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Pikachu, while very cute, is way overrated compared to Jolteon. Jolteon could kick Pikachu's ass easily. Not only can they learn some wicked awesome moves, but they are very fast and strong too.

Jolteon ties for the highest special attack electric type, at 130. It's volt absorb keeps it alive and its immense speed lets it hit hard and faint Pokemon before they have a chance to attack. It's my third in my Ragnarok trio, the first two being Charizard and Dewgong. Its defense is high enough to take a few physical hits and keep going, but that's not the point. One thunder takes down most Pokemon, or perhaps a shadow ball or signal beam. It's a solid eeveelution, and it can take down just about anything in its way.

Protip: teach it shadow ball and toxic. That way it can hit any type For Massive Damage.

Jolteon has an above average, very high Special attack and speed. It's Volt absorb keeps it from taking damage from it'a type that it would normally take damage from. It's unique pure typing like Luxray prevents it from having additional weaknesses, such as Zapdos that is also weak to Rock and Ice type moves due to it being a Flying type. This pure typing, and that typing having only one weakness, definitely gives Jolteon the upper hand in its tier. Although it is ineffective to use against a party that contains a Manectric due to Lightningrod, Jolteon is not my favorite of the Eeveelutions, (although he gets awfully close) and most of Jolteon's special type Attack moves being Electric type, I would say Jolteon is an excellent choice if you are looking for an Electric sweeper. Just hook that baby up with Choice Specs and teach it Thunder and you're good to go!

Jolteon is my favorite pokemon of all time and for good reason. He has one of the highest special attacks in the game with the best speed. He doesn't need a wide move pool and screw your zekrom. A dig from a jolteon will kill one anyway. Oh, you didn't know? Jolteon can learn dig.

Not only is this Pokemon the second fastest Gen 1 Pokemon, it has the stats to back it up. Jolteon's wide variety of coverage moves makes it a genius idea for usage in an Electric monotype team.

Finally, something that loves Jolteon. Wherever I looked, I found ELECTIVIRE! If Jolteon had hyper beam, signal beam, shadow ball, and thunderbolt, and it had really good Sp. Attack (which mine has), its speed good beat almost any pokemon.

Why is pikachu even on the top 10? He is one of the weakest out there and I have never lost to him, even when using a water type. Jolteon is easily the best. It has an extremely high speed and Sp ATK. It doesn't even need defense because it can destroy any pokemon before it even Attacks. It still has okay defensive stats anyways so if it does take a strong hit of two, it still won't go down

Jolteon is a DESTROYER! Its speed could outrun Gyarados and Thunderbolt it. It's the fastest, and strongest electric Pokemon. It can learn substitute AND baton pass to switch in slow Pokemon

Jolteon is lightning fast, has awesome moves, and looks beast. Of course Pikachu is awesome, but just because it is the anime star doesn't make it the strongest!

Screw pikachu, get the jolteon! Pikachu is only popular because it's practically invincible in the show when in reality pikachu STINKS. Check out the list of stupid Pokemon on this site, and number three is... PIKACHU!

Best electric type, has really high special attack and great speed which are the two things needed for an electric type to own. Plus it's generation one which just makes Jolteon even cooler.

Hands down best electric pokemon out of the originals, makes you wonder why Zapdos is 'legendary'; Holds his own against the new ones because of the high special attack, and high speed. Lets face it at high levels its not that much about who hits harder, everyone hits hard. Its about who hits first, and who hits ridiculously hard. Defense and resistances don't matter if you one hit everything except ONE type of pokemons. (And that's why you have the other 5 on your team right? )

I'm speechless. Really speechless. Come on, admit it. Everyone knows that Jolteon, with Volt Absorb and WICKED stats, would make Pikachu beg for mercy.

Fast, has high special attack and is immune to all electric type attack thanks to its volt absorb ability makes it amazing.

Super quick and pretty darn strong, he is the best electric one, especially in the original 150. - ethany

Jolteon is pretty much Pikachu, but better in every way. It's an evolution of EEVEE, one of the most popular Pokemon of all time, and has better base stats in every single stat. - Acceleracers7

With the speed of lightning and amazing special attack, and being the best of the eeveelutions, no one has a chance. Plus he looks freakin sweet

Jolteon is simply amazing. He has the ability to easily sweep teams, and is already very powerful.

Jolteon has the BEST speed ever! Who cares about that dumb electric rat? Pikachu is the second most overrated Pokemon ever! Jolteon could kick any electric type's ass! - Totaldramatime

Jolteon has like 130 speed and it can just sweep with thunderbolt with scarf -. - And with that Volt absorb ability dude you just gotta have Jolteon - CycloneFang

Yes Jolteon is easily the best electric type Pokemon. It has amazing speed and is by far the fastest Pokemon on the field besides mega evolutions. I am surprised manectric is not on this list because it is the second fastest Pokemon and it has good special attack

Finally a number one to agree with jolteon is an UNBEATABLE electric type beside Zekrom is overrated and who ever says electric arceus is best has no imagination

Best Electric Pokemon If Not Best Of All Pokemon, I Mean That Speed...

From having insane speed to good special, Jolteon is great. Cool looking design. I think he is more deserving than Pikachu he should get unique moves as well.

Jolteon is one of the fastest pokemon in existence and is not affected by any other electric type move, so Jolteon is most likely the best electric type