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61 Barcelona

Very good tune - Hater

62 What Do I Know?

Catchy and this song can change the world

One of the best songs ever!

What the hell is it doing down here... did you ever like any songs with damn good lyrics... this is the one you should be listening to

Nice song

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63 Even My Dad Does Sometimes

God this is my favorite song ever "so don't wipe your eyes, tears remind you your alive" this lyrics touch me because I've had some depressing thoughts and this song saved me to be honest.

How is this not number one? A song this inspiring, truthful, emotional, and beautiful should be rated higher. This song is truly incredible.

This song is amazing, it is short yes, but the lyrics are amazing. This is definitely a sad song but the diction used makes it a little lighter.


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64 The Man

The most honest and open song on his new album. Definitely deserves to be higher on the list!

Ideal! Only those whose relationships have been ruined like this can understand the pain present in this song.

THIS SONG IS AMAZING! Probably not the best but still such an awesome song, pure Ed Sheeran!

The contradictions, sof and hard and everything, this song is purely awesome

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65 Addicted

Wow, Wer did dis come from? So true so perfect, I love dis song! Ed sheeran did everything right in dis song lyrically, d tune so touching, jux wot I needed to hear.. Dis is number 1+ for me..

Please listen to it

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66 Hearts Don't Break Around Here Hearts Don't Break Around Here

This one gets me every time. Definitely my fave from the new album. It is the most underrated on divide and it has no reason to be! I had to add it to the list because it wasn't here! Why? - Heyy7868

Absolutely Wonderful song. The emotion portrayed in this song is heartbreaking.

This one reminds me of wake me up

67 You Break Me

This is one of my absolute favorite songs ever! I could listen to it on repeat for the rest of my life. It's so beautiful, especially considering how young he was at the time.

68 Make It Rain

Kickass, bluesy song that played at the end of the penultimate Sons of Anarchy episode "Red Rose" (Season 7, Ep. 12)

How could this song is not in d top 10! Amazing lyrics

69 Dark Times

The first Ed Sheeran song I've heard. Now I know, technically Ed Sheeran is only featured in this song but its pretty great and has pushed me to regain hope in today's musical artists.

I wasn't really sure how Ed Sheeran would sound with the weeknd, but this song is amazing! Love the sound of this song. One of my all time favorites

70 Shirtsleeves

This is a good song

71 Hold On

So beautiful. He wrote it for a friend with cancer. I wish more people knew of this song, as well as These Dreams. They're both underrated because they aren't recorded they're both amazing.

What is dis song doing here? Dis song is so amazing.. Touching, makes me think about life.. Slow n cool.. Sud be among d top 5 please vote

72 Goodbye to You

One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. It took my awhile to understand what it meant, but once I did, I actually started crying. It's one of those songs that you can listen on repeat for a long time. It should be much higher up, but not many people know about it.

Can't believe that this song wasn't even on the list! Love this song so much!

73 New York

What this is one of his best songs, if not the best. Fun fact it was gonna be the first single out of x but then it didn't even made it on the standard album.

WHY DOES THIS NOT HAVE ANY VOTES!? If only you could all hear this song, I assure you that it would be rated higher. It's so beautiful!

Why is this so low? Easily one of Ed's best songs. Should at least be in the top 10 (even though I believe it should be higher than that).

This song should be so much higher than this! SO beautiful, the melody...! Amazing!

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74 I Was Made for Loving You

This song is from Tori Kelly ft ed sheeran you have have have to hear it

75 Lay It All On Me

Beautiful Song! All there is to say!

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76 Little Bird

Beautifully written
Absolutely love the song and him
It definitely should be higher than 14.
Such a sweet song...

The song has a nice tune with lovely lyrics. It has many beats that really tie in well together.

Definitely one of Ed's Better Songs. Beats out Wake Me Up for sure. Lyrics are on point and the melody is sweet.

Such nice tune love it

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77 Diary
78 Family
79 Fire Alarms
80 Lately

This is his best song and it is ft devlin whos also a amazing rap artist listen to it

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