Best Eddsworld Characters

The Top Ten

1 Tom
2 Edd

He shall be missed

3 Tord

Such a boss. *salutes* I will follow your orders Red Leader! - Xx_Moonleaf_xX

He is like my favorite forever cause he is like just amazing!

How is shoe higher than him? - Entranced98

Tord will be first one day... Tord is my favorite character because he is so boss! Red Leader, leader of the Red Army is so boss! He also has a lot of theories (I am a theorist) and so that also impacts how much I like his character. IRL, Tord is in hiding, and he pretty much can not show his face. That is thanks to fans of Eddsworld. Fans of Tom. Who accused Tord of being so rude to Tom that they would track him down and kill him. Even though that Tom was also being rude to Tord. Off the Tord note for a little actually, Eddsworld ruined a lot of people's lives.

Edd died,
Tord is in hiding,
Tom can never animate again,
Matt is lonely,
Patryk had his name used in a bunch of Paultryk fanfics and it was very embarrassing and angering for him,
Paul had the same impact as Patryk did.

So to everyone who uses their real names in fanfics, please consider shorting their names, so they don't have to feel any impact from your story. Don't make their lives worse than ...more

4 Matt

Matt is a cute little ginger narcissist and I would have to say he's my favorite.

5 Shoe

Bring shoe higher

6 Paul
7 Bing
8 Larry
9 Hey Edd! Guy
10 Sargent "Hillary" Hillarson

The Contenders

11 Zanta
12 Hellucard
13 Magical Snowman
14 Patryk
15 Eduardo
16 Mark
17 Jon
18 Edd-gu
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