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21 Zhen Ji Zhen Ji

A gorgeous woman who speaks her mind, I love the way she slaps soldiers into oblivion. Her flute is legendary.

22 Xu Shu

He's like a ninja. Automatically makes him awesome.

23 Cao PI Cao PI
24 Xiaoqiao

I like her along with her older sister Da Qiao, she's very energetic, confidence, and really pretty
I love Two Qiaos!

25 Dian Wei

He wields a giant axe. Come on!

26 Wei Yan Wei Yan
27 Da Qiao Da Qiao

Mature 18 year old wrecking an entire army with fans.

This girl is awesome, she knows how to kick butt. She has definitely got one of the best personalities and yeah I know she's not involved a lot but she is young. Her relationship with her and Sun-Ce has to be hands down one of the best relationships in DW ever! She really knows how to fight and would do anything to protect her confident little sister - taytayxtaytay

28 Yueying Yueying

Best female fighter


29 Wang Yuanji

How can this throwing knives lady on 30th place? She deserves a higher spot!

30 Zhu Rong Zhu Rong
31 Taishi Ci
32 Magoichi Saika
33 Sima Zhao Sima Zhao

Dude I love Sima Zhao he's a tank and I love his fighting style. SHOULD BE NUMBER 1

34 Sun Quan Sun Quan
35 Pang Tong

He is hilarious, my favorite are his quotes
"Hey I defeated an officer! "
"Good for you! "

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36 Bao Sanniang Bao Sanniang
37 Lianshi
38 Sima Shi

Heir to the Jin empire, anyone?

39 Xu Huang
40 Ling Tong

Dude uses nunchuka or a 3 section staff ( was made popular I the classic kung fu move "Shaolin 36 Chambers" and has an attitude that can relate many people lol. He's alil effeminate looking but only in looks and it's not that big of a deal. He's nasty on the field and one of my favorite wu generals

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