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21 Epar

"Dead one in the front, dead cop in the back, and two live ones screaming 'Odd Future is back'"
Best play on a hook ever!

22 Faucet

Yo this song needs to be higher like foreal this isn't even a joke anymore.

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23 Guild

Just a great lyrical song, pretty much when Earl and Mac get together they make great music

24 Hoarse

Just great, and Frank's spoken word is great.

Very deep lyrics and the way he spits is fanominal, this song really proves that Earl is one of the most talented mc

25 Pre
26 20 Wave Caps

This should at like 5 or 6

Should be in top 10

27 Off Top

Left Brain has great production on this track.

This should be #4

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28 Blade

Dope tunes on a dope beat. One of my favorites from earlier.

This has to be the top ten even if is 1:00 long

One of his firsts he has to sick of flow - Tytyty35

29 Molliwopped

Garage band flows need no reasoning.
Earls second song after a name change from Sly Tendencies. Dope song. Flows smooth, him him kill em all.

30 This N**** Ugly

This song Blows men...Earl gets dissed for being ugly in a 1 min 16 sec song...

31 Between Villains

Epic even though Viktor and Captain hit just as hard.

32 Wool

Best song on album

Soon as I catch the vibe, tell en to fetch the herse

Top 5

33 Mantra

This man snapped!

34 45

The dawn of the aggressive lyrical Earl.

35 Home
36 F*** Your Compression
37 Cool

Mike G and Earl just kill it in these song. Nice beat too

38 Between Friends
39 Super Rich Kids

Definitely one of his best verses. The nonchalant tone to his voice combined with his alliteration adds the mood and attitude this song needed

40 Elm Street
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