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81 I Can't Spell
82 Echo V 1 Comment
83 Meanest Man

Technically not his but he sings and raps more than anyone else in it

84 Nando's Song
85 Postcards
86 Radio
87 Sofa

Only Ed Sheeran can make staying on a sofa sound better then traveling the world. Just an amazing song.

Same concept as lazy song by Bruno mars only 1000 times better!

WE CAN FLY TO Berlin Tokyo OR Jamaica

The lyrics are so smart I can't.

88 Firefly

It's lyrics are amazing! I love the calmness of it, yet it is still quite of fast paced.

Actually I can't really set up a top 10 list of Ed's songs because I LOVE about 25 of his songs, but this one definitely would be in my top 10

This song instantly hooked me. Lyrics are fantastic!

What firefly at 44?

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89 Little Things

Little Things tells a girl she is beautiful no matter what. I think that's why everyone I know loves this song. The first couple of times I heard this song I cried. It's so emotional but amazing.

It gives confidence to a girl, which makes it my favourite.

I absolutely LOVE the song! I think this should be first!

Love love this song, my favourite, all his songs are truly brilliant, fantastic singer and songwriter. We all have our favourites, this song is so special...

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90 So

This is his most underrated song, deserves to be in the top 60

no votes?

91 The City

Can't believe that this isn't higher on the list! The beatboxing in this song really makes it... Not to mention the awesome chorus. The whole thing is just awesome!

This is my absolute favorite song ever!

Town boys goes to city= this amazing song

92 Little Lady

It's so real. I had goosebumps the entire time. That's how you know something is wonderful, when you get goosebumps and you can tell it's heartfelt.

The message behind this song is just so raw and holds such truth it was surreal to listen to. Beautiful lyrics and song

93 Insomniac's Lullaby

Oddly soothing. I love this song.

94 All My Life V 1 Comment
95 Old School Love V 1 Comment
96 The Sea

An amazing song short but really amazing. This song should be at 17 at least

97 We Are

This song isn't very well known at all. But I feel like it needs a lot more attention that it has. As usual, the lyrics are beautiful and speak such a wonderful message. It's an unreleased song but it so underrated. Just. AHH! I can't with this song! So amazing!

98 Moments

This song gets me hiting on repeat on and on and on. Gives me goosebumps very time

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99 Be My Forever V 1 Comment
100 Shape of You

Its one of the most catchiest songs ever

Not a bad song, but compared to Don't, Photograph, The A Team, Thinking Out Loud and Supermarket Flowers (My favorites), It doesn't stand a chance. - JamesBourne

Seriously no.23? This was one of the top most song for more than 20 weeks...This was one of the best song I ever heard..Great lyrics, awesome music!

This song SHOULDN'T be 23

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