Best Earth Wind and Fire Songs

The Top Ten

1 September

Love It So Much It's A Classic - mneilan

Stands the true test of time

The coolest song in human history

I always sing this in art class, and so does everyone else. We have a good time

2 That's the Way of the World

This should be higher. The music is nice, cool, and calming for me. How it's not even in the top ten is beyond my reasoning.

3 Let's Groove

This is way better than September or That's the Way of the World.

People, you gotta be kidding me, right?

Amazing song love this one

It has the groove! - Userguy44

That's a cool song. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

4 Boogie Wonderland

Great song great beat love this song

Infectious; energising; uplifting; smile-inducing and pretty great to dance to. - Britgirl

Either this or September. - micahisthebest


5 After the Love Has Gone

So soulful and the transitions between sections are masterfully done. They don't use key changes to lazily keep you interested, they make it WORK. Brilliant song overall. - Skorpion877

6 Got to Get You Into My Life

They did a great job in making their own version of The Beatles’ song! It’s like they made it their own! - Misfire

Amazing love the guitar solo

Love this song should be number 5 not number 8 amszing guitar and singing great beat vote this one up

I think this should be #2

7 Sing a Song

I like this one - FerrariDude64

Great Horns and singing.

8 Can't Hide Love

Best Intro - Glauberson

9 Fantasy

Clear cut #1 love the ending

It is the best

Really...a fantasy song...close your eyes...chorus kills it...beautiful!

10 Reasons

The reeasons, the reasons that we here!


The Contenders

11 Shining Star

Really good song this one should be number 4

This one should be in the top 3 or 4 - mneilan

Absolutlly BEAUTIFUL meaning, lyrics, and groove.

12 Happy Feeling
13 Sweetback's Theme
14 Can't Let Go
15 Love's Holiday
16 Wait
17 Serpentine Fire

The beat is too fire. Should be higher.

18 My Promise

In my opinion the best song on the new album!

This song should be in the top ten - mneilan

19 Getaway

Up beat classic!

My vote for #1.

20 Celebrate
21 Devotion

How can this be left off any top 10 list?!?

22 Beijo (aka Brazilian Rhyme) [Interlude]
23 In the Stone

All the songs of earth wind and fire are number one I love them all so much

Come on 14?
This song should be at the top 5 catchy music n catchy rhythm

Should be at least top 10.

People MUST listen to this song till the end
Its super wortn it!

24 Every Now and Then

Mr White = Awesome!

25 Saturday Night
26 Star
27 Fall in Love with Me
28 All About Love
29 On Your Face
30 Evil

Santana-like sound and sooo smooth. Really cool hypnotic beat.

31 I'll Write a Song for You

Easily their best song. Musicality. Delivery. Passion. Accuracy. Yes the song is difficult. Goes over the head of the average listener.

32 Kalimba Story
33 Let Me Talk
34 Could It Be Right
35 Love Music
36 Sunday Morning
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