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21 I'm a Mess

By far my favorite song of x, grabs you from the beginning, I love how the song is growing little by little and the way in which the vocal range extends. Simply amazing

Ed Sheeran really should've released this as a single. It's underrated and just an amazing song.

This song is so terrific I could blast it on my headphones all day

Magnificent song to be honest

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22 Afire Love

I'm really surprised how its #30 on this list. This is not just my favorite ed sheeran song, its actually my all time favorite song. Everything about this song is just perfect. The lyrics, his voice, the music, the way he pours his heart and soul into this song. Words can't really discribe how much I love this song. And no matter how many times I listen to it, I'm never really gonna get enough of it.

The strings are triumphant as he reconciles himself with his granddad's death by acknowledging someone other than himself. Best way to end an album and to pay tribute to eternal love.

The whole album is just amazing, I cried when I listened to this song. I just absolutely love it.

Absolutely astonishing - Hater

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23 Be Like You

I love this song (this describes maybe 60% of the girls at my school) especially when he says "I'll stop eating food" and "Darling don't be nervous" and "I did this on purpose" because it means so much to me and I'm glad someone else understands what my friends are going through.

It's such a nice song with very peculiar chorus lyrics. The whole songs just seems so 'Ed Sheeran'. It tires together well.

Even though I didn't vote for this particular song I would say that it is a very very amazing song
"I'll stop eating food"
"So I can be like u"
"And I will see your bitterness"
"And say that I love you "
"Now I know that u love me too"

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24 This

My favorite song of all time, this shall be my wedding song! I love it so much, ed sheeran is such a talented guy! My idol of all time!

ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITES OF HIS. This song is amazing and his voice is perfection. The lyrics have so much meaning.

THIS SONG IS PERFECTION. I cannot even describe my feelings.

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25 One

This song puts me to sleep when I got too many things in my mind. So peaceful, so relaxing, truly beautiful. Ed's voice here really calm me down..

It is so soothing, so beautiful. The song gives a clear illustration of the perfection in his voice. This song deserves to be among the top 10 at least.

I love this song so much, can't wait to here the released version

Most underrated Ed Sheeran song. Heartfelt, emotional and honest. Love this.

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26 Wonderwall

Technically its not his song but it sound much different to Oasis' original. I love the guitar in it and his voice is so beautiful

Wonderwall is a classic! For a lot of people, this was the first song they could play on guitar. SO elegant:) Perfect by Ed Sheeran

27 Supermarket Flowers

I'm not saying that this is Ed's best song, but I just can't stand seeing it being rated 27... The first time I heard this one I was sitting in class, and every time he got to the first chorus I started sobbing. Since I didn't want to cry in class I had to pause and try again to keep my emotions in check, gave up after the fifth attempt. I'm getting off track here but the point is that this song is just so absolutely gorgeous and it should be treated as such.

The sadness of the song, and the lyrics, are something that can relate to and is really good if you are in to sad songs

I'm not saying that for me, personally, this is Ed's best song so far, but that's exactly what I'm saying.

So sad...his best

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28 Wayfaring Stranger

Gosh, the list of people who have done this song is so long and varied. It's such a credit to Ed that, at his age, he's even heard of this song much less done his own version of it. I kind of like it done in more of a folk version myself, but I will give Ed credit for presenting it in a different light. It brings a whole new audience to artists like Emmylou Harris, John Gorka, and others who have done this song. This song tells you that Ed's influences are wide and varied.

This is my newest favorite song for Ed Sheeran, this song may be old but I still LOVE IT! Its very awesome, My first time to see him beatbox, and sing in a very high tune. This song is very amazing

This song is just wonderful, it let's his choir boy self shine through however it doesn't comprimise his fresh edge. I LOVE YOU ED!

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29 Perfect

The name says it all!

This song is beautifully written and is one of my favorites from Ed. Deserves to be in the top 10!

It's a perfect song

Why I hate music criticism nowadays: beautiful songs such as this are crushed to pieces by being on the same album as an overrated #1 hit, i.e Shape of you. This also happened to Beyoncé (Formation) and Ed with his previous album, all you heard was Thinking Out Loud when every other song on the album was better. Same with this one with Shape Of You, and the album Is hate for that one song. Fair? I think not. This also attracts hate towards the artist for a few amount of songs being overrated and overplayed. Rant over - Hater

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30 Homeless

Its not a homeless life for me, its just I'm home less than id like to be. Wow. What lyrics.

27! R you guys serious? I'm sure most of you hadn't heard this song..
It has great beat, makes me dance every time.. Just listen 2 it once & you'll understand

This song is just so much fun! I love listening to it, because it just gives off good vibes!

I'm in love with this song

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31 Grade 8

Love grade 8 so much I'm always singin it laugh out loud ;P

Love this song its one of my favorites!

This song is one of Ed's best. The sound is so original and different from all of his other music. This song needs to at least be in the top 5, honestly.

I'm one of his biggest fans and this is one of my favourite

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32 Tenerife Sea

"should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it's enough for me. Cause all that you are is all that I'll ever need" are by far some of the most beautiful lyrics I have ever heard in my life.

You look so wonderful in your dress/ I love your hair like that/ the way it falls on the side of your neck/ down your shoulders and back... AMAZING!

Amazing little known song on his latest album, X. Very beautifully written and played. Good job Ed.

The most beautiful, simple love song ever written...

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33 Nina

This song is amazing! I don't know a lot of the songs that are higher on the list, and yet a lot of the good ones are down here!

By far this song should be in the top ten, has no one ever listened to this song before what

Yes guys go nina

Masterpiece - Hater

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34 Sunburn

This one is SO good, I absolutely love Ed and all his songs but this one is very particular... I can't believe it's not higher! Probably because less people know it since it's only in a former EP or the deluxe edition of +... But anyway, go listen to it guys!

It's such an amazing song. It should deserve to be the best song of Ed Sheeran. He's so amazing! He sings so good and writes bloody awesome lyrics!

Love it! I don't care if this is "poor comment quality" the song is good and that's all that matters!

This song brings me to tears, one of eds best

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35 Billy Ruskin V 1 Comment
36 Skinny Love

This song has three versions and ed makes his so different and refreshing. Well done to Bon Iver for creating the great song as well

It's really different from the other versions.. Cool and emphasizes the meaning of the lyrics

37 So in Love

I heard this song when the fourth year is practicing their prom, yes this is the song to their prom and I knew that when I heard the voice it was definitely Ed Sheeran. I love his voice and I love the lyrics that he writes.

First played at Ed's first gig at Madison Square Garden. Amazing. I'M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG!

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38 Gold Rush

Definitely one of the most underrated of his songs. Gold rush has an upbeat vibe to it and after first listen you would think it was a number one hit. Give it a listen, you wont regret it.

This song is really up beat and catchy. My favorite Ed Sheeran song but its often forgotten. It should be way higher.

This song is amazing and actually my favorite of Ed's, it should be higher up on the list!

Why is this way down here? I love this song to pieces!

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39 The Parting Glass

Ed absolutely nailed a typical Irish folk song. My heart always brims with emotions after listening to this song.

His voice is too incredibly beautiful singing this song. I can't even put into words how amazing this song is.

So beautiful! Can't put it into words how beautiful this song is

An incredible rendition of this amazing song.

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40 Quiet Ballad of Ed

It pains me to know that not many people have heard of this song. This song is so encouraging, and it helped me through a lot. This song paints a picture of horrible darkness, and then washes that scene away with the line, "I'm doing better." This song helped me through my battles with depression and anxiety. I truly love this song.

This is an amazing, beautiful song. It means a lot to me and so many people, but not many fans have ever heard it. But it deserves to be in the list of his best songs.

This is the most beautiful and inspiring song I've ever heard, and it's not ranked higher because nobody knows about it. Go check it out.

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