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1 When Anger Shows

Beautiful lyrics, builds up wonderfully and the last 2 minutes blow you away. - handers94

Yes the 2 last minutes are great

2 Bones
3 An End Has a Start

Fantastic song, makes one feel like flying, running away from problems despite pretty sombre lyrics. The first song I've listened to on my phone in a very emotionally difficult moment. Because of this reason I'm very attached to it on emotional level.

4 Munich

Can't stop listening... Really awesome

Beautiful song

5 Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors

Brilliant brilliant feel good song. Reminds me of a time when things were looking bleak but this song was always a massive pick-me-up. Love it.

6 Blood

Definitely the best

7 Open Your Arms
8 Papillon

There is just this melodic happines to it, unlike their other songs.

9 Escape the Nest

One of the bests from An End Has a Start along with Spiders.

Yes it's certainly one of their best!

10 Bullets

So powerful and gorgeous, best song for me

The Newcomers

? All Sparks

Best song, period

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11 The Racing Rats
12 Sugar

Such a cool song, great lyrics, dark and beautiful

13 Spiders

One of the bests from An End Has a Start along with Escape the Nest.

14 A Ton of Love

This is mind blowing song/Very popular, why is it not here?

15 No Sound But the Wind

The piano piece, the low pitch, the lyrics, all combined together speak of a sorrow that touches the heart...

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16 The Weight of the World
17 The Boxer
18 Fall
19 You Don't Know Love
20 Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool

This is the best Editors song, in my opinion. Tom's lyrics about Illuminaty and New World Order are just great, and the piano interlude is amazing. And I've seen this song live twice, and it's way better than in the CD.

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