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Made in the USA. No Mexico. Still the most popular brand of quality guitar today. It’s more than just a slab of wood with pickups like fender. You can get a Fender tone out of a first act guitar. Gibson has a solid tone you can feel with carved maple tops. Real deal.

Gibsons have an amazing sound and build quality

Gibson is the best in my opinion, a Gibson lespaul, greatest guitar, it plays to my hands and style much better than any other guitar I’ve tried, it’s great for its cost and it definitely should be tried by every musician at some point in your career


Fenders is a very common guitar brand they are pretty good
MADE IN USA for the most part

Fender is an all-around guitar and can play almost any song.

Best brand no question about it


Kirk Hammett himself uses these guitars, so the quality has to be pretty good. I have one myself, and am quite content with it.

Esp should be number 1


Amazing guitar brand!

Paul Reed Smith

I've been to a PRS factory and seen the precision and skill with which they are made. Their quality control is incredible: they test each one individually and make adjusments until it is perfect. They won't let a bad one get through so if you buy a PRS guitar, you are guaranteed a high quality guitar. I mean, with the high price you pay, how could they not be wonderful? Plus, they sound, feel, and look amazing. (I also got to see Paul himself; it was pretty cool. What a nice, humble guy.)

PRS are beautiful guitars, try and save your money for a private stock PRS they are so customisable

PRS is the best for their feel and their versatility.

Hands down the best modern electric guitars!


Very very useful

Ibanez guitars are pretty good

B.C. Rich

Have original 1988 gunslinger. Best neck period. Even Bernie said so. Look it up. He did in an interview about the model. USA made only. The NJ crap was the slide down to hell..


It's a good guitar and a good substitute for gibson

Good guitar for the money

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Taylor Looks Great Sounds Great Work Great.
It's the best Electric Guitar Ever.

Not many people realize it but taylors are great


Danelectros are great and used by famous guitarists such as jimmy page


I have a Pacifica 904, from new in 1994. One of the best guitars I have ever played


These are pretty good guitars
Made in USA


Why is dean all the way down at 14? it deserves at least 5

Chapman Guitars
Ormsby Guitars

Ormsby Guitars are bloody amazing

Ogre Guitars
Pit Bull Guitars

Absolutely amazing I own a Les Paul and it is fully customisable I added my on 81 and 85 pickups I changed the hardware colour, added grover locking tuners, two jacks, a custom pick guard etc... have a look and you can dye it any colour you want


Cheap and no bad.

Electrical Guitar Company
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