when we see the Battle of Hefei and Xiapi, he gave it his all, and according to DW8, it was his motivation that gives Lu Bu's army on the offensive. Battle of Hefei is a whole next level, 700 vs 100,000 and we are not just talking about defense but also on a large extent of pushback. And also one of the possible generals of Guan Yu's might.

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9 Jiang Wei Jiang Wei

He's such a tragic hero and is so fun to play as. I know people don't like his voice but I really like it. He's one of my favorite characters ever.

10 Cao Cao Cao Cao

Via execution so not rly

the GOAT

Killed lu bu enough said

The Contenders

11 Zhou Yu

He is superior to Zhuge Liang in actual history. They downplayed him in Romance of the Three Kingdoms making Zhuge Liang better than him when he's not. Zhou Yu is the better general and strategist who really came up with the plan to defeat Cao Cao at Chibi.

"Hero of ChiBi" That is all.

12 Zuo Ci
13 Zhang He

He's amazing

14 Gan Ning

Gan Ning is a true pal. Just look at his interactions with Ling Tong!

Best in DW 2-6 when he runs for his Musou. Still awesome Afterwards. Been strong and reliable.

15 Zhang Fei

People mostly underrate him because of his alcoholism and "stupidity" and other stuff that ALLEGEDLY he did.
But actually he is awesome - he is very powerful, he is funny guy and not such a dull beggar like most character are. That's why I love him.
Unfortunately, KOEI by some reason hated him and so they want to see him the same way by the people, it's not hard to see.

16 Sima Yi

Such an Amazing Character.

"What a miserable world this is, where we are forced to watch while idiots erupt in hysterics"

The best strategist, in the end he manipulated wei and allowed his family to rose to power.

The man who lied and manipulated his way to Jin winning everything, while maniacally laughing along the way, surely he was no IMBECILE

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17 Xiaoqiao

I like her along with her older sister Da Qiao, she's very energetic, confidence, and really pretty
I love Two Qiaos!

18 Da Qiao Da Qiao

Mature 18 year old wrecking an entire army with fans.

This girl is awesome, she knows how to kick butt. She has definitely got one of the best personalities and yeah I know she's not involved a lot but she is young. Her relationship with her and Sun-Ce has to be hands down one of the best relationships in DW ever! She really knows how to fight and would do anything to protect her confident little sister - taytayxtaytay

19 Ling Tong

Dude uses nunchuka or a 3 section staff ( was made popular I the classic kung fu move "Shaolin 36 Chambers" and has an attitude that can relate many people lol. He's alil effeminate looking but only in looks and it's not that big of a deal. He's nasty on the field and one of my favorite wu generals

20 Sun Ce Sun Ce

My personal favorite

21 Sun Shang Xiang Sun Shang Xiang
22 Liu Bei Liu Bei

He is literally the hero of the story.

23 Zhu Rong Zhu Rong
24 Zhen Ji Zhen Ji

A gorgeous woman who speaks her mind, I love the way she slaps soldiers into oblivion. Her flute is legendary.

25 Cao PI Cao PI

Why isn't he #1

26 Dian Wei

He wields a giant axe. Come on!

27 Diao Chan Diao Chan

I started with DW4 and I'll admit, I wasn't the biggest fan of hers but once 6 hit and she got the whip she's so much better at crowd control, plus she dances! Lol

28 Wei Yan Wei Yan

Wei yan is awesome in so many ways, he has an amazing outfit, weapon, move set, story and one of if not the most unique personalities in the whole game

29 Xu Shu

Ult hits everything and murders anyone withing a quarter mile of you.

He's like a ninja. Automatically makes him awesome.

30 Wang Yuanji

The best

How can this throwing knives lady on 30th place? She deserves a higher spot!

31 Lianshi


32 Yueying

Best female fighter


33 Taishi Ci
34 Lu Xun Lu Xun

He's fast and very powerful if you know how to use him right.

He was the original dual-blade user.

35 Sima Zhao Sima Zhao

Dude I love Sima Zhao he's a tank and I love his fighting style. SHOULD BE NUMBER 1

36 Sima Shi

If his weapon was better he'd be way higher on this list. He is god level in DW8 Empires.

Heir to the Jin empire, anyone?

37 Cao Ren Cao Ren
38 Sun Jian Sun Jian
39 Pang Tong

He is hilarious, my favorite are his quotes
"Hey I defeated an officer! "
"Good for you! "

The Fledgling Phoenix is the best character hands down.

He's hilarious. My favorite strategist.

40 Magoichi Saika
41 Xu Huang

So underrated! one of wei's top five generals

42 Xun Yu
43 Sun Quan Sun Quan
44 Bao Sanniang Bao Sanniang
45 Meng Huo Meng Huo
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