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Ampharos is an Electric-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II . It evolves from Flaaffy starting at level 30 . It is the final form of Mareep . It can Mega Evolve into Mega Ampharos using the Ampharosite, in which it becomes an Electric/Dragon-type .


Mega Ampharos is Dragon/Electric. How cool is that? I had it learn Thunderbolt, Discharge etc. In HeartGold and it was up there with some of the best Pokemon I've ever used. It's Mega Evolution looks like a God of some sort as well. Also, Pikachu is the most overrated Pokemon of all time because it is the face of the franchise, so that should drop and Jolteon is quick, but has nothing except speed. Ampharos and Electivire are both amazing.

Ampharos. In my opinion the most underrated electric Pokemon. I don't like people who say ampharos sucks. its way better than electivire in my opinion. by the way have you had a closer look at that mega-evolution? It has a mind-blowing 165 special attack. Ash is electrocuted by pikachu? Fine. Ash is electrocuted by ampharos? He's DEAD. teach him the best electric special attack you know and you have a sweeper on your hands

Oh yeah, Forgot to mention, the pikachu-line and the eeveelutions are way overrated.

Ampharos is a great Pokemon, it helped me in Pokemon Soul Silver, all you had to do was give it the choice specs. Ampharos has higher base Attack, Defense, and Special Attack than Jolteon. It's Special Defense is slightly smaller than Jolteon but not bad and it had low speed but if you had good defense you could withstand attacks.

Ampharos is a reliable Pokemon with a great moveset given you play your cards right. A good Sp. Attack stat. And come on, guys, face it. Ampharos is WAY cuter than Pikachu~!

Ampharos is the best electric type out there. Ampharos even got even more powerful in 6th gen. The mega evolution makes it half electric and half dragon, which was obvious because I think ampharos means "electric dragon" or something like that.

Ampharos should've been higher on this list, it can mega evolve into a Electric/Dragon type which increases its stats a bit more. Now I know he will now be weak to a few more types but still if you train it right, this guy would make it to number 4.

WHY THE HECK IS AMPHAROS NUMBER 7!?!?!?! This beast of a Pokemon could sweep your whole squad! I can see how you'd think Jolteon is number 1, but PIKACHU THAT HIGH UP?! That thing is so dang overrated! Ampharos's great moveset would be Thunderbolt, Dragon Pulse, Cotton Guard, and Confuse Ray. With a defense boosting nature and decent special attack, this thing is AMAZING!

Ampharos is definitely the best electric type I have ever used, how the hell is it down here in 6? And surely Raichu should be higher than Pikachu? But anyway this Pokemon has saved me so many times it electric moves are so powerful!

If we're talking electric types, then this is the one to pick! It now has a mega evolution (when it mega evolves it becomes a DRAGON TYPE! ). Increased stats (to some already great stats) AND STAB TO DRAGON MOVES! (total op) GO AMPHAROS!

Ampharos is a beast. Ground is its only weakness, but it can learn Cotton Guard, which drastically raises its defense. Seeing as most Ground type moves are physical, this pretty much makes them useless, while annoying physical Pokémon. That, along with a nature that increases its slightly below average speed, can create the most balanced electric type in the game.

Ampharos is the best electric type out, it has an awesome move set and it has a good Sp. Attack stat. It has helped me out so much in my games as a trustworthy and strong battling companion. Its one of my favorites. :D

Ampharos has one of the best move pools I have seen in a while. Not to mention its high special attack. Also it can learn Cotton Guard which changes his defense big time!

First of all mareep is simple to catch (early) and Ampharos has great stats and great moves. Ampharos is easily the best electric type pokemon. Vote for ampharos because it is without a doubt the best and coolest electroc type and in my opinion the second coolest of any type ( arcanine)

It gives off so much light that it can be seen even from space. People in the old days used its light to send signals back and forth with others far away.

Ampharos is a god! Is is a really good special attacker. My under level Ampharos just one-shots every thing, it is a monster! Also my favorite pokemon.

This is awesome. I wish I could vote both on Zapdos and Ampharos. I remember liking him without knowing that many people knew him. He is AWESOME!

Ampharos is Amazing mostly because he just looks like a big tuby yellow teddy bear :3 Also his New Mega evolution in X and Y he is both Electric and Dragon type witch is very unique, with only on other Pokemon with that amazing typing, being Zekrom. Ampharos also has a pretty versatile Move pull by covering types such as, Electric, Dragon, Fire, Normal. Grass, Ghost, Bug, Psychic, Posion, Water, Fighting, Dark, Ground, and Even Steel, that's 14 TYPES!

In Soul Silver, I caught a mareep very early on, and it's special attack stat was beastly. Plus, it had so much health that it was able to tank hits, and because it's special attack stats was so high, even Pokemon that weren't weak to electric took half of their health in damage.

Yes! Its mega evo looks awesome although I'm disappointed I can't use its white stuff as an ice cream sundae with cherries

It can use BUG, ROCK, FIRE AND EVEN ATTACKS the most awesome Pokemon

"ampharos has good stats. It's offensive special attack stats help its average electric type moves. Good in HGSS.

My ampharos was beast in the elite four and I was Pokemon campion forever me and my ampharos were unstoppable!

Ampharos is my favorite electric pokemon. It's mega evolution is very good because it is dragon and electric.

Ampharos or Mega Ampharos are beasts mine has never fainted and won every time I count on him (his name is Zeus0

Ampharos is hands-down THE BEST. It can learn UBER MOVES like Flash Cannon, Zap Cannon, Thunder, Power Gem, Light Screen, it has SO many creative movesets! It can even learn Dragon Pulse! This Pokemon is a complete badass in stats an can OWN anything in its way!