Best Electronic Cigarettes

An electronic cigarette is a device that offers a smoking experience that in most instances is just like the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette. The only difference being that, with electronic cigarettes, there are fewer associated legal or health issues. Electronic cigarettes take the same basic shape and feel as their traditional counterparts. They even taste the same! However, this is where the similarities end as electronic cigarettes have a completely different functional structure.

Electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco under any circumstances. Electronic cigarettes are based on the concept of a flow sensor. When an electronic cigarette smoker inhales, the flow sensor is activated and subsequently it releases a water-based vapor, which contains propylene glycol, nicotine and a scent synonymous with the tobacco flavor. This in essence means that smokers get to access their nicotine fix albeit in a much healthier and environmentally.

This is a list of the top ten best electronic cigarettes.

The Top Ten

1 blu Cigs

Blu e-cigs are the greatest because they're affordable, and they have a variety of unique and well engineered flavors. And because the Blu e-cigs come in black they look better than any other company's in my opinion. So pick up a Blu e-cig today at your local drug store.

I have been smoking for a few years befor I tryed blu-cigs. So far they have help me not want a cigarette after the first few Days. Not only did a try a cigarette the flavor and the smell grossed me out.

Thumbs up, I smoked for 35yrs and this is my favorite...

The best e cigs there is, but have to wait for

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2 Green Smoke

Might be on the pricier side but this is the closest that anyone will get to the real sensation. Pay close attention to their social media sites because they always have sales. Don't do overnight shipping because it normally takes 2-3 days, especially on weekends. Recommend the menthol flavor because it last longer than the rest, 5-6 hours. A secret to make them last longer is to put them in a zip lock bag after use and freeze.

By far the best flavors on the market. I have used them for over two years now and It has been a wonderful experience.

Best draw, throat hit and taste

I love my Menthol Ice cartomizer of the greensmoke. I just received a couple more of the batteries so that I can leave one at work and one for home. I have let a friend borrow one for this weekend. She says she will have her own today. Excellent.

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3 Premium Electronic Cigarette

Well Engineered and Very reliable

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4 White Cloud
5 Juul
6 Vapor King
7 Halo Cigs

Halo's eliquid and ecig starter packs are simply my favorite. I used to smoke for about 3 years and this completely helped me. Everyone is different of course but this definitely helped me.

8 SmokeTip
9 eSmoke
10 E-GO

The Contenders

11 Amerismoke
12 Maya

I have been smoking 2 packs a day for 10 years and because of Maya ecigarettes I have been free from smoking for almost 18 months

13 Jet

Comparable to Blu. Nice easy drag and awesome vapor production. And a nice line of flavors.

14 Vapur
15 E-Lites
16 Square

Very good for me wish to get them need more

17 Vapourecigs

Vapourecigs - Electronic Cigarette with varaible voltage, accessories, E-liquids, Batteries, E-cigarette

Kits. Switch to healthier option of smoking.

18 VistaVapors

This place is great! They always have great coupon codes running. Free shipping on any orders over $50. The best part is I have never had any problems with their flavors. They have great customer service and almost always do holiday deals! They are all about the customer service aspect as they send out free samples, brochures, stickers, magnets, packing slip with handwritten notes...etc you name it. They even send a personalized video with every order! SOOO COOL. Awesome company I highly recommend! - jthomas1988

VistaVapors is the best!

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