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1 An Ed is Born

Funniest episode ever made!

I love every episode of ed edd n eddy ever and this is a very funny episode

There's only one bad thing about this episode. The fact it's paired with one of the series worst episodes

It's a very good episode but I liked episodes like flee bitten ed,take this ed and shove it and the ed touchable more but still a very good episode

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2 One + One = Ed

Ed Edd and Eddy rocks the whole world with there Funny comedy and their stumpy words

Honestly my favorite episode, with all the fourth wall breaks.

These episode need's to be a movie but - cyrus756

The best Ed, Edd, n Eddy episode ever!

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3 It Came From Outer Ed

Just great because it focused on Ed being able to come up with a scam and doing all this random stuff from his Evil Tim comic. The best part: Ed:"FOOLS! EVIL TIM HAS BECKONED YOU ALL! NOW YOU WILL PAY WITH YOUR BRAINS! " Eddy: "BRAINS?! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO WITH BRAINS?!? " hahaa hilarious


4 Ed Edd Eddy Big Picture Show

It's a big bash of high slapstick, fast comedy, and witty writing. Character's personalities are explored and more setting are put forth for the fun to happen. Standing at 86 minutes, the movie will truly entertain any hardcore Ed, Edd, n Eddy fan. A shining example on how to end a well known and loved series.

This is the epidim on how to finish off a perfect cartoon series. We have the ends finally being loved, we have callbacks, eddy's brother revealed, funny moments perfect story, and above all a great conclusion to one of cartoon networks greatest shows ever. Maybe sometime in the future we get a great finisher like this for the amazing world of gumball. But until then this is one of the best finales ever

This movie was a lot more darker and grittier than all of the past episodes. Each character gets beaten up (except ed, sarah, and jimmy) and even kevin looses his bike to the kankers. Poor kevin.

Warning: spoilers!
Best by far! I love Ed, Edd n' Eddy! but the movie just takes the cake! This movie is funny all the way through, we get some new setting including a swamp and an old gag factory, and the ending is a n awesome way to end my favorite cartoon of all time! So the story is the usual, the Eds pull a scam. But unlike every other scam, it goes horribly wrong and all of the kids want revenge... The Eds manage the escape the cul-da-sac and decide to go to the fabled Eddy's big brother! Meanwhile the other kids are chasing him down with teams of Rolf and Wilfred, Nazz and Kevin, Jimmy and Sahra, (who didn't get scamed by want to see the Eds get beaten to the floor) who eventually and forcefully tag along with the Kanker sister who want to help the Eds, and Jhonny and Plank become Captain Melonhead and Splinter the wonderwood once again! It even has sort of an emotional scene where after a terrible prank by Ed and Eddy, Double -Red wants to go home and Eddy revealed his true ...more

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5 The Day the Ed Stood Still

This is my favorite episode of Ed, Edd, and Eddy, it's a hilarious spoof of the movie Alien, and it was so creative and not something you'd expect in a show like this. - lukestheman4

This was my favorite episode. I especially like the robots that turned out to be sarah and jimmy in the end.

I think you've got the wrong episode. I'm sure you're talking about "Dawn of The Eds."

ABsolute classic season three went out with a bang because of this

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6 Once Upon an Ed

A really funny episode

7 Little Ed Blue

This episode basically had Nega-Ed. That in and of itself is AWESOME! Perfect combination of Ed's hilarity and the terror that can come with being that dense and that much of a bulldozer. Plus how his bad mood worked off of the other characters, particularly Edd & Eddy. I think the parts I laughed my butt off the most were when he unleashes Baron 'O Beefdip's flame breath, uses Eddy as a bat to smack Kevin out of the park, and of course when Eddy monotones Ed's favorite bird. And you know things got real when Ed yelled louder than Sarah and ripped himself another eyebrow (LITERALLY! )! My favorite episode by far that centers around my favorite character.

Ed's anger mixed with slapstick makes this a must see.

SO MOVE! Was my favorite moment alongside Ed's anger and Eddy as a chicken

This is the episode where Ed yelled at that bitchy lil sister of's a win in my book for any episode that has that.

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8 Rent-a-Ed

Definitely top 10. the eds are suppose to repair things but ed always finds a way to break things. the funniest part is when ed breaks the sink and when rolf walks around naked. laugh out loud. LMAO at this episode

This episode had some of the best lines ever. Here they are in order
Edd: um knit one pearl two Rolf: why is double d Ed boy calling the chestnut elves
Ed: stop fooling around and fall down guys
Ed: wait my brain is working
Ed: can I build a birdcage with this stuff
Kevin: your on your own dude haha
Eddy: your scaring the customers away Rolf put your towel on. Ed: towel rack get your service. Eddy : know look what you did
Edd: I can't bear to look has Rolf.. IS THAT THE SUPPORT BEAM TO THE HOUSE!?!
Ed: what's a support beam? Edd: This has been quite a day
Johnny home wreckers look how unhappy plank is
And that's just for starters

9 Sorry, Wrong Ed

This is the episode with the telephone, right? I'm sorry, but I hate this episode. Eddy deserves none of his torment and Double D is a complete prick. I'll give it credit, Ed does get some funny lines, but not enough to save this episode.

The silliest part is with Eddy and the stampede of Hippos

I love the part where they actually glue a phone to jhoonys head

I can't belive mr.enter did an aminaited atrocity on this.

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10 3 Squares and an Ed

What happened to the stairs?!

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11 Cool Hand Ed
12 Eds-Aggerate


13 They Call Him Mr. Ed

Such a great episode with a great scam if you can even call it that to watch play out it is a fantastic episode.

14 Jingle Jingle Jangle

I remember smiling with glee as eddy replaced the bulb on that white Christmas tree (who's tree was that anyway? ).

We actually got to see a little bit of Santa in this episode (not all of him, just a little bit of him).

15 Fa-La-La-La-Ed

Well I loved the beginning when Ed and Eddy were mucking around in Edd's parent's bedroom. The rest of the episode is good too.

I was disappointed that this wasn't an actual Christmas episode.

16 Avast Ye Eds

I don't love the Kankers. They're cruel. - Barrelboy

You gotta love the Kankers

17 Boo Haw Haw

All the monsters in this movie are creative and original. I wish this show made more monsters for us to see. It barely shows anything.

18 Hot Buttered Ed
19 Button Yer Ed

This is a really funny episode, with voiceless Eddy, the Unicycle of doom, and paper and corn (instead of a pen, Thanks Rolf), it's one of the very best. Not to mention how Eddy's completely powerless without his voice. Hmm, too funnt

20 Honor Thy Ed

I Love the Hot Sauce Moment

This Sauce is supposed to be a real Gut Burner

21 Take This Ed and Shove It

Classic and only number 3.

22 Shoo Ed

The moment from jonny is funny when he say I'm a Two Headed Monster Attack the Mushroom.

23 Read All About Ed
24 Mirror, Mirror on the Ed

I love this! The eds pretend to be each other, and it's pretty damn funny!

I never seen an episode like this amazing

25 Who, What, Where, Ed
26 One of Those Eds

Very funny episode and great plot line. All the kids try to remove one quarter from the sidewalk and all fail in the best ways. My absolute favorite

27 Ed, Ed and Away
28 Stop, Look and Ed
29 Scrambled Ed
30 Flea-Bitten Ed

One quote, I told you bunnies would take over the world and they have.

31 Hanky Panky Hullabaloo
32 Fool on the Ed
33 Every Which Way But Ed

I love the part where Kevin says "Ding-a-ling-dang-my-ding-a-long-ding-dong! ". For those of you who don't know, it's a reference to Jesus Build My Hotrod by Ministry.

34 The Ed-Touchables

The episode that started it all.

I honestly thought this was a terrible episode to have as the first episode of the entire series.

This Like This The Fuuniest Episode Of The Series It Should Be Number 1 - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

35 Brother, Can You Spare an Ed?

This is the best episode in my opinion, and Eddy deserves to be tortured at the end after letting his friends getting beaten up for cash and making Ed spend Sarah's money on Jawbreakers.

36 A Glass of Warm Ed

I love this episode my favourite on any show

This episode is hillarious. It uses the best elliments of slapstic and combines it with some amazing writting. The music fits the action perfectly and I can not watch it enough times.

37 An Ed in the Bush
38 In Like Ed

Top 3 Best Moments of this episode:
3: London Bridge is falling
2 The Claw
1: Ed crashes in The house with a grappling hook - MinusTop10

39 Tight End Ed
40 Wish You Were Ed

What a classic! I probably love the moment That's My Horse and it's an energetic showstopper. Combines music and slapstick together courtesy of Ed.

41 If It Smell Like an Ed

This is one is a terrible episode

42 Ed Overboard
43 Dawn of the Eds

One of those epic episodes

44 A Fistful of Ed

I don't know why I like it 'cause I LOVE Double D... And he gets feared in this episode, but I don't know I just do

I actually LOVE this episode. It actually has SOME violence. Ya and I also LOVE Double D as well! 😍

45 Nagged To Ed
46 A Twist of Ed
47 Urban Ed

Great episode with easily the largest scam in the entire series.

48 Luck of the Ed

If only we found out if those magazines really were what we were all thinking!

49 A Room and an Ed
50 All Eds are Off

This episode was really funny!

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