Best Eddsworld Characters

The Top Ten

1 Tom

Your mom gay

Tom is sure the joke guy in the legasy show

Just look at this sexy bastard

2 Edd

Protect this cola loving boy at all costs please and thank - wheelers-

Edd is my favourite character! He is awesome, I love Tord but he is overrated.

He shall be missed

Obviously Edd is best... Tord gets too much attention. to be honest I hate Tord's fans, they're annoying, and that annoying few bit of 6 year old girls just ship themselves with him. Disgusting.

3 Tord

Perfect Boi

Such a boss. *salutes* I will follow your orders Red Leader! - Xx_Moonleaf_xX

He is like my favorite forever cause he is like just amazing!

How is shoe higher than him? - Entranced98

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4 Matt

Matt is a cute little ginger narcissist and I would have to say he's my favorite.

Matti is a smol cinnamon roll

He's cute :3

5 Shoe

She is number one

Bring shoe higher

6 Paul
7 Bing
8 Hey Edd! Guy
9 Jon

Jon is the cutest thing in this world. Protect him at all costs! ;v; I wish he didn't die.

Jon is the best

10 Larry

The Contenders

11 Sargent "Hillary" Hillarson
12 Zanta
13 Hellucard
14 Magical Snowman
15 Patryk
16 Eduardo
17 Mark
18 Edd-gu
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