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Honestly. Get him Ice Fang, Superpower, Wild Charge and Magnet Rise and he will murder your opponent. Jolteon? Pfft. People only vote for him because he's an Eeveelution. And he is SO frail. Pikachu? Haha... Raichu. Raichu's better than him. But not half as good as Luxray. I was so disappointed when he didn't get a Mega Evolution. I always imagined it would be something like a moon tail instead of a star tail and much more design tweaks. Fix up his speed and he would've DEFINITELY been higher up.

In short terms, Luxray deserves #1. Luxray has amazing stats, it's attack is powerful. The fact he learns a move I've used to KO most Pokemon out there as a Shinx is amazing. THis move I'm speaking of is Crunch. I understand Jolteon has Volt absorb, however, Luxray has non electric moves that are killer, Giga Impact with his Attack Stat, talk about a powerhouse. Luxray's defense isn't bad either, it would definitely outlast Joltean if going back and forth. Jolteon was first, but Luxray came along, and let's face it, Pikachu doesn't belong on the top 10, he's mainly popular for being the face of the anime but all he's good for is to get your future Raichu a nice move set, Raichu has better stats than Pikachu, but it makes sense, Pikachu evolves into Raichu.

I've completed Pokemon Diamond a few times and I decided to buy it again. I'm in pretty early stages of the game having 3 gym badges at the moment but every time I play diamond I always make sure to catch myself a Shinx at the start for its final evolution Luxray. Luxray is an absolutely amazing pokemon in general. His stats are amazing. I feel Luxray should be higher than 3rd. He deserves it.

In my opinion, Luxray is the best Electric type out there. Not only because he looks awesome and has a staggering 120 Attack, but that he can learn some great moves like Crunch, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Superpower, and Iron Tail. Sure, he can't learn Thunderbolt naturally, but like most Electric types can learn it and Thunder through TM. I just wish Nintendo/Game Freak would give him a better move set. Still a great Pokemon to have and by far exceeds that of Pikachu and Jolteon.

Yeah jolteon may have volt absorb, but who cares? Luxray's attacks and ability to learn many different type moves ( crunch, Gita impact, hyper beam, etc. ) Luxray has only one weakness... His speed, but even his speed is over average, so he can in some cases strike first.

Plus, who doesn't love charging it up, then using thunder to wreck that shiny mega Mewtwo' day.

Shinx was one of the first Pokemon I ever caught, so by the time it had evolved to Luxray, it had a permanent spot on my team. However, I don't think I could've beaten half of the opponents that I did without Luxray. Luxray was easily my second, only behind my starter, and even then, I probably favored Luxray. Definitely my favorite electric-type Pokemon, if not favorite overall.

Luxray is pure power. He packs a mean Crunch, and can dish out a devastating Thunder. Ice Fang is great for Ground-Type coverage and The fourth move slot is your choice. Decent Speed, High attack, High Special Attack, and even some decent Defense and Special Defense. I remember using a Luxray beside my Infernape in my first ever Pokemon playthrough. (Platinum) He got to the late seventies and helped carry me through the E4 and Cynthia. Overall, a very powerful mon and worth training up a Shinx. Plus, just look at it! The mixture of black, blue, and gold are perfect for it's design. It's name sounds amazing, and is by far the best electric type in generation 4. Luxray has been, is, and will always be my second favorite Pokemon. Right behind Infernape, and a step above Decidueye. Infernape and Luxray made Generation 4 my favorite gen and made Platinum my favorite Pokemon Game.

This is honestly my favorite electric type. Not only are its looks kick-ass, it has pretty good stats (well his speed can use some work) and a nice range of moves. This boy can sweep Jolteon and Pikachu off their feet! All you need to do is raise it nicely, and there you go, you got a power-housed monster on your hands.

Luxray, admit it, has one of the best looking Pokemon and has quite a range of bite moves, like ice fang, baht can get rid of ground types, fire fang, crunch and bite, with that stat change is pretty much bye bye for the opponent. So in my opinion, jolt eon doesn't deserve it, the only thing that kept it there is it's speed, which doesn't matter much :/

This a super Pokemon. Even if it doesn't learn a lot of moves. Combined with other technical machines that you can show him it becomes a great Pokemon that could be very useful in the Pokemon league.

I have heard some bad opinions about Luxray, but I don't care, he is my all time favorite Pokemon, no matter what I always raise him. Luxray is a beast if you raise him well. I think his mayor problem are ground types using earthquake, the move that can take him down, but even whit his average speed, he can out speed most of ground types and use ice fang. Also Luxray has a very good movepool and it's the coolest looking Pokemon.

I'm not a massive electric type fan. Sure, they're fast little beasts, but I guess they've never sparked my interest. However, after I began playing Pearl, I ran into a Shinx at the beginning of the game. I decided to catch him for my Dex, but I started using him a lot and evolves him into his final form after a while. I ended up with him being my strongest in-game Pokemon, defeating a majority of the Elite Four's Pokemon and using him and some of my team to take down Cynthia. I love Luxray, he'll always in my opinion, be my favorite electric type Pokemom becuase of him, his stats and his design.

Jolteon is 1st because eevee is popular. Pikachu and raichu are in this list because they're the most popular pokemon. But this, THIS, is too awesome. Not just because it look badass, but its ability, attack, and defense. Luxray is too cool to have a mega evolution. Best pokemon of all time

What Jolteon's ahead?!?!?! Even if it has Volt Absorb, Luxray can learn Superpower, Ice Fang, Crunch, Fire Fang, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, many moves to defeat a Jolteon. It can even learn Bulldoze! And Earthquake! And Dig! In your face Jolteon. - HuntressTheLuxray

I personally think Luxray is amazing, its stats are really good, and it has some great moves, not to mention it's the coolest Pokemon ever. Jolteon and the other electric types are ok to though. One good move to teach this Pokemon is thunder, and it automatically learns Thunder fang, discharge, and crunch which are total OP moves. But it would be nice if I knew how to get Shinx in Omega Ruby.

This one is really a beast. My luxray in diamond works great. With its awesome move set it can take on anyone. Jolteon is good but its defensive power is not too good. Give a normal gem and use hyper beam on jolteon it will finish it only in one hit

Looks BAD ASS, extremely powerful, could get a water Pokemon to use rain dance and then can 1 shot almost anything (besides ground types) and even its 1st evolution looks amazing

BEST Pokemon EVER! They are like eclectic lions, and so powerful! Zapdos shouldn't count, that's legendary.

He is awesome his attack is very high and if he knows rain dance and thunder use rain dance first because than thunder will have 100% accuracy he looks cool and he has just always been my favorite Pokemon

Luxury is awesome. He should be at number 1. I like luxray because his moves are very special and awesome. Everybody knows that luxray is powerful and he is because he has very amazing and high stats.

Looks menacing, yet adorable at the same time! Is also wickedly strong. Get out of the spotlight Pikachu! Give other pokemon a chance!

Luxray is WAY tougher than Pikachu. It is one of the best electric types, and has better stats and move than any other Pokemon on the list. Except maybe Zapdos.

Ok so I grew up with the forth generation and even though I got my starter and all I found the shine that I caught early on as my favorite Pokemon throughout the game so of course luxray is my favorite Pokemon with moves like giga impact crunch and hider fang with an amazing attack stat luxury is power and I deny denying that

I don why I like luxray. It's cool. It has eyes that can see through walls. I like Luxray because I like luxray. But mine is only level 32

Luxray is a beast who can take on anything. Raise it right and train it good to see it's full potential.