Best Electric Dragons in Dragon City

The Top Ten Best Electric Dragons in Dragon City

1 Flourescent Dragon

I think fluorescent because it's just good all around and my score is 57 wins 14 losses

Yeah, like if this dragon was 9 it would be better

Good level 8 iam going train it

Its awesome

2 Neon Dragon

It is my favourite

3 Music Dragon
4 Aurora Dragon
5 Battery Dragon
6 Sky Dragon
7 Laser Dragon

I say Laser because every time you use the third attack it kills and or is very effective towards everything

I have this dragon. It is pretty good

I think the laser dragon is good in like fire situations because against a latern fish dragon he sucks :3. Its only useful against sucky dragons so I don't use him a lot. If you read this bye. thanks for reading guys!

8 Moose Dragon

I have one and it's hard to beat it. - Epicsauce45

9 Electric Dragon

Why is this dragon here? He's so weak. I never use this dragon in battles

10 Gummy Dragon

The best electric and rare hybrid and you can breed legendary dragon with it

The Contenders

11 Block Dragon
12 Panzer Dragon
13 Star Dragon


14 Hot Metal Dragon
15 Pure Electric Dragon

The Electric Dragon with no weaknesses.

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