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1 September

Love It So Much It's A Classic - mneilan

Stands the true test of time

The coolest song in human history

Do you remember? - AnimeSportsFan619

V 4 Comments
2 Let's Groove

Amazing song love this one

I listen to it every day!

Best Song To Listen To!

3 That's the Way of the World

This should be higher. The music is nice, cool, and calming for me. How it's not even in the top ten is beyond my reasoning.

4 Boogie Wonderland

Great song great beat love this song

Either this or September. - micahisthebest


5 After the Love Has Gone
6 Shining Star

Really good song this one should be number 4

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7 Fantasy V 2 Comments
8 Got to Get You Into My Life

Love this song should be number 5 not number 8 amszing guitar and singing great beat vote this one up

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9 Reasons

The reeasons, the reasons that we here!


10 Sing a Song V 2 Comments

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11 My Promise

In my opinion the best song on the new album!

This song should be in the top ten - mneilan

12 Happy Feeling
13 Love's Holiday
14 Serpentine Fire
15 Getaway
16 Celebrate
17 Beijo (aka Brazilian Rhyme) [Interlude]
18 In the Stone

All the songs of earth wind and fire are number one I love them all so much

Come on 14?
This song should be at the top 5 catchy music n catchy rhythm

Should be at least top 10.

People MUST listen to this song till the end
Its super wortn it!

19 Saturday Night
20 Every Now and Then V 1 Comment
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1. Boogie Wonderland
2. September
3. Let's Groove
1. September
2. Boogie Wonderland
3. After the Love Has Gone
1. Shining Star
2. September
3. After the Love Has Gone

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