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1 Luxray Luxray Luxray, known in Japan as Rentorar, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

One word awesome. Luxray is a very good pokemon if you raise good and teach it thunder. It's thunder is very powerful. It also has moves like thunder fang discharge and wild bolt. You can teach other good moves like giga impact or hyper beam. Luxrays special attack and attack are very good. It also looks cool too.

Luxray has amazing stats, it's attack is powerful. The fact he learns a move I've used to KO most pokemon out there as a Shinx is amazing. THis move I'm speaking of is Crunch. I understand Jolteon has Volt absorb, however, Luxray has non electric moves that are killer, Giga Impact with his Attack Stat, talk about a powerhouse. Luxray's defense isn't bad either, it would definitely outlast Joltean if going back and forth. Jolteon was first, but Luxray came along, and let's face it, Pikachu doesn't belong on the top 10, he's mainly popular for being the face of the anime but all he's good for is to get your future Raichu a nice move set, Raichu has better stats than Pikachu, but it makes sense, Pikachu evolves into Raichu. In short terms, Luxray deserves #1.

I have catch this pokemon it is amazing pokemon

No need to explain

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2 Jolteon Jolteon Jolteon, known in Japan as Thunders, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Amazing speed and special attack, a boss at using thunderbolt, can easily sweep your foe's pokemon with choice specs and annoy them to **** and back while regaining HP by switching in on electric type moves with Volt Absorb and look at that spiky fur! It's amazing!
... And that's just a few of the reasons why jolteon is the best electric type ever. Way better then Pikachu and Raichu.

Wow thanks man you're right about jolteon is way better than Pikachu and raichu - JolteonIsAwesome

Jolteon is a super badass!

Jolteon is The best non legendary electric pokemon he is SO FAST

Jolteon is my number one favorite electric type, and it forever will be. thanks to him, I was able to DEMOLISH the elite four and DESTROY red in the good old days of pokemon blue. WAY better than pikachu by a long shot.

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3 Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation.

This cute yellow mouse definitely beats the other electric Pokemon, he has the sweetest moves and the cutest face! I would love to have Pikachu to be actually real.

This is not 'cutest an overrated pokemon list', this is best electric pokemon list. Plus, I would love to see pikachu electric shocking you in real life and you screaming. Not so cute anymore? - Yuanlong

This cute Pokemon should definitely be number 1

Pikachu is number one in most faster in pokemon

Pikachu should be number one it's the best pokemon ever on the show or game

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4 Zapdos Zapdos Zapdos, known in Japan as Thunder, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

number 1

The way it has all those spikes and controls lightning!? Awesome!

Why are weak Pokemon after the coolest Pokemon in history of pokemon!

Is cool

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5 Magnezone Magnezone

Magnezone is just a beast. Easily one of the best Electric types in existence and belonging to my favorite Electric type family (You just can't beat the Mags). Let's go through every reason why he is a beast.

1) That Typing

Electric/Steel is a typing combination that belongs to no Pokemon other than the trio of Magnemite, Magneton, and Magnezone. This is an absolutely amazing type combination, making Magnezone and its little siblings the most resistant Pokemon of all time. Eleven resistances and an immunity, that's twelve! Water isn't an issue since Magnezone can just supereffective zap that out of the sky.

2) Magnet Pull

Magnet Pull is an absolutely great ability that only the Magnemite family and Nosepass family possess. And while Probopass may have a ridiculous but somehow majestic mustache, it is absolutely useless, and as such cannot use Magnet Pull to any use. That leaves us with the Magnemite family. Magnezone is the bane of steel types. With Magnet ...more

LISTEN UP GUYS I'm GONNA SETTLE THIS ARGUMENT RIGHT NOW. The whole thing with electric types is that they're pretty much all about special. And magnezone has amazing special attack. In fact, IT IS THE HIGHEST SPECIAL ATTACK OF ALL THE ELECTRIC POKEMON. AND ALL THE STEEL TYPE POKEMON. If you still think some little yellow rat is better than magnezone at this point there's obviously no helping you. And if having record breaking stats isn't enough, IT ALSO HOLDS THE RECORD FOR MOST RESISTACES/IMMUNITYS. 12 FLIPPIN RESISTANCIES. ADD AN IMMUNITY AND THAT'S THIRTEEN. AND HE'S A FLIPPIN UFO. Electrivire has highest attack? Good for him. But attack doesn't help when you're an ELECTRIC type. Only special attack matters, and magnezone wins there for both his types.





I like Magnezone a lot due to it's resistance and design.
It is my favourite Pokemon ever.


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6 Electivire Electivire

Oh come on it is so obvious that electivire can win all the electric pokemon because it has the highest attack and it has it's ability that is motor drive that makes it really fast if you are using electric type moves to it and it makes it a big threat to your pokemon as brock said it and besides it can use ice punch that can take out a ground type and he is my favourite pokemon because of the reason that someone else said in this web site that you can see it if you click more comments about elctivire

This poke got sauce

Hi remember me? It is me who said Oh come on it is so obvious that electivire can win all the electric pokemon because it has the highest attack and it has it's ability that is motor drive that makes it really fast if you are using electric type moves to it and it makes it a big threat to your pokemon as brock said it in anime with PAUL'S ELECTIVIRE TOO and besides it can use ice punch that can take out a ground type and he is my favourite pokemon because of the reason that someone else said in this web site that you can see it if you click more comments about electivire I just came here to beg for people to vote more for electivire

This is officially the electric bigfoot pokemon and look at that smile he could run for president with a smile like that!

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7 Ampharos Ampharos Ampharos is an Electric-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II . It evolves from Flaaffy starting at level 30 . It is the final form of Mareep . It can Mega Evolve into Mega Ampharos using the Ampharosite, in which it becomes an Electric/Dragon-type .

AMPHAROS IS PWNAGE! My ampharos was practically invincible and helped me OWN the elite four! Plus you can catch a Mareep nice and early in the Johto games so by the time you're at the pokemon league your Ampharos will dominate! Mine did, and it never let me down

This mon should be much higher, this guy has a mega which brings both his defense and special defense way up, and with crazy special attack it can dominate anything the only flaw is that with his duel typing mega he is now weak to ground plus every dragon weakness as well - germshep24

Not everyone likes this electric type but anpharos is kick butt

Ampharos = Best Electric
Gen 2 = Best Gen

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8 Raichu Raichu Raichu, known in Japan as the same name, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Yeah right, Pikachu is way better than Raichu. NOT. Seriously Raichu is underrated

Way better than Pikachu. He has pretty good special attack and attack, so he can be physical, special, or mixed. Plus, he's super cute.

THE ultimate pokemon killer. Give this guy Thunder and watch everyone else burn

I love this pokemon. I just don't like this pokemon it's my favorite pokemon. I like it better than its alolan form and its pre evolved form. I don't now why I like it but I think it does need a lot more love.

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9 Raikou Raikou Raikou, known in Japan as the same name, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Imma punch dis right in da face

He is the best one here

Jolteon=Best non legendary electric pokemon

Raikou=THE BEST electric pokemon

Raikou is a rash cans that people throw chicken boy he so weak that ivysaur use one move it aready died

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10 Zekrom Zekrom Zekrom, known in Japan as the same name, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

A legendary electric dragon Pokemon that is completely black with red eyes that glows when its body generates lightning? ENOUGH SAID!

He is just so cool to look at!

Just look at him!

He should be number higher

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11 Manectric Manectric

Dominated in oras with Swampert and salmence. Never ever let me down.(only against Steven Stone)

Really good with mega

Mega manectric is literaly a dog wight lithg ning armor

Pikachu is TRASH! Menestric should be way higher in ranking than Pikachu!

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12 Galvantula Galvantula

I don't like spiders but this Pokemon is too awesome to be a spider he is dang awesome. epic speed and sp attack and I personally like its movepool. I use serebii's agilliball it works well but I use a different nature +speed (helps electro ball and attacks faster) -attack (useless I never use attack with him). Well that's my mark so hope he will be number 1 I know so

Galvantula is plain and simple a complete badass. His speed will never let you down and he moves first 99 percent of the time. His move sets are incredible and his abilities knock other Pokemon off the chart. Just the fact that he has SIX EYES AND IS A GIGANTIC MOTHIM EATING SPIDER is enough for me to love him. Not so great with attack but special attack makes up for that. And besides if you know how to use him it wont matter because electric types are super effective against so many things anyway.

Galvantula are the best! Wow looked the speed. The type is also really good bug and electric. The move is really strong, it has bug buzz, electroweb, and also sucker punch. It's ability is really good compound eyes which made the pokemon accuracy boosted. I never failed used move.

Galvantula is unique when it comes to typing, which is Electric and bug. He is fast, and has a pretty good special attack. Not the best physical attacker, but makes up for it in special attack.

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13 Eelektross Eelektross

Two words NO WEAKNESSES also amazing coverage

Eelektross is my favorite pokemon of all time for it being the best of the non weak trio.Eelektross fails in slow speed but that's fine as it's bulky so make it bulky.It's got great attack so you can balance that attack and defense to make it a great balanced pokemon.The ability not only makes it not only not weak to anything but takes out the entire ground typing.The moves he can learn are wonderful like drain punch, flawthrower, crunch, protect, coil, thunder punch, wild charge, discharge, brick break, and much more.It's wonderful ABSOL-Okay not going there also I love the design it's a leech monster eel fish thing that sucks the life force out of it's prey.That's pretty cool.Jolteons the best? No it's not just because it's speedy doesn't mean it's good.It's a weak pokemon in defense elecktross can take at least 1 hit before dying and you'll know it.My perfect Eelektross would be thunder punch, drain punch, coil, and protect with leftovers.Electric types might be needed to be ...more

It look so good and its on my most favorite pokémon list

No weaknesses=top 1

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14 Zebstrika Zebstrika

He's a zebra Pokemon. That's all that is needed for him to be the best 'mon of all time.

Zebras are my favorite animal... electric is my favorite type when you combine the two it is amazing. It's like saying GO AHEAD HIT ME I'M JUST STANDING HERE before OOO I'm TOO FAST, YOU MISSED. Amazing special atk and speed and just plain BADASS. Why only #14

Zebstrika is just badass. It gives off the impression of "I will DESTROY you if you hurt me or any of my friends!. " Its cry is badass and it sounds like it could scare off any pokémon that dares threaten it. Also, its not another Pikachu clone (*cough*Emolga*cough*).

An electric Zebra. Enough said.

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15 Arceus Electric Form

Oh, come on. Arceus should not be on this list. He's only an electric type if he's holding a specific item. Give the real electric type Pokemon a chance to shine. - TheStupidHobo

Go to hell

How can you people forget this bloody awesome pokemon!

I agree very much with this wonderful person! Arceus pretty much the best pokemon to set foot on this earth! No one can beat him due to his awesome ability! He should be number one!

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16 Rotom Rotom Rotom, known in Japan as the same name, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

It could beat pikachu

Now this makes me sad. Rotom is my favorite Pokemon overall, and I thought he'd make it at least to the low part of the top 10. He can change forms, which adds a very high level of strategy to it, although his normal form allows him to use its ghost-type moves to their best potential. You can just use Rain Dance, then Thunder (Thunder can't miss when it's raining), and when they're paralyzed because of Thunder, use Hex. An amazing set-up that only Rotom can fully take advantage of, which I use a lot when I battle tough opponents. UP-VOTE ROTOM!

Hydro pump shadow ball blizzard gust and leaf storm crush jolteon

Rotom is awesome plus rotom spelled backwards is motor I think rotom's best form is wash form or mow or lawn form which is water and grass types tell me what you think is rotom's best form tell me

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17 Electabuzz Electabuzz

Put it in top 10... it is a wonderful Pokemon

I own it and he is a awesome sweeper against the elite four

It has lots of electricity it's good

He's good but VERY hard to find

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18 Emolga Emolga Emolga, known in Japan as Emonga, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I just used it in a Pokemon y play through and I thought it would be dumb (me and some of my friends did a one type challenge) once I got acrobatics I practically one hit everything no joke except for Pokemon that it was weak against and not to mention if things are bad volt switch also a combination I used was I would nuzzle (paralyzes) and then electro ball (based off how much faster you are) this nuzzle electro ball has let me kill a haxorus no probs

This pokemon's flying type makes up for the fact that electric type moves can't affect ground types. Like Swampert, it is a dual type pokemon whose one type makes up for the weakness of the other type. Emolga is underrated.

Come on now it's the best Pokemon that doesn't evolve with great moves and types and speed it can wipe out almost all Pokemon

It helped me OWN the X game like BOSS.

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19 Pachirisu Pachirisu Pachirisu, known in Japan as the same name, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I'm from America and just that cute little pachirisu made me go for Se Jun Park in the 2015 pokemon world tournament. And its cute

Was in 2015 world champions team any else to say

Why is she 21st? She's the lowest best Pokemon every to win a World Championship and deserves at LEAST the top 5.

This one is the cooliest and the best electric pokemn... aside from it's adorable appearance,,, it also have cool attack swhich fits in battling and pokemon contest - blueguy120

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20 Pichu Pichu Pichu, known in Japan as the same name, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

He's not exactly powerful, but, come one, he's so darn adorable! How can you not like this cute little guy?

Pikachu's my favorite, but I'm voting Pichu. Whats not to love about pichu? He's like a cuter, girlyer version of Pikachu. Which makes me smile, because I've always grown up liking girly/cutesy things as a whole. -Jirachu, who's also made several annon comments on other pokemon too.

This dude is just so adorable. He might not have the best moves or stats but just look at his face.

Its easily the weakest electric type

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21 Heliolisk Heliolisk

Put it at number 1 please it's my 3rd favorite pokemon!

My favorite electric type with lots of tricks that can be used in competitive.

Heliolisk and Ampharos are both my go-to Electric-types, and, in Ultra Sun, I managed to get a shiny Ampharos and Heliolisk on my team! Helio (Heliolisk) and Amphy (Ampharos) both wreaked everything that came its way.

Oh man this guy is amazing! Easily the best electric type yet! Why he is electric/normal rather than just electric I don't know but who cares, he's immune to ghost attacks and is overall a fantastic Pokemon all around! - evoxpisces

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22 Thundurus Thundurus Thundurus, known in Japan as Voltolos, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

He is a Zaptos raised on the streets of Harlem and not with 2 punkass sisters (articune and moltras) making him Op and baddest G in the electric game! I mean just look at him! Not to mention his other form when he has to take out his hands to show them all that he ain't to be messed with! Definitely underrated

This is a legendary Pokemon

I have thundurus he's kinda cool I replaced his attacks with sky attack and thunderbolt

This guy has balls of thunder showering on you.

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23 Elektross

Why Put it down here.
Someone already wrote eelektross
Eelektross rules!

Um Why is he all the way down here? '

Because it has a evolved form

No DMG from Ground moves :) Why it is only at 40?

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24 Minun Minun

Joke time! Why are Plusle and Minun always together?

It is super adorable and so cute I just love it

My minun beat a rock type team

25 Plusle Plusle

I used one on ORAS and it kicked major butt,she's cute with a little bite,happy but dangerous she everything you could want and she is amazing at doing it.

Cute and powerful electric pokemon... very helping in battles - blueguy120

Plusle may not be the strongest pokemon out there, but I used one on my ORAS team and it dominated. Take it over any electric type any day

I see Plusle and Minun use Helping Hand every time I battle them (Pokemon Diamond Version) it does absolutely nothing - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

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26 Magneton Magneton Magneton, known in Japan as Rarecoil, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Magneton are strong and powerful with high special attack in the handbook he was a five in the top ten electric pokemon.

Why magneton isn't in the top ten is beyond me sure magnezone is better on paper but you forget one thing, EVIOLITE! boom becomes a wall just like that.

27 Shinx Shinx

He is just so cute

What a lil cutie

They look like Kimba the white lion. I like.

Yay! Shinx, the cute electric cat Pokemon! Don't forget, IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S WEARING PANTS.

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28 Luxio

He should be stronger than his pre evolution Shinx. - TyranitarTerror

Easily one of the best electric types.

Luxor should be second

I love Luxio he's my best friend in Pokémon 😍

29 Electrode Electrode

The highest speed of all electric types, very good stats, and awesome move set. With one explosion it can defeat opponents even 10 levels higher!

It rocks! High speed and mediocre special attack and can learn taunt and volt switch and signal beam for grass types! Best leads maybe?

Come on the fastest electric type

Constantly underrated. It's not the best but shouldn't be #28...

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30 Lanturn Lanturn

With lanturn's water absorb ability it can easily smash almost all water types in a single move. It's stat grown isn't phenomenal, but its hp stat allows for a little cushion to work with. Not to mention it can straight up murder ground type Pokemon with water type moves. Lanturn is a Pokemon that is extremely useful when played the right way.

One statement

Lapras (water absorb) lanturn (water absorb) then spam surf, got someone who is resistant/immune? Ice beam

Awesome. Covers ground type weakness of most electric types with it's water half

Water Electric fish? Monster unstoppable plus look adorable

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31 Vikavolt Vikavolt

Good stats

If a grubbin don't recognize him, uses dig, no matter for this bruh because' he can use da same move! charjabug is also bug-electric but vikavolt is waaay better!

Make this higher or ill kill myself

It's the best electric type Pokemon I mean he does not effect ground!

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32 Magnemite Magnemite

It can yeetus

Silent but inside hids it's powerful electrifyinh attacks - blueguy120

33 Joltik Joltik

It's just a fantastic, yellow Pokemon. and not only that, it is the smallest Pokemon to!

A furry, yellow spider. What's not to love

Joltik is a cute yellow electric-type Pokemon. it's just fantastic. ant it can evolve into galvantula, what makes him strong. if you train it well, he can be a perfect electric spiderpokemon!

JOLTIK the BAWSS! Love ut how he can sneak up on almost any Pokemon and shock them too death >:3

34 Tapu Koko Tapu Koko

Excuse me but Tapu Koko is way more powerful than Pikachu they should switch places!

Seriously. It should be top ten cause it is a good pokemon

I love the tapus

WHAT! How did a joltik beat a Tapukoko! Tapu koko is my favorite pokemon. It is the gaurdian of mele mele island.

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35 Mega Manectric


36 Minum

Like the best Pokemon ever. I love him, and when I was little I made my e-mail password his name And also, its not Minum. Its Minun. N, not M. Just wanted to say because it bugs me when people say it Minum, and a lot of people do. I also like Plusle, But Minun more

It should be minum and plusle there the same

One of the special trio that learn trump card while levelling up

Jusr like plusle... Minum is also cute and powerful - blueguy120

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37 Chinchou

Chinchou is really an awesome pokemon because it can have the ability of volt absorb or water absorb chinchou also can learn good moves like discharge and hydro pump and it could learn ice types move like hail blizzard and ice beam which is very cool also they could learn surf waterfall and dive so it could also a great HM slave too

When Chinchou evolves, it is truly unstoppable.

Best electric type pokemon because of its dual type. Water and electric

It's not just electric its water too!... isn't it cool - blueguy120

38 Thundurus-T

Whaa thundurus-T

39 Shynx

Spell his name right

I’ve never heard of Shynx - TyranitarTerror

Well, this isn't much of a defense for shinx, but you really should spell shinx's name right. Thumbs up to this if you agree that you should spell a Pokemon's name right.

You just did a typo

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40 Tynamo
41 Elekid Elekid

Yup starts cute and strong evolves stronger and then becomes a straight up monster all his forms rule

I love elekid and its family. Its cute but also looks kind of tough at the same time. - leajey

I love Elekid and its family

The first form of the best electric family.

42 Mareep Mareep

Mareep is the best Pokemon ever, she is a lighthouse

i love her

Mareep and Sheep Man both look alike (+ there also electrical sheep) - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

43 Dedenne Dedenne Dedenne, known in Japan as the same name, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Why isn't Dedenne number 1?!?!?! - ILikePokemon


Dedenne is much stronger that you think he is! Come on, please stop bullying this innocent Pokemon just because it has the same eyes and cheeks as the stupid Pokemon Pikachu. Dedenne has an excellent type combination (Electric/Fairy) and can take down any pesky Pikachu any day. It can learn cool moves like thunderbolt and thunder and grass knot and more!

Dedenne is cute, but I don't just like it for its appearance. Its fairy typing helps a lot. It may not cover as many of its weaknesses, but it certainly makes it super effective on many types. Combine that with its speed, and it's a very handy little helper! :3

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44 Xurkitree Xurkitree Xurkitree is an Electric-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon. It is one of the Ultra Beasts and is known by the code name UB-03 Lighting.

I have an xurkitree on my team and he can always deal some damage even if it is a ground type I have power whip a grass type move.This should be number 1

Come on, Xurktree should be first, or at least one of the top tens. His an Ultra Beast!

This should be 1 it is a ultra beast

Why isn't it #1? what

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45 Togedemaru Togedemaru Togedemaru is a spherical, rodent-like Pokémon. Most of its front is white, while its back is primarily gray. It has black eyes, a short pointed snout with a black nose, and a circular, yellow marking on each cheek. Scattered across its back are yellow and brown triangular markings, which this Pokémon more.

Never heard of it

All dose Resistances And An Immunity To Poison Magnezone Is my favorite electric look how cute it is dedenne and Togedemaru are the best pikachu clones


It so CUTE! It's my favorite pikachu clone and one of the only electic and steel type! SO CUTE! :):P

46 Oricorio (Pom Pom)

Ugly oricorio. Oricorio is an ugly hobo/homeless that steal your ham for her 22278272773373773 sons and daughters. SAVE YOUR HAM. Kick oricorio babies that wants your money


Electric Oricorio is an flying type sweeper and it's so cute with Pom poms on the end of its wings plus it can change form from nectar and this move revelation dance so boss when it's Pom Pom form against other flying types! And it's dancer ability that's good really much against another Oricorio like...(Oricorio Pom Pom vs Oricorio sensu sensu Oricorio uses revelation dance fire type half Hp on Pom Pom Oricorio ability shows dancer uses revelation dance electric type Oricorio sensu faints u win)lol please vote for Oricorio it's a awesome flying type sweeper!

47 Darkrai Darkrai Darkrai, known in Japan as the same name, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

No darkrai not electric pokemon


He is a fairy type (I’m just kidding) - TyranitarTerror

Some electric type this is...

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48 Helioptile

Helioptile Is So Cute! It Doesn’t Even Need Food. When It Evolves, One Heliolisk Can Power Up 5 Skyscrapers And Run 100m In 5 Seconds! It is My Favourite Pokemon!

49 Electrike Electrike

A very energetic pokemon... this have cool attacks - blueguy120

OMG! He is so cute, but his evolution is even cuter! - m10mcnotin

This guys mega is boss

50 Voltorb Voltorb

It totally makes a crazy sound, but cool

A ball which comtain a 10000000 volts... Amazing - blueguy120

I can he is so weak

Can't believe he isn't at the top 10!

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