Another Quick Poll

The argument is between JaysTop10List and I, and the simple but ridiculous question is this: deadmau5 or Disclosure?

Let's run through the options here. Deadmau5 is an amazing DJ who spans various scopes of EDM. This includes revolutionising the perspective of house by giving electrohouse and progressive house a new style ahead of its time, and mixing it with elements of trance, electro, dubstep and the likes. An amazing talent of his is the ability for him to bring life to a style of the music, even if it was not previously working. That ability is rare. He has a track for almost any mood: the soothing but haunting dub of Bleed, the rapid and dark vibe of Not Exactly, the funky fluctuations of Faxing Berlin, the sentimental lyrics and joyful beats of I Remember, the adrenaline pumping breakbeat of Some Chords and the lesson of life in Professional Griefers. He has even composed a piece for a fan who died on the way to his concert. All in all, he's made the electronic music scene much more diverse, dynamic and inspirational.

Disclosure are a polar opposite. They focus on one theme: deep house. That's the irritating, poppy house music where you feel the squeaky, repetitive, hollow vocals more than you feel any sense of a beat, and Disclosure certainly fail to be much different. Yes, they've commemorated some bad events, but they don't convey it in their music, only the same ideas for a song come in, and do very good at making it all sound the same. As they sang themselves, "Just Noise, White Noise." Disclosure are nothing special, since they don't stand out in any shape or form from the mainstream crowd, and haven't done anything to change how the electronic scene appears, only to enhance it and thus look good. If they did anything innovative and out of this world, I'd shout eureka.

Still, the only way to settle this (Disclosure pun not intended), is to have a poll. Disclosure or deadmau5, folks. Choose wisely.


The Mau5! - PositronWildhawk

Well... Deamau5 win for me, but maybe only because you said it has elements of dubstep which I wouldn't make me rip my ears off if I heard it.
I abhor house music. And I thought I detested Irish folk music! But house? 0.0 I'm sorry but the whole genre is pointless and leaves me questioning my sanity.
I wouldn't listen to either if I could avoid it but for me, Deatmau5 is the lesser of two evils.
May I get back to my Jazz now? Thank you so much. - Britgirl

Oh, Tina, I really like you, and really appreciate that verdict, but the idea of calling those pointless really echoes inexperience. - PositronWildhawk

Please, I agree with Britgirl. Now can I please get back to Pearl Jam. - visitor

#DisclosureForever - JaysTop10List

Deadmau5, but I don't particularly care for either. - PetSounds

Halestorm! Wait, you're talking about electronic and not metal? Oops... - Turkeyasylum

Is this a thing now? Deadmau5 is the obvious choice. - letdot52

Nicely said, mein freund. - PositronWildhawk

Neither! #treshmen. - Therandom

LED ZEPPELIN! Wanna whole lotta love? Wait, this wasn't a post about Led Zeppelin? Damn...

I choose... Eh, DeadMau5. - MontyPython

Gilbert O' Sullivan. - Puga

Uh-huh huh lame, #flaminglips - CerealGuy

Deadmau5. I would never take jays taste in music seriously. Sorry jay! - gemcloben

Fak u Imma punch u in the face - JaysTop10List

I only listen to deadmau5, bassnectar, avicii, and daft punk when it comes to electronic.
So deadmau5. - Kiteretsunu

Those are some really nice choices! And if Jay tells me that Disclosure's better than any of them, he's got another thing coming. - PositronWildhawk

First off, I like Daft Punk and Avicii dum dum - JaysTop10List

Deadmau5, Madeon, Daft Punk, and Avicii when it comes to electronic. Of course deadmau5 gets my vote. - PizzaGuy

Metallica! Master of Puppets I'm pulling your strings. Oh sh*t this ain't a Metal,
Fak. Pop sucks (for the most part) and I like Deadmau5 sooo - MrQuaz680


... - WonkeyDude98

Deadmau5, obviously. - EpicJake

Meh, I'll go with 80s synthwave songs. - Delgia2k

I'll just go with Deadmau5 and move on with my life - kaitlynrad11

Um I'll go with deadmau5. Disclosure is great with sam smith but Deadmau5 is THE BEST! - Danguy10

Oh yeah, I forgot to ask this. So you're trying to win against an 11 year old boy? - Delgia2k

Yeah because he's f**** pyscho - JaysTop10List

Capital Kings all the way! (Pun not intended.) Wait, this isn't a CK post? Moving on...
Oh, and deadmau5, just cause he seems talented. - RiverClanRocks

IS talented. Very talented. - PositronWildhawk

Deadmau - EvilAngel

I'll go with Deadmau5 - bobbythebrony

Deadmau5 - Catacorn

deadmau5 - visitor

Jamie XX for the win.

I don't know who to choose, I like them both. - djpenquin999

I love both so much!
I CAN'T DECIDE! - ProPanda

Duh deadmau5 - GrapeJuiceK

I'm gonna go with Deadmau5 since his music can do a bit more to someone.

But my favorite electronic artist is Aphex Twin. - djpenquin999

Not a bad choice, mein freund. - PositronWildhawk

I actually like Disclosure a lot more than most. Yes, they are overhyped, and yes Settle had like two good songs on it. But I like their brand of deep house, mostly because I can tolerate the low-end synths layered into the percussion on most of their songs, it's actually a formula that works well for me (definitely sounded good when Calvin Harris ripped it off), and Caracal wasn't bad.

But yeah, Deadmau5 wins it no doubt. - WonkeyDude98

Deadmau5. This'd be a meatier poll if there was actually some sort of challenging choice in it, like, say, Depeche Mode vs New Order, or Aphex Twin vs Squarepusher. - visitor

I agree, but I had to settle this. There that pun is, again. - PositronWildhawk

That poll is long for some people - visitor

Make this challenging.

Deadmau5. - SwagFlicks

Metallimau. - visitor

I like neither, but it's a tie since Disclosure has Latch and Deadmau5 has Snowcone (their best songs). And I know you have a bias against the mainstream and anyone opposing your favorite artists, so you'll disagree heavily with this - Satire

Opinions are opinions, but saying Snowcone is the best deadmau5 song is like saying a toothpick is the best method of commercial transport. There are very few deadmau5 tracks which I prefer Sowcone to. - PositronWildhawk

And I prefer Snowcone to the rest of his discography. - Satire

I’d go with Deadmau5, this is a surprise but I actually like Disclosure but the mau5 wins.

Now if you Excuse me, I’ve got to go back to listening to rap music while getting laid. - AlphaQ

Deadmau5. I like Disclosure (the song Latch is awesome), but Deadmau5 is in my top 5 favorite music artists. - PhoenixAura81

I'll go with Joel Zimmerman.
by the way, have you heard about the deadmau5 vs Marshmello beef? - I80

If you follow either of the two artists, it's pretty hard to avoid. - PositronWildhawk