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Jolteon Jolteon, known in Japan as Thunders, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Incredible speed pretty sure he is the fastest or second fastest pokemon ever. Only is weak to ground, but pretty sure in later games in can learn shadow ball which is a ghost move and ghost moves can kill all pokemon but dark and learn shadow ball and use it against ground and your good. The best lightning pokemon ever(besides maybe pikachu).

Jolteon ties for the highest special attack electric type, at 130. It's volt absorb keeps it alive and its immense speed lets it hit hard and faint Pokemon before they have a chance to attack. It's my third in my Ragnarok trio, the first two being Charizard and Dewgong. Its defense is high enough to take a few physical hits and keep going, but that's not the point. One thunder takes down most Pokemon, or perhaps a shadow ball or signal beam. It's a solid eeveelution, and it can take down just about anything in its way.

Protip: teach it shadow ball and toxic. That way it can hit any type For Massive Damage.

Jolteon has an above average, very high Special attack and speed. It's Volt absorb keeps it from taking damage from it'a type that it would normally take damage from. It's unique pure typing like Luxray prevents it from having additional weaknesses, such as Zapdos that is also weak to Rock and Ice type moves due to it being a Flying type. This pure typing, and that typing having only one weakness, definitely gives Jolteon the upper hand in its tier. Although it is ineffective to use against a party that contains a Manectric due to Lightningrod, Jolteon is not my favorite of the Eeveelutions, (although he gets awfully close) and most of Jolteon's special type Attack moves being Electric type, I would say Jolteon is an excellent choice if you are looking for an Electric sweeper. Just hook that baby up with Choice Specs and teach it Thunder and you're good to go!

With the highest speed stat of all good electric Pokemon (sorry electrode) 130 base speed out-speeds almost all other Pokemon. Jolteon also packs a 110 base special attack. Its other stats such as HP, defense, and attack might be lower than average. However it does have a great base 95 special defense stat. It may also have a small move set compared to other Pokemon, but it does have all it needs to sweep teams. Overall great stats, great design, and a great Pokemon overall.

Luxray Luxray, known in Japan as Rentorar, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Luxray is not just an electric type. It is THE electric type. Can't think of a Pokemon more awesome than Luxray other than Zoroark.

Luxray has amazing stats, it's attack is powerful. The fact he learns a move I've used to KO most pokemon out there as a Shinx is amazing. THis move I'm speaking of is Crunch. I understand Jolteon has Volt absorb, however, Luxray has non electric moves that are killer, Giga Impact with his Attack Stat, talk about a powerhouse. Luxray's defense isn't bad either, it would definitely outlast Joltean if going back and forth. Jolteon was first, but Luxray came along, and let's face it, Pikachu doesn't belong on the top 10, he's mainly popular for being the face of the anime but all he's good for is to get your future Raichu a nice move set, Raichu has better stats than Pikachu, but it makes sense, Pikachu evolves into Raichu. In short terms, Luxray deserves #1.

In short terms, Luxray deserves #1. Luxray has amazing stats, it's attack is powerful. The fact he learns a move I've used to KO most Pokemon out there as a Shinx is amazing. THis move I'm speaking of is Crunch. I understand Jolteon has Volt absorb, however, Luxray has non electric moves that are killer, Giga Impact with his Attack Stat, talk about a powerhouse. Luxray's defense isn't bad either, it would definitely outlast Joltean if going back and forth. Jolteon was first, but Luxray came along, and let's face it, Pikachu doesn't belong on the top 10, he's mainly popular for being the face of the anime but all he's good for is to get your future Raichu a nice move set, Raichu has better stats than Pikachu, but it makes sense, Pikachu evolves into Raichu.

Luxray is pure power. He packs a mean Crunch, and can dish out a devastating Thunder. Ice Fang is great for Ground-Type coverage and The fourth move slot is your choice. Decent Speed, High attack, High Special Attack, and even some decent Defense and Special Defense. I remember using a Luxray beside my Infernape in my first ever Pokemon playthrough. (Platinum) He got to the late seventies and helped carry me through the E4 and Cynthia. Overall, a very powerful mon and worth training up a Shinx. Plus, just look at it! The mixture of black, blue, and gold are perfect for it's design. It's name sounds amazing, and is by far the best electric type in generation 4. Luxray has been, is, and will always be my second favorite Pokemon. Right behind Infernape, and a step above Decidueye. Infernape and Luxray made Generation 4 my favorite gen and made Platinum my favorite Pokemon Game.

Pikachu Pikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation.

Definitely the best electric Pokemon. The mascot of the franchise with great moves, a cute face and voice. Should be number one instead of number three

The best electric type Pokemon I like. Raichu should be disappeared forever from the game and the anime for sure. People who like Raichu and people who think Pikachu is disgusting or whatever, you are going to hell for sure. Now take Raichu down from the list! Pikachu can be like ash's Pikachu if we train it with Super training just giving a lot of work on Defense and Special Defense. Or use the other electric type Pokemon to support Pikachu for speed and evasion by using Jolteon. I only use Jolteon for passing the speed stat to Pikachu who is my main Pokemon team. Let's vote for Pikachu and put dislike on the comments who wrote that Raichu is the best and finish them off for sure.

I do respect your opinion, but this is starting to go overboard.

What I like about this site is that you have to vote (up) so you can comment.

Ah, the rat...

Out of game, it's the marketing man's dream (strike that, the marketing PERSON's dream) (mind you, it took a long time for Nintendo to give you the option of playing a girl in a Pokemon game). AAH, HE'S SO CWUTE!

In game, UNLESS you're playing Red / Blue and you KNOW (Guide Dang It) that you can catch one early in Viridian (4% chance IIRC) there is NO point in having the rat on your team. Sure, against a water type pokemon (say, Magikarp) you're going to get a 1HKO. Because if you don't you are stuffed. It learns Thunderbolt at 26, and? No good when your defences are rubbish.

And in Yellow, it CANNOT actually evolve into Raichu. Which would have meant an improvement (albeit slight) in its defences. But, hey, you didn't want it to evolve anyway, because it would have lost its CWUTENESS! Right? Right.

First off, I just want to say that popularity isn't all that the "best" needs to cover. Sure, Pikachu is definitely one of the most popular, if not the most, but just look at the stats of the thing. Speed is basically the only thing it's acceptably strong in, and it's still not too good even with a Light Ball equipped. You can easily defeat it with a Ground-type move, or even an ineffective move. Ash's Pikachu may seem considerably strong in the anime, but that doesn't mean that the same applies to the video game.

But I'm voting anyway, just for the lols.

Zapdos Zapdos, known in Japan as Thunder, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I like Magnezone a lot, but Zapdos looks cooler and have only two weaknesses, rock and ice. The two common against flying, excluding electric. Zapdos can just come up behind a Pokemon and zap them 'til they are fried to eat. Zapdos sounds dangerous in real life but training one could be awesome when telling your friends that you have a pet Zapdos, they would run away in fright.

I want to say you that I know everything about Pokemon that's why I am voting this Pokemon if we have seen the Pokemon movie named Ash Pikachu aur lugia in danger the Pikachu was standing here does that doors and just by standing near the zapdos Pikachu was experiencing extreme shock so please vote for this

Zapdos is a very good electric choice for any team it's a legendary it's a good pick because it's lengebdary so it's stats are high
Honestly it's much better than pikachu. Pikachu has a small chance to beat a legend zapdos is a legend it can take out legends so y is pikachu higher is it because ash uses it well it's no popularity contest

Best one by far. He is the first legendary pokemon for a reason, because he is the best. There is no way Jolteon is better at electric attacks than Zapdos or Zekrom, the strongest attack from Jolteon would barely make Zapdos notice Jolteon's existence.


While Electric types are known a lot for their spectacular Speed, Special Attack, and scarce weaknesses, Magnezone brings something completely new to the table. Yes he has 3 weaknesses (more than many of the notable Electric types), and yes Ground is Magnezone's Achilles heel, yet he is so much tougher than any of his Electric friends!

He brags 12 different resistances, an immunity to Poison, and the highest Special Attack Stat among not just Electric, but Steel types as well! Magnezone can become immune to Ground type as well with Magnet Rise and his Magnet Pull+Hidden Power Fire combination turns him into an extremely unexpected Steel Slayer. Worried about his poor speed? Slap some EV's on there and he'll be prime.

Hands down on of the best if not THE BEST Electrics in the Game.

Magnezone is just a beast. Easily one of the best Electric types in existence and belonging to my favorite Electric type family (You just can't beat the Mags). Let's go through every reason why he is a beast.

1) That Typing

Electric/Steel is a typing combination that belongs to no Pokemon other than the trio of Magnemite, Magneton, and Magnezone. This is an absolutely amazing type combination, making Magnezone and its little siblings the most resistant Pokemon of all time. Eleven resistances and an immunity, that's twelve! Water isn't an issue since Magnezone can just supereffective zap that out of the sky.

2) Magnet Pull

Magnet Pull is an absolutely great ability that only the Magnemite family and Nosepass family possess. And while Probopass may have a ridiculous but somehow majestic mustache, it is absolutely useless, and as such cannot use Magnet Pull to any use. That leaves us with the Magnemite family. Magnezone is the bane of steel types. With Magnet ...more

LISTEN UP GUYS I'm GONNA SETTLE THIS ARGUMENT RIGHT NOW. The whole thing with electric types is that they're pretty much all about special. And magnezone has amazing special attack. In fact, IT IS THE HIGHEST SPECIAL ATTACK OF ALL THE ELECTRIC POKEMON. AND ALL THE STEEL TYPE POKEMON. If you still think some little yellow rat is better than magnezone at this point there's obviously no helping you. And if having record breaking stats isn't enough, IT ALSO HOLDS THE RECORD FOR MOST RESISTACES/IMMUNITYS. 12 FLIPPIN RESISTANCIES. ADD AN IMMUNITY AND THAT'S THIRTEEN. AND HE'S A FLIPPIN UFO. Electrivire has highest attack? Good for him. But attack doesn't help when you're an ELECTRIC type. Only special attack matters, and magnezone wins there for both his types.





I'm sorry, Magnezone just looks incredibly stupid. I much prefer Magneton because it looks better and has a nice ring to its name. However, I will admit that no electric type has higher base Special Attack than Magnezone. In addition, this guy can learn a wide variety of moves. Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, and Signal Beam give coverage against Psychic, Dark, Water, Grass, Flying, Rock, Ice, Fairy, and a couple of ones I'm probably forgetting, plus with Metal Sound that's amazing.

Ampharos Ampharos is an Electric-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II . It evolves from Flaaffy starting at level 30 . It is the final form of Mareep . It can Mega Evolve into Mega Ampharos using the Ampharosite, in which it becomes an Electric/Dragon-type .

Ampharos. In my opinion the most underrated electric Pokemon. I don't like people who say ampharos sucks. its way better than electivire in my opinion. by the way have you had a closer look at that mega-evolution? It has a mind-blowing 165 special attack. Ash is electrocuted by pikachu? Fine. Ash is electrocuted by ampharos? He's DEAD. teach him the best electric special attack you know and you have a sweeper on your hands

Oh yeah, Forgot to mention, the pikachu-line and the eeveelutions are way overrated.

I'm playing Gold / Silver for the first time...bag Mareep...stick it in my box...

THEN of course when I play it the 2nd time I realise that this is a monster...not the speediest, but it doesn't have to be...Thunderpunch / Thunderwave and 2 moves of your choice. Get it up to level 82 (a lot of water in the game), owns the Elite 4 (bar 1 gym of course). Too easy, yeah?

Play Crystal. Unless you have trading facilities, you can't catch a Mareep in the wild, so you HAVE to change your entire playing strategy. Brilliant. Nintendo made Gold / Silver in 2 Megabytes of code. Astonishing programming.

Ampharos has that face which is reminiscent of a derp face or a meme, but looks aside, Ampharos is definitely the best. You can get a Mareep early in gen 2 and 5. Ampharos' etymology is cool: "Ampere", an electric unit, "pharos", Greek for lighthouse, and "pharaoh", who Ampharos is based off of. Ampharos has an AWESOME movepool (Fire Punch? Dragon Pulse? Zap Cannon? Sign me up! ) and great Sp. Attack. When you look at his mega, Sp. Atk turns into 165 and Sp. definitely is 110. Speaking of looks, actually, Ampharos may be the cutest Pokemon out there. Look at that vaguely derpy face. Don't you want to hug that gentle giant? You do. Admit it. My job here is done.

What is wrong with these people ampharos has one of the highest sp.attack stat ever that's including legends. It doesn't die to just one earthquake like all the other electric types. It has great defense and sp. defense. Then they gave it dragon typing and long locks. I fail to see how this isn't the best electric type Pokemon ever made. Sure it isn't fast but get an agility up that's game over AND it learns magnet rise. How is jolteon better again? It isn't the only thing that makes it "better" is it's fast. That's recap jolteon is in RU and ampharos is UU. How dare anyone put that Pokemon pikachu ahead of ampharos. If you put the electric types against each other none of them can KO mega ampharos before he can KO you.

Raichu Raichu, known in Japan as the same name, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Why did Raichu drop to No. 8? It should be much higher than it's pre-evolutionary form which cannot take nor give any hits to other Pokemon.

Wow, I am extremely tired of what Pikachu's fanbase is doing. Believe me, I am COMPLETELY fine if you prefer Pikachu. The problem is when people say, "Pikachu is the best and if you prefer any Pokémon over it you deserve to ROT IN HELL." I do not want anymore comments like this, it's becoming a problem, and it's JUST STUPID! Anyway, I respect your opinion, but this is going too far.* Raichu, has better stats than Pikachu, Pikachu evolves into it, so it's OBVIOUSLY stronger, Raichu has an amazing Alolan Form with a unique type, (Electric/Psychic, take that Pikachu) and it has a killer moveset to top it off. Pikachu, on the other hand, has a good speed.

*That was off-topic, everything after has to do with the vote.

Do people actually think pikachu is better than it's cooler and more powerful evolve form? Pikachu is only at #4 because the T.V. show has makes people LOVE pikachu. WOW! Pikachu can defeat rock, ground, and it's better form! This is totally showing that pikachu is the best in the game! The T.V. show was the only reason pikachu became the mascot. If the T.V. show was never made, the mascot would have to be charizard or Mewtwo.

Definitely! How is an ugly yellow rat (joke) better than it's more powerful form? It's apparently cuter, and that randomly makes it better.

THAT'S BULL! (sorry, too mad, lemme calm down) We FINALLY have a list where Raichu is higher than Pikachu! I always try to get a Thunderstone when my Pichu evolves! I respect your opinion if you prefer Pikachu, though.


The electric BEAST. This guy could easily take down any other of the electric types. Plus the thunder/ice/fire punch thing makes its moveset very varied. Plus it is a literal LEGEND

Hi remember me? It is me who said Oh come on it is so obvious that electivire can win all the electric pokemon because it has the highest attack and it has it's ability that is motor drive that makes it really fast if you are using electric type moves to it and it makes it a big threat to your pokemon as brock said it in anime with PAUL'S ELECTIVIRE TOO and besides it can use ice punch that can take out a ground type and he is my favourite pokemon because of the reason that someone else said in this web site that you can see it if you click more comments about electivire I just came here to beg for people to vote more for electivire

Electivire is a potential threat for opposing trainers. If you raise it right and power it up with a life orb, it would be powerful even if it's not fast. I don't know why this powerhouse isn't a competitive Pokemon like jolteon. It has the defense and power and all it needs is a thunderbolt to activate it's motor drive for it to be trouble for the opposing trainer. A jolteon may have high speed and special attack but, once it gets hit, it's done. The real competition is between luxray and electivire but, in my opinion electivire is the most powerful electric type.

Electivire is amazing in competitive battle, especially against other electric types. One of the few Pokemon that can learn Earthquake, and all three elemental punch moves, not to mention Rock Slide and Brick Break/Cross Chop/Focus Punch, with its incredibly high attack and speed stats, along with Motor Drive, can sweep most Pokemon in single battles, and even better in double battles. Paired with Eelektross or Rotom, this badass can Earthquake the enemy w/o having to worry about your support. Electivire's overall design is awesome, and deserves a higher rank than Luxray, (not trying to be a hater, just so you know) who has mush lower stats and a useless attack stat, but I guess I can see how Jolteon could outclass just about any electric type out there.

Zekrom Zekrom, known in Japan as the same name, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

If we're talking about the best Electric Pokemon, the answer is obviously Zekrom. Jolteon is sort of overrated. The only thing that Jolteon has that is better than Zekrom is Speed, which is 40 points higher. That's nothing compared to Zekrom's extra 85 attack, 60 defense, 10 special attack, 5 special defense, and dragon type attacks that completely blow Jolteon out of the water.

Zekrom is the coolest pokemon with an exclusive dual type Dragon/Electric

He is my no.1 favorite legendary and my favorite Tao trio.

I love one of his signature moves Bolt Strike.

Woah woah really do you guys really think jolteon or luxray are better than zekrom you guys have gone mad zekrom is not only a legendary but can destroy the world with its tail you all think jolteon is better because of its high special attack, well zekrom is a very good psychical attacker and he has two signature moves bolt strike and fusion bolt he learns outrage too also rock slide jolteon still hasnt gotten a new move yet he still has thunderbolt which is a great electric move but I mean come on how is jolteon better than a legendary electric pokemon zekrom who can destroy the whole world zekrom may not be my favorite electric pokemon (favorite is luxray) but this isn't about you're favorite electric pokemon its about the best and the strongest electric type pokemon and that honor goes to zekrom sorry but I only say the truth zekrom is the best electric type pokemon ever he should be number 1 not number 9

I completely agree with everyone voting for Zekrom: it's cool, powerful, and just awesome. It can KO any Pokemon easily, even if its opponent has Volt Absorb. Zekrom can learn Draco Meteor, which, although reduces the Sp. Attack harshly, it'll be worth it because the opponents will be knocked out a million times already. Plus, it is a legendary, which are just awesome. Also, its ability Teravolt is very useful. For example, Earthquake will effect a Pokemon with Levitate. So why is Zekrom only the eighth?
Another thing:Pokemon like Pikachu are completely overrated just because they are all heroic and stuff in the anime and Zekrom and the powerful Pokemon are all evil and stuff. But this really isn't true. And if Pikachu were to be in my party when I was battling the Pokemon League, it would have been smashed to bits, unlike with Zekrom. I used Zekrom to battle the Pokemon League and not only did I win twice, Zekrom didn't even faint.
Last thing:I used Zekrom to single-handedly ...more

Raikou Raikou, known in Japan as the same name, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Raikou's exceptional speed and special attack have made him a great competitive Pokemon since he was introduced in Gold and Silver. He has never dropped below the UU mark in any generation, currently residing in BL for ORAS. Rainout has a variety of awesome sets ranging from assault vest, to a deadly specs set, and even a very dangerous calm mind set. If that wasn't enough, he looks badass. I mean, how could you go wrong with a saber tooth that shoots bolts of lighting

WHAT RAIKOU IS AWESOME HE CRUSHES WHY IS HE NUMBER 11 WHO'S WITH ME HE SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE obviously he is awesome he has a cloud on his back that is awesome in the movie Zoroak: master of illusion he was shiny that is SO COOL but he did try to stop Zoroak from getting to her young they thought she was trying to purposly destroying the town. But she ended up getting to Zorua.

I think jolteons ok but for me I think it doesn't learn a lot of different moves it should get something to help with that ground weakness and I voted for raikou because HE LOOKS AWESOME! also He is the best legendary beast well second suicune is best looking one I can wait to get a raikou in this Pokemon game I'm playing! (Its randomized)

Raikou is a legendary making him strong already. He also has has amazing speed and special attack making him amazing. Most little kids may not vote for him since he is a slightly older pokemon and you don't see him in the new seasons of the anime.

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He has no weakness at all. No typing is super effective against him. He is the only Pokemon, as far as I know, who isn't super effected by any type. He also has an amazing move set, is cool looking and adorable, has actually pretty good stats, and is heavily underrated, so much so it is very rarely seen in competitive play. If you use it properly, Eelektross can become a beast.

Eelektross is my favorite Pokemon of all time for it being the best of the non weak trio. Eelektross fails in slow speed but that's fine as it's bulky so make it bulky. It's got great attack so you can balance that attack and defense to make it a great balanced Pokemon. The ability not only makes it not only not weak to anything but takes out the entire ground typing. The moves he can learn are wonderful like drain punch, flamethrower, crunch, protect, coil, thunder punch, wild charge, discharge, brick break, and much more. It's wonderful ABSOL-Okay not going there also I love the design it's a leech monster eel fish thing that sucks the life force out of it's prey. That's pretty cool. Jolteons the best? No it's not just because it's speedy doesn't mean it's good. It's a weak Pokemon in defense eelektross can take at least 1 hit before dying and you'll know it. My perfect Eelektross would be thunder punch, drain punch, coil, and protect with leftovers. Electric types might be needed ...more

From what I've seen from the list above this list is more of popularity than of actual usability. Pikachu and his evolution are terrible, why are they so high up? And everyone keeps making the argument that "they can beat any other electric type with their ability". That means nothing, as some of the Pokemon listed above are useless against anything else. Eelektross has no weakness, great bulk and attack, and probably the best move pool of any electric type. And Jolteon isn't the best. Sure it's fast and has high SpA, but it can easily be OHKO'd by any competitve physical attacker. Not saying it's bad, but some of the ones listed below it are obviously better. Other than legendarys, I have to through my vote with Eelektross. On equal level terms it's all but impossible to OHKO, and with its move pool plus an expert belt or life orb, Eelektross can OHKO almost any competitive type (grass, rock, ground, water, flying, or fire, to name a few). So yep. Eelektross is the best non legendary ...more

I never really thought they had to many cool electric Pokemon besides Raikou/Electabuzz (Raichu/Zapdos/Rotom are OK) until the 5th generation came about and despite being (in my opinion) the worse looking generation of Pokémon they really hit a home run in the electric department Joltik/Galvantula are really cool and Zebstrika is pretty sharp looking (though not a blitzle fan) but Elektross is just awesome he's like the most bad ass leech ever designed, I remember training his pre-forms thinking they were taking forever to evolve and Tympole had no move options but then it evolved into Electross and it was just the coolest and electric Pokemon that has levitate eliminating its only weakness and not adding more like the flying electrics do and the fact it can learn flamethrower is just a nice touch. I notice Jolteons in first probably due to it being a combination of a gen1 eevelotion with ridiculous speed but I've never been one to train Pokemon based on there power I train what I ...more


WHAT?! THAT Pokemon IS THIS LOW?! MANECTRIC IS SO MUCH POWERFUL! For me, it totally beat the entire elite four and champion in emerald, excepted Drake because it has a god damn Flygon! (Note: Flygon is the best dragon ever). Seriously?! Just check his stats and even the generation after emerald, he was able to learn FLAMETHROWER! And now, Manectric has a mega-evolution! Does that mean anything for you?! MANECTRIC KICKS PIKACHU'S BUTT IN NO TIME! WHY PIKACHU IS SO HIGH?! I could understand Raichu, but WHY PIKACHU?!?!? And if you think I am mad, it's that you did not see my opinion of Charizard...

Manectric is an excellent electric Pokemon. I wouldn't say the best, but should at least be in the top 10. Most of the Pokemon in the top 10 don't have Mega Evolutions. Guess who does? The Discharge Pokemon itself. I could talk about how it's stats are so great, which, in honesty, are pretty good, and that it's Mega just makes them even better, and that it looks pretty cool and all that, but...

i will admit without its mega evolution it shouldn't be in the top 10. However, its lightning rod ability before you mega evolve can give you a spatk boost that basically means youll become an ass whooping machine! not only that it get amazing coverage, thunderbolt, flamethrower, hidden power ice and volt switch is what I run and it's a solid special sweeper that can mop up any team that doesn't have a specially defensive wall. My favourite pokemon and an absolute beast. Plus shiny Manectric looks evil man

He is so cool, he is very strong. ( Other than the legendary electric ones ) He is very reliable, especially in the 8th gym in the Hoenn region ( only in Ruby and Sapphire ) And he is useful for the champion ( Emerald only ) And he is just great for other gyms.


Galvantula is plain and simple a complete badass. His speed will never let you down and he moves first 99 percent of the time. His move sets are incredible and his abilities knock other Pokemon off the chart. Just the fact that he has SIX EYES AND IS A GIGANTIC MOTHIM EATING SPIDER is enough for me to love him. Not so great with attack but special attack makes up for that. And besides if you know how to use him it wont matter because electric types are super effective against so many things anyway.

I don't like spiders but this Pokemon is too awesome to be a spider he is dang awesome. epic speed and sp attack and I personally like its movepool. I use serebii's agilliball it works well but I use a different nature +speed (helps electro ball and attacks faster) -attack (useless I never use attack with him). Well that's my mark so hope he will be number 1 I know so

Galvantula are the best! Wow looked the speed. The type is also really good bug and electric. The move is really strong, it has bug buzz, electroweb, and also sucker punch. It's ability is really good compound eyes which made the pokemon accuracy boosted. I never failed used move.

Galvantula is unique when it comes to typing, which is Electric and bug. He is fast, and has a pretty good special attack. Not the best physical attacker, but makes up for it in special attack.


Zebstrika is just badass. It gives off the impression of "I will DESTROY you if you hurt me or any of my friends!. " Its cry is badass and it sounds like it could scare off any pokémon that dares threaten it. Also, its not another Pikachu clone (*cough*Emolga*cough*).

Zebras are my favorite animal... electric is my favorite type when you combine the two it is amazing. It's like saying GO AHEAD HIT ME I'M JUST STANDING HERE before OOO I'm TOO FAST, YOU MISSED. Amazing special atk and speed and just plain BADASS. Why only #14

I used to laugh at this, thinking it was a unique idea but that it had horrible stats. Elesa proved me wrong. It has great attack and speed, and an OP moveset to go along with it.

Zebstrika is the best,if they give him a final evolution he should be: On a Pokémon card, 160 HP, Does 130 damage, and faster then Excallogor, stronger then at least one legendary or myth. Electric/Fairy or Electric/Grass. Pokédex Entry : (final evolution name) the Heroic Zebra Pokémon,It will hurt any Pokémon if that Pokémon is trying to hurt its friends or a random person.

Rotom Rotom, known in Japan as the same name, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Now this makes me sad. Rotom is my favorite Pokemon overall, and I thought he'd make it at least to the low part of the top 10. He can change forms, which adds a very high level of strategy to it, although his normal form allows him to use its ghost-type moves to their best potential. You can just use Rain Dance, then Thunder (Thunder can't miss when it's raining), and when they're paralyzed because of Thunder, use Hex. An amazing set-up that only Rotom can fully take advantage of, which I use a lot when I battle tough opponents. UP-VOTE ROTOM!

So cute and powerful! Two things! Come on guys! we all know that rotom is the best! It can go through cables! Shoo Luxrey! VOTE NOW! It can change its type by changing its type! Like heat rotom, wash rotom plus more luxrey can't do that! THE BEST POKEMON!

Rotom is awesome plus rotom spelled backwards is motor I think rotom's best form is wash form or mow or lawn form which is water and grass types tell me what you think is rotom's best form tell me

He is electric ghost, he is weaker than a ground ghost OR a ground dark. He is stronger than a lot of things. He is stronger than water flying, steel, grass, ice, bug. Confuse ray, electro ball, and astonish! - Jaiden Ochoa

Minun Minun, known in Japan as the same name, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Like the best Pokemon ever. I love him, and when I was little I made my e-mail password his name And also, its not Minum. Its Minun. N, not M. Just wanted to say because it bugs me when people say it Minum, and a lot of people do. I also like Plusle, But Minun more

Joke time! Why are Plusle and Minun always together?

The cutuest of all, and the helpful of all! All of it's experince combined will make it powerful and blast of 3 arceuses in one move of electricity!

One of the special trio that learn trump card while levelling up

Plusle Plusle, known in Japan as Prasle, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

This may not float you're boat but Plusle is actually decent and can troll people if you use it right. You can lock you're opponent into a move with encore then set up nasty plots and maybe a substitute and BOOM proceed to sweep. Plus (heheh get it plus because it's plusle) It's so cute, it outdoos every electric type for ultimate cuteness in my opinion. Plusle you'll always be cool in my world.

Plusle may not be the strongest pokemon out there, but I used one on my ORAS team and it dominated. Take it over any electric type any day

I see Plusle and Minun use Helping Hand every time I battle them (Pokemon Diamond Version) it does absolutely nothing

I used one on ORAS and it kicked major butt,she's cute with a little bite,happy but dangerous she everything you could want and she is amazing at doing it.

Emolga Emolga, known in Japan as Emonga, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

This pokemon was the root cause for the electric gyms in gen 5 being the hardest challenge in every run through I have had. Its Flying gets rid of the obnoxious ground counter and, being an electric type, it normalizes the electric weakness. Due to it being resistant to most electric counters, it is one of my go to electric types.

Only reason I don't use it on most runthroughs is because it can't use fly, making it an inconvenient flying type

I just used it in a Pokemon y play through and I thought it would be dumb (me and some of my friends did a one type challenge) once I got acrobatics I practically one hit everything no joke except for Pokemon that it was weak against and not to mention if things are bad volt switch also a combination I used was I would nuzzle (paralyzes) and then electro ball (based off how much faster you are) this nuzzle electro ball has let me kill a haxorus no probs

This pokemon's flying type makes up for the fact that electric type moves can't affect ground types. Like Swampert, it is a dual type pokemon whose one type makes up for the weakness of the other type. Emolga is underrated.

You kidding? I don't know why jolteo is on the top of the list? I use emolga in B2 and it wad awesome! Speedy and has a great attack and special attack. Emolga deserve to be on the top 10. Not even ground types can stop this mon.

Pichu Pichu is an Electric type Baby Pokémon introduced in Gen. 2. It evolves into Pikachu. It is in the in undiscovered egg group, since it's a baby Pokémon. It is No. 172 in the Pokedex. It can be called a joke character in Super Smash Bros. Melee, because of its awful stats and weak moves. After its more.

Pichu literally somehow made it to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate come on he should be 1st everyone. But there are better Smash characters like Joker

First of all whoever said Jynx is a bad Pokemon is an idiot and also Pichu shouldn't be higher than Electabuzz if it was better with stats it would actually get used but it also takes a lot to use just to sweep which is why it's in NU and belongs there

Pikachu's my favorite, but I'm voting Pichu. Whats not to love about pichu? He's like a cuter, girlyer version of Pikachu. Which makes me smile, because I've always grown up liking girly/cutesy things as a whole. -Jirachu, who's also made several annon comments on other pokemon too.

My name is sophie I love pichu It's my fave baby pokemon And one of my fave electric types I have a new pichu plush And a pichu in pokemon moon pichu is so cute

Pachirisu Pachirisu, known in Japan as the same name, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Ok first off I hope I spelled that right... But anywaayy Pachirisu is like a much cuter version of Pikachu! Pikachu is adorable too though! It's a little blue squirrel with a fluffy tail and little cheeks just like Pikacgu, except yellow! Blue and yellow are so pretty together in my opinion! I think this Pokemon should be in the top ten for cuteness and just being an electric type... Please vote!

This one is the cooliest and the best electric pokemn... aside from it's adorable appearance,,, it also have cool attack swhich fits in battling and pokemon contest

Super Fang, Nuzzle, Attract and Follow me needs to be used the person who won the tournament in 2015 won thanks to Pachirisu get it in the #1 spot

pachirisu is so cute! however, its attacks are not so powerful, it can still win with his awesome speed!

ps: give him attract!


Oh man this guy is amazing! Easily the best electric type yet! Why he is electric/normal rather than just electric I don't know but who cares, he's immune to ghost attacks and is overall a fantastic Pokemon all around!

Heliolisk and Ampharos are both my go-to Electric-types, and, in Ultra Sun, I managed to get a shiny Ampharos and Heliolisk on my team! Helio (Heliolisk) and Amphy (Ampharos) both wreaked everything that came its way.

Its electric and normal type pokemon so it has vast move pool.It has two type weakness ground and fighting and it can easily defeat them through ice beam( which it can learn by TM) and razor wind ( when it evolves from helioptile).

It has high special attack and speed + bulldoze which can defeat other electric types + razor wind making it strong against grass types.

Thundurus Thundurus, known in Japan as Voltolos, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

He is a Zaptos raised on the streets of Harlem and not with 2 punkass sisters (articune and moltras) making him Op and baddest G in the electric game! I mean just look at him! Not to mention his other form when he has to take out his hands to show them all that he ain't to be messed with! Definitely underrated

I think landerous is the best electric legendary in the world of Pokemon but it is a bit weack against its 2 brothers because I saw a video and easily landerous was defeated but who can I say? He looks so awesome!

The spikes on its tail discharge immense bolts of lightning. It flies around the Unova region firing off lightning bolts.

I have thundurus he's kinda cool I replaced his attacks with sky attack and thunderbolt


The original King of thunder types badass design when I first saw him I had to have one. I thought he couldn't get any epicer then I saw his first form. He looks legendary. Then he's third in sinnoh don't get me started. Elekid is at 10 Electabuzz is at 5 and Electivre is at 1

Kills Pokemon with thunderpunch and it can also learn physic? Beast combination easily number 1 electric Pokemon ever made.

Electabuzz is the reason thunderpunch exists. It's one of the originals, not only is it iconic it's epic. Enough said.

I own it and he is a awesome sweeper against the elite four

Shinx Shinx, known in Japan as Kolink, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Well, this isn't much of a defense for shinx, but you really should spell shinx's name right. Thumbs up to this if you agree that you should spell a Pokemon's name right.

Yay! Shinx, the cute electric cat Pokemon! Don't forget, IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S WEARING PANTS.

He'll shinx should be on top every time for a cute contesst no mader what it's so dang adorable I have it in my team every time I find one

Shinx is a very cute Pokemon. I just love him


He should be stronger than his pre evolution Shinx.

Easily one of the best electric types.

Luxor should be second

I love Luxio he's my best friend in Pokémon 😍

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