Daft Punk

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Daft Punk is a French electronic music duo consisting of producers Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.


Daft Punk without a doubt deserves to be number 1 on any "Greatest EDM artist" list. Thomas and Guy-Man have shown to many people of all ages that electronic music can be something amazing and enjoyable to listen to. Even people who don't normally listen to electronic music like them! Their first album Homework is definitely a really excellent 90s dance album. The album Discovery (my personal favorite) isn't just another good dance album but it has so much emotion in it. Human After All isn't their best, but it shows that they are willing to explore, and Random Access Memories pays an excellent homage to 1970s dance music that has an influence on today's dance music. Despite being robots they really have soul and emotion in their songs that get you to groove or are gold for your ears. Their music doesn't really ever age, it feels like it's something timeless from space. Wither "Get Lucky" or "One More Time" is on while your listening at home, or your dancing at a club. Daft Punk's ...more

Daft Punk are the creators of a genre, Thoma and Guy-Man alone brought us French House, and shaped the electronic music industry into what it is today. The Robots have worked alongside classic disco artists like Nile Rodgers, Georgio Moroder, and even more. While I don't disagree with Deadmau5 being on the list, these two belong on top. Joel said himself he was inspired by Daft Punk, and even the idea of a helmet came from them.

If you haven't heard of Daft Punk u must have something wrong with u. Daft Punk are the gods of electronic music, with their awesome live shows and their awesome robot helmets which hide their identity. Each one of their albums sound totally different but they all still manage to kick ass. They have collaborated with some of the best disco artists ever and have made some of the best hits ever like "the Funk" and "One More Time". Daft Punk prove just how good French people are at making music

If you were buying a Skrillex or Deadmau5 concert ticket, it would cost like $75. If you were buying a Daft Punk concert ticket, it would cost hundreds! They are EVERYTHING TO ME! I don't know what I would be without their music. I had hardly any happiness until I found them. They have the best songs ever and I love them! They are clearly the best worldwide. To be real, they started all of this and the rest of those sad djs copied them! DAFT PUNK FOREVER!

The two people that chuck norris CANT beat, plain and simple

Daft Punk is king. They actually have variety in their songs unlike Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5). Thomas and Guy-Manuel actually have experience in other genres. I don't know one Daft Punk song that makes me wanna fall asleep unlike the lullabies that Deadmau5 calls dance music. Don't get me wrong, Deadmau5 isn't a bad artist and he's good at what he does. But Daft Punk is great at what they do, and they do so much.

Classical French House music. I have a hard time deciding if he is better than deadmau5, who in my opinion, is also a musical genius, but I think this more experienced French duo is just a little better. "Robot Rock" and "Aerodynamic" are two of my favorite songs, and they are unbeatable. However, deadmau5 is almost there, and I think he can beat them soon enough.

Legendary. Daft Punk's power is their simplicity, elegantly reduced instrument sets combined together to produce remarkably full sounds free of the compensating noise that can plague other electronic music. Simple innocent disco souls.

Daft Punk, in my opinion, is by far the greatest electronic/dance/whatever genre you want to call it artist in the world. Every song, every album. Not to mention having the best live album of all time, Alive 2007, and the best movie score ever for Tron. They deserve to be #1.

Daft Punk opened my eyes to electronic music. They've been around forever and have pioneered this genre. To have them in any other spot besides number one would just be ridiculous. They are world renown and are starting to produce music again after a few years off. These two will be around always!

Daft Punk has been doing this stuff since the 90's. All Deadmau5 stuff is just like chilled. There's no energy. Daft Punk is full of energy and iconic hits. They have a guitar solo in Aerodynamic for Christ sake. If you give the entire Alive 2007 album a listen your mind will be changed.

Daft Punk are the most talented, expressive, and original music in the world. Hands down my favorite electronic artists of all time. Tunes are catchy. They incorporate the most interesting samples and can do some wild things on those keys. Awesome in concert.

Which artist on this list do I listen to the most? Without a doubt it's gotta be daft punk, exceptional imagination and attention to detail within every track. However, hat tip to prodigy and aphex twin, why aren't orbital on this list, they are more worthy than the majority of the other artists on here.

Deadmau5 at #1? Move away please. Daft Punk revolutionised electronic music, and those who are behind them are merely following the footsteps of the electronic kings. With music that is highly accessible, pushing limits to new extremes and not sitting and relaxing comfortably in the position they're in, Daft Punk are not only the best electronic act, but one of the best music acts still active in the 2000s.

They influenced the artists coming out now. I think that they should be ahead of people like deadmau5 because they are what made him what he is now. Plus I just think that their music is better, catchier, and easier to dance to.

Truly the gods of electronic music, Daft Punk's material absolutely blows away all competition. Daft Punk is the sole reason many of these artists are even on this list, and their 3 albums are the 3 greatest electronic albums to date.

The single greatest, most influential band ever. No band will ever surpass the greatness of Daft Punk. Daft Punk is so good they deserve an ice cream flavour named after them.

Daft punk are the fathers of modern electronic music. I am a fan of deadmau5 but think it is insane to put have daft punk at any spot other than number one on as the greatest electronic artist of all time.

These guys are so good! When you hear One More Time, Get Lucky, or Around The World, you just can't resist not bopping your head to it. My favorite song from them is Technologic, since Human After All is my favorite album from them of course. - EastZombie

Oh ya they are the best electronic artists ever, just listen to robot rock, one more time, the funk, harder better faster stronger, aerodynamic or around the world. I'm French and they're are French, so what else?

Don't get me wrong I like daft punk but my favourite all time band is depeche mode why they are so low baffles me pioneers of electronic music with nearly 40 years under their belt. - Lesley777

Along with MAYBE Coldplay, Daft Punk are the only artists I've ever witnessed to still keep their quality after sellout. Seriously, Random Access Memories was one of the best albums of 2013, and that wasn't even their BEST. - WonkeyDude98

Singing Around the world a Million times makes them THE Best Electronic Group ever? More creative than say Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream or Jean Michael Jarre who pretty Much invented it about 40 Years Ago? Music is subjective but this shows a miniscule depth of Knowledge about Electronic Music. Average Age of Respondant about 14?

Daft Punk is the Greatest thing to happen to Electronic Music. Without them Electronic Music would not be what it is today. I pay my deepest respects to Daft Punk before ANY Electronic Musician.

Thomas and Guy-Man are musical geniuses, that know how to make people dance and want more.