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41 The Parting Glass The Parting Glass

Ed absolutely nailed a typical Irish folk song. My heart always brims with emotions after listening to this song.

His voice is too incredibly beautiful singing this song. I can't even put into words how amazing this song is.

So beautiful! Can't put it into words how beautiful this song is

An incredible rendition of this amazing song.

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42 Quiet Ballad of Ed

It pains me to know that not many people have heard of this song. This song is so encouraging, and it helped me through a lot. This song paints a picture of horrible darkness, and then washes that scene away with the line, "I'm doing better." This song helped me through my battles with depression and anxiety. I truly love this song.

This is an amazing, beautiful song. It means a lot to me and so many people, but not many fans have ever heard it. But it deserves to be in the list of his best songs.

This is the most beautiful and inspiring song I've ever heard, and it's not ranked higher because nobody knows about it. Go check it out.

43 Take Me to Church

I thought that the song could not get any better but then this happened!

44 Take It Back Take It Back

Oh my god, 59, that is absolutely ridiculous. Ed sheeran is not only an amazing singer, but in this song, he truly demonstrates his amazing ability to rap, and he truly has the sickest flow.

This is my second favourite Ed Sheeran song it's so personal and realistic

He"s got the mojo here! Blue eyed soul bro

Such an awesome song

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45 Little Things

Little Things tells a girl she is beautiful no matter what. I think that's why everyone I know loves this song. The first couple of times I heard this song I cried. It's so emotional but amazing.

It gives confidence to a girl, which makes it my favourite.

I absolutely LOVE the song! I think this should be first!

Love love this song, my favourite, all his songs are truly brilliant, fantastic singer and songwriter. We all have our favourites, this song is so special...

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46 Firefly Firefly

It's lyrics are amazing! I love the calmness of it, yet it is still quite of fast paced.

Actually I can't really set up a top 10 list of Ed's songs because I LOVE about 25 of his songs, but this one definitely would be in my top 10

This song instantly hooked me. Lyrics are fantastic!

What firefly at 44?

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47 Yellow Pages

Yellow pages to me is the best. This song inspired my great friend and I to write songs just like this. Because of this song we were also inspired to take on the x factor. Yellow pages rock!

Not bad at all... You did a great job...

48 The A Team The A Team
49 The City The City

Can't believe that this isn't higher on the list! The beatboxing in this song really makes it... Not to mention the awesome chorus. The whole thing is just awesome!

This is my absolute favorite song ever!

Town boys goes to city= this amazing song

50 Drown Me Out Drown Me Out
51 Little Lady Little Lady

It's so real. I had goosebumps the entire time. That's how you know something is wonderful, when you get goosebumps and you can tell it's heartfelt.

The message behind this song is just so raw and holds such truth it was surreal to listen to. Beautiful lyrics and song

52 Miss You Miss You

I love this song so much! I've played it like... I dunno a Million times at the most! I love the lyrics, it really describes how it feels when you miss someone so badly. How is this only number 25? It deserves be number one. Ed should totally put it on his next album or EP. Loads of fans haven't heard this song even though it's one of his best in my opinion.

This is such a great song Ed Sheeran is like the god of his genre of music well done! I love you Ed Sheeran! (: You Rock!
Your Unknown Fan Sadie

I love this song it's amazing. I love ed sheeran he's the best. Miss you is really good

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53 Where We Land Where We Land

This is my favourite Ed Sheeran song, it is exquisitely beautiful song, s that is filled with great amounts of emotion in it. It is a song that portrays love, in a great manner. The female vocals that also play a part in the songs make it even more so wonderful through its unison. And amazing, I might possibly even say one of my favourite songs! Adore this songs so much.

54 London Bridge London Bridge

His voice just amazes me and without his addition the song would be incomplete

Wow not just my favorite Ed Sheeran song but my favorite song overall

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55 Bloodstream Bloodstream

This is an edgy, high energy song about a guy coping with a lost love by using hallucinogens. In his altered state, he is not aware of when the drug has taken effect--thus the call for someone to " tell me when it kicks in." The song desperately needs a remix as the album version with all the soft instrumental adds of the studio lost the energy of Ed's live version with the loop pedal. Listen to the 2015 BRIT Awards Show version. Mesmerizing!.

I don't really understand the meaning of this song. But it doesn't matter. Hear it once and you will know its amazing. Ed sheeran shows once again just how powerful his voice is. This should at least be in his top 20

What? How is this not number 1? This is probably my favorite song by him, he puts so much emotion into it. Oh, and his live performance of this at the Brits

This song is so magical! Deserves number 1

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56 Let It Out Let It Out

I really Love this one! I think its weird how ti is only 22! It's SO awesome YOU GUYS JUST LISTEN TO IT PLEASE

Amazing song! I listen to this almost everyday and it has amazing lyrics.

I love this one. It's so catchy, fun, and just kind of adorable! Definitely one of my favorites!

This deserves to be in top 5

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57 Fall Fall

Simply genius... Makes grown men cry...

How isn't this higher! This is one of my favourites after give me love!

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58 She She

Everything about this song is amazing. The beat, the lyrics, just like all of his other songs. But this one is just so.. I don't even know how to put it into words, it is just truly amazing.

I don't know what he does with his songs but somehow his simplicity makes it so unique. I love how heartfelt his song and words that he used.

"Its such a wonder listening to this song, over and over again. Ed has truly touched me with this"

Everything about this song is amazing. definutely my favorite!

59 Addicted

Wow, Wer did dis come from? So true so perfect, I love dis song! Ed sheeran did everything right in dis song lyrically, d tune so touching, jux wot I needed to hear.. Dis is number 1+ for me..

Please listen to it

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60 Even My Dad Does Sometimes Even My Dad Does Sometimes

God this is my favorite song ever "so don't wipe your eyes, tears remind you your alive" this lyrics touch me because I've had some depressing thoughts and this song saved me to be honest.

How is this not number one? A song this inspiring, truthful, emotional, and beautiful should be rated higher. This song is truly incredible.

This song is amazing, it is short yes, but the lyrics are amazing. This is definitely a sad song but the diction used makes it a little lighter.

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