Top Ten Best Eggman / Robotnik Plans

Eggman can be a complete idiot, but he can also be a complete genius. I'm counting down eggman's best plans ever. So what gets number 1, stay tuned to find out!

The Top Ten

1 Launching Sonic Into Space - Sonic Adventure 2

Go play it. Sonic almost died. Robotnik showed his top power as a bad guy here.

2 Metal Sonic - Sonic CD / Sonic Heroes Metal Sonic - Sonic CD / Sonic Heroes

Yup you knew this was coming guys. You should know how epic he is. If not, go on the sonic wiki and type up metal sonic, and start reading! He also has a uitimate mecha form. But if metal sonic's number 2, then what amazing plan can number 1 be? LET'S FIND OUT!

3 Death Egg Robot - Sonic 2

Gosh, this is one of the most hard sonic final bosses in sonic history! You need to wait, doge, and RUN! You have 0 rings! Sadly this final boss got downgraded into a super easy normal boss. (or should I say mini-boss? ) it has an epic theme.

4 Time Eater - Sonic Generations

Guess why eggman wanted to go in the purple thing in sonic colors? So he could control time eater! Just watch the cutscene. If there were only 1 sonic, no people to help him, and no chaos emeralds, BOOM! Dead hedgehog. Also robotnik was helping him in there.

5 Scrap Brain Zone - Sonic 1

There are saws, convertly belts and more stuff that will put holes in your hands!

6 Mind Control Beam - Sonic Colors

He controlled tails with it and, it was so powerful, tails thought eggman was a good guy. Now what if sonic got hit by it!?

7 Metropolis Zone - Sonic 2

O.M.G. this stage is fully a maze and mostly just a trap to make sonic cry. And get this, THERE's A 3RD ACT TOO!

8 Omega - Sonic Heroes

Omega was suppose to destory shadow but then they became best friends. He clams he's the best eggman robot ever! In the game, he is power type! Also he betrayed the poor egg. Yup, he has amazing ball speed too!

9 Egg Lancer - Sonic Unleashed

Pretty tough boss. It's very big. Play sonic unleashed and you will know what I mean.

10 Eggmanland - Sonic Unleashed

Anyone else realize that this was Eggman's dream to begin with.

The Contenders

11 Egg Nega Wisp - Sonic Colors
12 Final Zone - Sonic 1

Robotnik does a great job on his final zone for the first game in sonic history. He tries to crush sonic, and there's this thing that shoots orbs at you and the worst thing is you have NO RINGS.

13 Awakening Dark Gaia - Sonic Unleashed
14 Egg Fleet - Sonic the Hedgehog
15 Egg Monster - Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing V 1 Comment
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