Best Elena Siegman Call of Duty Songs


The Top Ten

1 Abracadavre

All seven are incredible amazing songs. Pareidolia and Abracadavre are the two best I think, they're so incredible, but all seven are amazing. - EvilAngel

2 115

The most mainstream song, but still very fast paced and energetic. This was the first very famous song she had a part in and was the first to implement the harsh growling which adds contrast on the song. - Gamefreak23788

3 Pareidolia

That atmosphere and melody is legendary. Incredible song.

My list would be
1. Abracadavre
2. Pareidolia
3. 115
4. Beauty Of Annihilation
5. The One
6. Lullaby For A Dead Man
7. Coming Home
Although it's so difficult to choose between them. - EvilAngel

4 Beauty of Annihilation
5 The One
6 Lullaby For a Dead Man
7 The Gift
8 Archangel
9 Coming Home
10 Dead Again

Dead again and Archangel both have huge disadvantages since they came out most recently. And I myself have been a fan of Elena Siegman's Zombie music for quite some time now and I have always considered them to be some of my favorite metal songs. I would estimate I've heard my top 6 at least a few hundred times at the minimum. Pareidolia to 115 I know all the lyrics by heart so I would personally take my still subjective opinion with some credibility.
I'd say this is how it more of less should be more or less.
1. Pareidolia
2. Archangel
3. Abracadavre
4. Dead Again
5. 115
6. The One
7. Beauty of Annihilation
8. Coming Home
9. Lullaby of a Dead Man
10. The Gift - Gamefreak23788

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