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201 De/Vision

Great band highly influenced by Depeche Mode. - Variety

202 Nadia Ali Nadia Ali Nadia Ali is a Pakistani American singer and songwriter. Ali gained prominence in 2001 as the frontwoman and songwriter of the band iiO after their first debut single "Rapture" reached No.
203 Brodinski
204 Bare Noize
205 Teddy Killerz
206 The Juggernaut
207 Dream
208 Room 5
209 Butch Clancy
210 Visage
211 Angus Green
212 Yuminale

There's great variety in the electronic and ambient music from this excellent artist who has a sound all his own. Not very well known, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't check it out!

213 Scan X

My favourite Artist if Techno

214 Kid 606
215 Pest
216 Krewella

This deserves to be in the top 10. To all you skrillex fans, krewella is so much better. No I'm not saying anything bad against skrillex but krewella is so much better

What the hell this is! Krewella should be number 1 in my thinking. They are so amazing and I love them

They are just awesome! Way way better than skrillex or daft punk

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217 Excision

This guy creates the harshest, sickest drops known to mankind. He should definitely be in the top ten, and needs to be known by all. He is a pro at the art of dubstep, and knows how to bring down the house.

218 Flume Flume Harley Edward Streten, better known by his stage name Flume, is an Australian electronic music producer.

Seems that no one recognises how incredibly talented this guy is. He brings completely different vibes to the rest of these guys, as soon as I heard his entry for a remix competition back in 2011 I knew this guy was going to be special. He somehow combined elements you would never imagine complimenting each other.

Easily should be in the top ten, bar the prestige of the likes of Daft Punk this guy is far better than someone like Zedd for instance.

Flume is easily hands down my favorite artist, and easily the master of remixes! All of his songs are different and groovy in his own way, and his genre bending remixes are always flawless.

Wow I'm surprised that Flume isn't higher. His remixes just blow the originals out of the water; and you can definitely tell how original this guy is.

Very Underrated Artist, deserves to be wayyy higher.

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219 Ronald Jenkees
220 The Field

Take a look at this. I recommend "from here we go sublime"(best album name ever) and "yesterday and today"

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