Best Dynasty Warriors Shu Forces Officers

Best officers in the kingdom of Shu in Dynasty Warriors. Includes ruler Liu Bei. Basically playable characters for Shu in the games.

The Top Ten

1 Zhao Yun

Bravest and coolest officer - EvilAngel

The only known Officer to have charged an army seven times to rescue an infant.

Lu Bu? Guan Yu? None of them ever took on an entire army themselves.

Most importantly, Lu Bu and Guan Yu died, early. Zhao Yun was fighting well into old age and NEVER lost a battle in ROTK.

Maximum 100, Minimum 0
Courage: 100
War Strength: 99
Intelligence: 80
Leadership: 92
Politics: 68
Charming: 92

2 Zhuge Liang

Most brilliant strategist of his time - EvilAngel

3 Jiang Wei Jiang Wei
4 Zhang Fei
5 Ma Chao
6 Liu Bei Liu Bei
7 Guan Yu

My favorite is zhao yun
But I couldn't leave guan you at 7th rank - shatti

B**** please!
Did you know what do people in china called guan yu? They called guan yu as a war god! Okay, he is very slow, he looks old, he is not very smart (actually in the legend he is pretty smart, thourgt) but he is awesome! He could kill liu bei, zhang fei, and guan yu alone! And he could kill lu bu alone! And I think, he must be at least number 1-5 in this list

8 Wei Yan Wei Yan
9 Pang Tong
10 Haung Zhong

The Contenders

11 Yue Ying
12 Bao Sanniang Bao Sanniang

She is funny and gorgeous

13 Liu Shan
14 Xu Shu
15 Xing Cai
16 Ma Dai
17 Guan Ping
18 Guan Suo
19 Fa Zheng
20 Guan Yinping
21 Zhang Bao
22 Guan Xing
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