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61 LCD Soundsystem

This is one of the few examples where there is a band, actual musicians backing up the entire endeavor. Their music is rich, and is worth a better place in this list.

I love these guys, 52 is injustice when skrillex is third and radiohead is on here

Brilliant, electronic music with a punk / new wave ethic.

62 Disclosure

They should be so much higher, the music they make is unbelievable, they stay true to themselves and genuinely just want to make music because that's what they love.

Disclosure IS of the one of the breakout artist in 2010' era because, to me. They not to be 'just another electronic group' with add more vocals to their songs and makes u feel special, loved, and priceless just hearing their song. Yeah, you all will deny this shortly because most of their song is more 'romantic' than other dance/electronic artists. But really, a dance music don't have to be about dubstep with no/very-very short lyrics. Should be top 20.

How would Disclosure be 80.. They deserve way more. Their debut album was crazy

Should be at least top ten. Brilliant music.

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63 Breathe Carolina Breathe Carolina Breathe Carolina is an American electro pop group currently consisting of David Schmitt (vocals, keyboard), Eric Armenta (percussion) and Tommy Coops (guitar, keyboard) that formed in 2007. more.

Especially their song "Blackout", which is one of those songs that you absolutely know and have heard but you just do not remember the name or the artist. They have a great Electronic/Rock sound, and they should be in the top ten!

Breathe Carolina should be before Skrillex! COME ON MAN!

I love Breathe Carolina so much. While Blackout is a good song, they have other amazing songs that aren't "radioworthy" like Wooly and Sellouts. Great band, great music. They should be at least in the top ten!

Best band ever! Check them out cx

64 Varien

Varien is one hell of a badass. Coming from the amazing world of Monstercat, he combines classical piano and acoustic guitar, along with the awesome riffs and chords of a distorted electric guitar, all presented in a fluid and fun dubstep format. You have to hear to believe him. Listen to Valkyrie featuring Laura Brehm. His best work in my opinion.

65 DJ Shadow

owl city in top 5? a copy of the postal service in top 5? ok, back to DJ Shadow, Endtroducing is one of the best albums ever made, is the pioneer of the trip hop and has one of the most original styles of all. Now this deserves to be at the top 5.


Owl City and Massive Attack better than DJ Shadow?


This guy is amazing! One of my all tome favorites.

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66 Opious
67 Trippa
68 Doctor P

Come on, he is one of the sickest dubstep artists ever. Doctor P should be right under Bassnectar

Guys, we need to talk.

Doctor P is the greatest electronic artist of all time. Even better than Skrillex. Better than Martin. Better than KP, mau5, Excision, Glitch Mob, Flux, and Calvin Harris. His songs are so jaw-droppingly massive that it's almost impossible to explain. From the screeching synth line of "Flying Spaghetti Monster", to the NES-y blips and bleeps of "Tetris", to the absolute masterpiece that is "Champagne Böp", there's no contest.

I'll always be a fan. If you don't know him, check him out.

69 Swedish House Mafia

They should be number 1 or 2 at best. What a rubbish poll this is

Um hello Swedish house mafia should be before Skrillex.

They revolutionised music in EDM, the buzz of daft punk's discovery had cooled and these three music magicians revitalised the industry. Should be top 10 at least!

Greatest ever!

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70 David Guetta David Guetta

He should be on the top ten list

He should be at top 1p. Just think of lovers on the sun. Song is great.

Whaaat that's not possible... David Guetta should be at least at top ten... I Just can't believe that he's at 97 - Lester3377

Guetta shouldn't be on here he makes horrible generic music that's shouldn't even be called edm,it's pop

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71 Flying Lotus

He inspired so many fantastic artist and is a master at blending genres. Probably the most talented guy in the game, pathetic to see him this low

He is L. A beat king, he make a mix for Grand Theft Auto V and it become 1 of 20 best DJ mixes 2013, I love him

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72 Pretty Lights

One of the few electronic artist who put emotion and passion in to his music, a true underrated genius

True Passion! Every song is a unique journey into a outer realm of existence. Plus, much of his music is free and available to anyone, showing care for his work versus the wealth and fame of the music industry. Pretty Lights has a amazing label company to boot with artists such as Gramatik, Break Science, and Michal Menert. Pretty Lights deserve a much higher spot on this list of fantastic artists.

67? Lol this list is a joke

Come on! really?!? #52? Does anybody know what good music, great sampling and amazing beats are?

73 Air

Best french band ever. It needs go up for sure on this list

74 Armin van Buuren Armin van Buuren

What?! You've got daft punk on number one and Armin on 40?! He is first of all the one who made trance to what it is or was at his peak, second he is the owner of the best dance music label in the world, third even his alter ego gaia has more masterpieces than deadmau5 will get on his label mau5trap in 20 years.

Armin is far better than most of this list in my opinion. It looks like there are only Americans in the top 20. So this list isn't objective, and thus, waste of time..

ARMIN on #70 what even Zedd is rated above armin seriously its high time for you voters to listen to real electronic genre of music this guy is a legend..

He's 40. This list makes no rational, god given, earthly sense...

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75 12th Planet

12 Planet is alright, but should probably be a little higher than 61

76 Kill the Noise V 1 Comment
77 KTN

Bitch Please. Have you heard Kill the Noise!

78 Aleksander Vinter

Aleksander Vinter is a genius. His music has a level of complexity that surpasses all of the artists here. He should seriously be number 1. Anyone who says Skrillex is higher than Vinter knows nothing about electronica.

This dude far surpasses many of the names on this list. He should be way higher. Top 15 at least, and that's being modest. The fact that skrillex is higher than Savant and Aphex twin shows how screwed up the vast population is.

Aleksander Vinter, aka Savant, is one of the most unique artists I have ever heard. His music is a magnificent mixture of electronica, complextro and glitch hop and he is absolutely wonderful. Plus, knowing that he actually does have savant syndrome adds an interesting level of complexity behind his music.

Has released so much stuff, truly a genius. Every single one of his albums sound the same, but also incredibly different.

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79 Flume Flume Harley Edward Streten, better known by his stage name Flume, is an Australian electronic music producer.

Seems that no one recognises how incredibly talented this guy is. He brings completely different vibes to the rest of these guys, as soon as I heard his entry for a remix competition back in 2011 I knew this guy was going to be special. He somehow combined elements you would never imagine complimenting each other.

Easily should be in the top ten, bar the prestige of the likes of Daft Punk this guy is far better than someone like Zedd for instance.

Flume is easily hands down my favorite artist, and easily the master of remixes! All of his songs are different and groovy in his own way, and his genre bending remixes are always flawless.

Wow I'm surprised that Flume isn't higher. His remixes just blow the originals out of the water; and you can definitely tell how original this guy is.

Very Underrated Artist, deserves to be wayyy higher.

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80 Noisia

I guess this group isn't as well known as the others mentioned... But I think they are an excellent electronica group that comes up with innovative ideas in their songs and puts true effort into their songs (Not that these guys don't :P) Anyways, if you haven't heard of Noisia, give em a listen!

Noisia deserves a much higher place, there vibe has a unique feeling to it.

Another group that should be placed before Skrillex.

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