Best Eddsworld Characters

The Top Ten

1 Tom
2 Edd

He shall be missed

Obviously Edd is best... Tord gets too much attention. to be honest I hate Tord's fans, they're annoying, and that annoying few bit of 6 year old girls just ship themselves with him. Disgusting.

3 Tord

Such a boss. *salutes* I will follow your orders Red Leader! - Xx_Moonleaf_xX

He is like my favorite forever cause he is like just amazing!

How is shoe higher than him? - Entranced98


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4 Matt

Matt is a cute little ginger narcissist and I would have to say he's my favorite.

5 Shoe

Bring shoe higher

She is number one

6 Paul
7 Bing
8 Hey Edd! Guy
9 Jon

Jon is the best

Jon is the cutest thing in this world. Protect him at all costs! ;v; I wish he didn't die.

10 Larry

The Contenders

11 Sargent "Hillary" Hillarson
12 Zanta
13 Hellucard
14 Magical Snowman
15 Patryk
16 Eduardo
17 Mark
18 Edd-gu
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