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1 Beverly Hills Cop

I love this movie, I can never stop laughing when I watch this. It is my all time favourite movie - ChelseaPurnell

I love this movie, perfect mix of action and HUMOUR! (It also has a super catchy theme song). This movie deserves to be at the top!

Its an amazingly funny movie, I always cry while watching it

I loved the theme and I liked Axel Foley as a kid

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2 Coming to America

How could anyone say this isn’t his best movie. He plays half of the characters, and his genuine portrayal of love for Lisa is just inspiring. This is the perfect blend of comedy and love.

I love that movie! have never seen all of Beverly Hills Cop so I can't compare it, but this one is hilarious!

Saw this movie last night and I feel in love with this movie
I especually love the dancing scene at the beginning

3 Trading Places
4 The Nutty Professor
5 48 HRS.
6 Shrek 2

Should be number 1 - SuperGamer03

Shrek is love. Shrek is life

7 Dreamgirls

He actually got nominated for an Oscar in this movie - roblist

8 Beverly Hills Cop II

I love this movie, I think the first one is better, but this movie is so funny as well - ChelseaPurnell

9 Harlem Nights
10 Dr. Dolittle

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11 Norbit

Best Eddie murphy movie, should be higher

The water park scene kicks ass!

This movie is funny

I will show you how a bitch go down a slide

12 The Golden Child
13 Eddie Murphy Raw
14 Daddy Day Care
15 Another 48 HRS.
16 Boomerang
17 Shrek

The 1st shrek is the best - Ajkloth

18 I Spy
19 Life

Who can forget corn bread?

20 Delirious
21 Tower Heist

Very fun movie

22 Imagine That
23 Beverly Hills Cop III

Is movie was a complete dissapointment.

24 Mulan

He's hilarious and heartwarming classic Murphy

25 Meet Dave
26 The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Best movie ever [on rotten tomatoes it got 5 percent ] but still yeah! Pluto NASH

27 Mr. Church
28 Showtime
29 Vampire in Brooklyn
30 Shrek the Third
31 Shrek Forever After
32 Best Defense
33 Metro
34 The Haunted Mansion
35 Beverly Hills Cop 3
36 A Thousand Words
37 The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps
38 Shrek the Third
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1. Coming to America
2. Daddy Day Care
3. Dr. Dolittle
1. Coming to America
2. Trading Places
3. Beverly Hills Cop
1. Beverly Hills Cop
2. Trading Places
3. 48 HRS.

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