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241 Nightcore

REALLY!?!?! Nightcore is not on the list!?!?!

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242 Mistabishi
243 Groove Armada

Groove Armada never got the big name in the US, but they have some really wonderful tunes. My friend, Superstylin', Purple haze, Easy and my personal favorite Groove is on. I am going to remix that song soon.

244 KitsuneĀ²

You've heard either Rainbow Tylenol or Avast Your Ass. No exceptions. These two tracks are just two of the amazing library of musical genius that is KitsuneĀ². They're both from just one out of his four albums, not to mention the the ON Trax albums. I heard Avast in the background of a video. I immediately paused it and went into the description. The uploader was kind enough to include credit to the artist. And so began my wonderful journey into the realm of underappreciated music that is KitsuneĀ². And the album in which the two tracks I have mentioned earlier are contained is now free on MediaFire. The album is Squaredance, and it's the updated and expanded 2009 version. Go download it.

245 Destructo V 1 Comment
246 DNA A4 (Danial Keimasi)

The Best Persian Music Producer...

247 DJ Fersh
248 Monarchy
249 Paul Kalkbrenner
250 Madboojah Project
251 Electronika Radio Sky Form V 1 Comment
252 Ghost Town

Why on planet earth are Ghost Town not on the list? They're fantastic.

How are Ghost Town 184? They should be way higher

Ghost town is amazing, check em out

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253 Peace Orchestra

EASILY on of the best electronic concept albums EVER produced. Peter Kruder created a masterpiece with this album. He set a bar with Peace Orchestra that I haven't seen matched since it was released and I honestly don't see it being matched anytime soon either. The album was ahead of it's time when it was made and as far as I'm concerned it STILL is. Beyond being beautifully composed, orchestrated and delivered, the album is also one of the most brilliantly mixed and mastered albums I've ever heard. I'm assuming no one on this page has listened to Peace Orchestra or has heard of Peter Kruder due to his non-existence here, so PLEASE do yourselves a favor and puchase this album. I PROMISE YOU that it will be one of the best choices for new music that you've ever made.

254 Kruder and Dorfmeister

Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister are the legendary duo Kruder and Dorfmeister. They belong easily in the top 5 on this list. Ya'll are sleepin.

255 Midnight Quickie V 1 Comment
256 UKF
257 DJ Babokon
258 Frankmusik Frankmusik
259 MitiS

He's got great beats and nice rhythm I love his sung born or even oasis.

260 Mouse on Mars
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