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121 Overseer
122 DJ Turtle
123 Faithless

Simply epic "We Come 1" and "Insomnia" blew my mind. I can't believe they're not on this list they make Skrillex look like a little kid.

An unbelievable electronic band they're nowhere near as popular as they should be

Insomnia should already be enough for #1 but faithless as a 100 great songs like we come 1, tweak your nipple, take the long way home, woozy, salva mea, god is a dj, tarantula, not going home... I could continue for ages

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124 The Postal Service

The postal service should be number 1! )
Because adam young copies them. Shame on adam

125 Netsky

The fact that Netsky isn't higher up is sort of a joke. His songs are how electronic music is done. His fast pace is great.

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126 Afrojack Afrojack Nick van de Wall, commonly known by his stage name Afrojack, is a Dutch DJ, record producer and remixer. V 2 Comments
127 The Living Tombstone The Living Tombstone V 1 Comment
128 BT

Extremely under rated musician. More people need to hear his music.

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129 Waterflame

If this was renamed to "Top Ten Worst Electronic Artists", The top 10 would look similar to what they are now. But I have no idea how Waterflame would end up on this list. Most music on youtube has a 5:1 like to dislike ratio. Waterflame's is more like 2500:1. No one (almost no one, at least), hates Waterflame.

How is Waterflame 217? He should be in the top 20 at least. Have you ever heard electro an adventures? Sky fortress? Conclusion? He is a truly unique artist, I've never seen anyone with music like this.

He is not that popular, but his music is better than a lot of music you hear

He's amazing, that's all I need to say.

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130 Odesza

Not into "this is my favorite band" fights but summers gone and In return are one of the few albums where every song is unique and rich in its variety. Must hear albums!

Odesza at #143? How!? Their electronica styles are truly unique compared to many other artists of the genre, combining calming melodies with upbeat buildups, and blowing me away with many of their innovations. They should be in at least the top 10.

Plus, Say My Name is addicting as hell.

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131 Bag Raiders

It's a meme for a reason

132 OMFG

Truly, an Amazing Artist. There is no more to it, other than an amazing beat and creativity put into the music made.

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133 Tertium Non Data

I quite like these guys, they take a lot of getting into but they are good, I suppose I agree that all the songs in the album The Third Is Not Given SUCK, but the rest of them are quite good, but daft punk kick these guys asses!

Tertum non data are ok but they can be VERY boring, I mean all of their songs in the album the third is not given are terrible!
The otherthing about tertum non data is that their second album is proper music like when the leve breaks.

134 Sasha & John Digweed

Haha you have to be kidding right? No.77? This guy needs to be at least top 5. His work makes me speechless. Just listen to sasha's Xpander and Cloud Cuckoo and be blown away.

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135 Sub Focus

Along with Pendulum and DJ Fresh in the early to mid 2000's, took Drum N Bass to a stratospheric level. He is the master of catchy riffs and slick deep sounds. Check out some of his older stuff.

I just love everything he's made. Catchy, and great to listen to.

136 Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots is an American musical duo that originates from Columbus, Ohio. Currently there are two members. The lead singer, Tyler Joseph, and the drummer, Josh Dun. At the 2016 American Music Awards, they won two AMAs for Favorite Pop/Rock Artist, and Favorite Alternative Artist. Twenty One more.

They are way too good to be all the way down here. They have way to good music.

They are brilliant

its good

137 Ninety9Lives

Their music is AMAZING! It deserves to be in the top 5. They made it to the most popular electronic album on ITunes. They have a new song everything! Their albums just keep getting better! I love the album 98 Rage Quit! Please check out their YouTube channel!

The artists under this label are amazing. Love most of their songs.

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138 F-777

He is truly the best, with Dance of the Violin, and He's a Pirate remix, Viper, Deadlocked.

Jesse (F-777) is outstanding: he constantly produce new music at an impressive rate, and despite that every new album is different and original, but keeps His magic touch. I followed him for many years and have never bothered me one time... simply great! Check out Monster dance off!

I am also a fan of Wipeout videogames and find that many songs, like Deadlocked, fit perfectly while gaming

He is my favorite electronic artist. he needs to be in the first page minimum, look at these :
Deadlocked, dance of the violins, ludicrous speed, the seven seas, he's a pirate and much more!

In my opinion, the best electronic music I have ever heard.
His music has that magic touch that makes it perfect.
I would recommend everyone to hear at least some of his songs.

139 ATB

Consistent sound, big in the early electronic dance scene with hits like "9am (Till I Come), " later evolving to a more melodically beautiful style ("Autumn Leaves"). In my opinion his "No Silence" album represents him well, and I would say it is one of the best out there.

His music is real by definition: it contains a melody, a harmony, and a rhythm. I can see that some of the artists on this list don't produce real music, but ATB makes real electronic music. He should represent not only the trance world in its golden age, but the electronic world in general. - Kingzoid

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140 The Qemists

Dan, Leon, & Liam are the best drum & bass group ever! Dan's the bsssist, Leon's drummer, & Liam ' s guitarist, put them after Deadmau5

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