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1 Love Me Like You Do Love Me Like You Do Cover Art

I have an outrageously huge crush on a famous athlete and best wide receiver The patriots have ever had. He is someone who I've met a few times. For some reason this song makes me think of him every time I hear it. I'm a pilot and travel a lot for work and blast this song frequently in my hotel rooms, in the car, when I'm working out, running, riding on the train. Sometimes with my eyes closed or while I am ironing my uniform. It's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Always gets my heart pounding and my mind racing. You can slow dance to it as well.

This song is simply the best among all the Ellie Goulding songs I've EVER heard. This song is simply MAGICAL, that strikes the chords of your heart and reaches deep into the soul. Its incredible! Just enchanting and mesmerizing. The soothing violin takes the breath away and you are left wondering how can a song be so magical? I'm simply in love with it and I'm sure you'll be too once you listen to this song. Make it number one, because it deserves it like none other!


Love Me Like You Do is not only the best but the best song by Ellie Goulding along with Burn! This song gives me goose bumps. It takes me to another world. I always listen to it with my eyes closed. I've read the list earlier b4 but this time checked to see whether this song has reached the top spot or not. Unfortunately not yet. come on guys please vote for this song, its her best so far. But keep Burn intact on the 2nd spot. B4 this Burn was her best. Love this song & Burn! Love ya Ellie!

Number 10? How can this be so low?!? This song should be straight up at number 1! This is absolutely the best song by Ellie so far! This song takes you to another world. Another world of love, that you almost feel like you're in heaven. Please vote this number 1 guys! This completely deserves that spot! Love this song & Ellie

2 Lights Lights Cover Art

While "Love Me Like You Do" is definitely my favorite as it's in my top 100 favorite songs of all time if you look at that list, this is simultaneously both a very close second and a far second. Close in the sense that I love this song almost as much, but far in the sense that it is overpowered by how much I like the first song. Still though, I would say I like this song about 80% as much.

I can echo in so many ways.. I was unpopular kids ever since primary school because my family issues, people always treat me differently because they know my family scandals, then I cannt fit in any group, I was always so alone for all the school times... After all I have been through I am now every comfortable with alone, not fear of other peoples eyes and judgements,now I got fantastic career which people could never connect that introvert unconfident kid with... This song is amazing, it is exactly how I feel.

I didn't fall in love with this song at first when it first came out. A couple years later when I listened to it again I just found myself relating to it so much! The song has a unique, cool tone and very interesting lyrics.

You can interpret this song in so many ways... I love the tune of it and the passion in her voice. I feel like she's crying out to the listeners...

3 Burn Burn Cover Art

Look, I like this song, but its really far from being her best song. I get it, the people below really like this style, but come on. I felt the same way at first as well, but now the song is a bit boring to me. Guns and Horses is a still a great song, 3 years later though. Aside from that, congratulations to Ellie on this being her first UK #1 Ever!

Great song to bang my head to. This song, just as almost all of Ellie's songs, are very catchy but unique. THe lyrics are very poetic and actually meaningful ( unlike many popular songs these days). It's rare for a song that isn't explicitly about relationships or sex to triumph the way this song did on Billboard. Way to go!

This is the best song she has ever written! Not only does she sound amazing, but her the meaning of the song is beautiful. Now matter what people say or think, always stand out and do your own thing. This song is truly beautiful! This song should be number one!

This song is an incredible amazing amazing superb fantastic brilliant lifechanging heartwarming inspiring masterpiece. There is no other song like this. Should be in top 2 easily.

4 Figure 8 Figure 8 Cover Art

In my opinion this song should be number one, right next to starry eyed this song is so awesome very inspiring and I'm honestly shocked that all these other songs are "better" I am gonna look for a website that has starry eyed as #1, the. Figure 8 as number two and I guess now you know what kind of ellie goulding songs I like laugh out loud

This is the song that tuned me into Ellie Goulding's music. Heard it on the radio one year and it kept ringing in my head for days till I downloaded it. And I've been a fan ever since. One of her best, should be higher.

I love the music and her voice. It's all so powerful! Her voice is really strong and clear. And the music video is amazing! I love Ellie. She is my favorite artist. I am addicted and obsessed with her.

This song is amazing. 13 on the list? Seriously? It's crazy catchy and makes me want to dance and sing along.. Amazing beat, awesome melody and lyrics... #1 in my opinion but it at least needs to be in the top 10.

5 My Blood My Blood Cover Art

Lyrics are perfect. This song pumps me up while I'm running because she can't die and is healing. "And God knows I'm not dying but I bleed now, And God knows it's the only way to heal now." Pure poetry. It gives me motivation to run faster. She can pump me up or calm me down with this song and several others. She is the best female singer this world has ever seen.

This is definitely her best song ever. It has a strength that no other song has. This song makes me feel amazing things and my heart beats the chorus is superb
"And God knows I'm not dying but I bleed now, And God knows it's the only way to heal now." it's so powerful!

Beautiful song by a beautiful woman. By far my favourite song ever. Also her favourite. The tune is catchy and will be stuck in your head after you listen to it. The lyrics are dark, like the album is, and I love that.

Best song of Ellie Goulding, yet. Wonderful lyrics intersect magnificently with the music. Definitely one of her best. Her harmonious voice of hers calms me down, terrifically.

6 Anything Could Happen Anything Could Happen Cover Art

This song is definitely her best song. Think about it: Its one of the, if not, the most deep and meaningful song I have ever heard. It's true is so many ways. Anything Could Happen at any time, that's true. It stands out more than any pop song today, its definitely that song that makes you stop and think about life for awhile and how spontaneous it can be. Point is: best song out of all of the other legendary songs that she has made.

Best song, without a doubt. Lights is good, but not the number one song of her songs. It deserved to be number one, but Anything Could Happen deserves to be song of the year. Give it some time. It takes time to like this song for everyone.

Best Ellie goulding so g, nothing reaches the same level as this track, not even second place or third place, just pure amazing.

Sound is amazing. Music of this song is awesome. Whenever I m in trouble I like to listen these kind of song

7 Guns and Horses Guns and Horses Cover Art

Great song. Best from the album Lights (in my opinion). Instrumental and vocals alike are flawless. If you fancy Coldplay and this song, you should check out a mash up between them, with viva la vida vocals and guns and horses instrumental. It's fantastic.

I just love this song. I guess I have to thank nigahiga because he said something about ellie goulding in a video and I checked out a couple ellie goulding songs but this song has been in my mind for 3 months laugh out loud

I love this song. Even though I love lights I love this song like a sister! Weird expression, yes. What's more, I always sing "We've got our guns and horseys! " What I love is that it was supposed to be about a guy she met online and she made it into a song. Aww

I even wrote the whole song it's amazing I love the lyrics also the part were she says I left my house left my clothes door wide open heaven knows I love ellie goulding.

8 Starry Eyed Starry Eyed Cover Art

I LOVE STARRY EYED! My opinion would be for starry eyed to be number 1. It's a very touching and magical song! I love her songs and this is the song that I think is the best. I listen to this song everyday. It can never be old fashion! She is my inspiration. I do like Taylor Swift but she beats Taylor Swift in every way! Her songs are unbelievably incredible! I think she is the best singer in the world!

This song is my favorite song in this universe. She is just so passionate with her voice and inspiring. She has a brilliant speechless voice that is undeniably beautiful in my opinion. She is also my favorite artist.

This has got to be my favourite song of all time. I think that Ellie's unique voice fits this song well. If you haven't seen the music video, watch it! It is brilliant!

Lights is so good! But, I personally think it cannot touch Starry Eyed! So catchy and... And... Just epic!

9 I Need Your Love I Need Your Love Cover Art

When the song starts, the first-note generated by the electric guitar assures you that the song's gonna be AMAZING! Then the last two lines of the pre-chorus stanza with the high note is truly spectacular. Ellie has the perfect voice. This song could not have been sung better by anyone else. What else? I love it. I love it as much as I love 'Lights'.

Along with Lights this was one of her songs I listened to before I really knew who Ellie was, I love all of her songs but this one the most, just slightly ahead of Outside. It's a simple song, but everything beautiful about Ellie's voice is there. And then Calvin Harris has the most catchy beat on top of that, I just never get tired of listening to it. :D

The chorus is what makes the song. Then Calvin Harris has the beat. She shows perfection with the way she sings the song. Without a doubt her best song.
1. I Need Your Love
2. Starry Eyed
3. Lights
4. Explosions
5. Figure 8

The Best one of all, this song is pure magic. Her voice is so good, it reaches my soul. I have been listening this since 1 month and feels like new experience every time

10 Explosions Explosions Cover Art

She is the opera, literally. This song is about her father and a boy. It's about losing someone for good and realizing that you're going to make it even though it's a great burden. It's exceedingly emotional and it can be analyzed a different way every time you listen to it. The opera in the back. Her voice is perfect thought the performance. She is a believer in perfection and she knows it's perfect. That's why this is her best song and she is the best musician of my generation. You know who also believed in perfection? Michael Jackson. I just think she's better because she writes more than him.

"But the mountains will shake I need to know I can still make explosions"

"And as the floods move in and your body starts to sink, I was the last thing on your mind, I know you better than you think, Cause it's simple darlin' I gave you a warnin' now everything you own is falling from the sky in pieces to watch them fall with you, in slow motion I pray that you find piece of mind and I'll find you another time, I love you, another time"


Excerpt: "You left my soul bleeding in the dark
So you could be king
The rules you set are still untold to me and I lost my faith in everything
The nights you could cope, your intentions were gold
But the mountains will shake
I need to know I can still make
Explosions... On the day you wake up."

The lyrics alone make this her best song. Then she goes and hits some INCREDIBLE notes... I can't even. Why is this so low. "I was the last thing on your mind. I know you better than think. And it's simple darling, I gave you warning. Now everything you own is falling from the sky in pieces... " and then it gets better and better.

The Contenders
11 On My Mind On My Mind Cover Art

This has got to be one of the best Ellie Goulding songs yet with it's catchy beat and excellent
Vocals, and it is on everyone's mind after securing a spot in our top 50 songs.
This is definitely a song I would recommend to everyone, and anyone who can't find it in them to press that little orange "Vote" button for this song has either been living under a rock or is someone's old grandpa.

So completely original and unique, which makes it so special. It's catchy, addictive and will be going round your head all day.

So catchy. this is one of best song from her album Delirium. It has secured its position in my top five, don't matter what is it's position in this list.

This song is wonderful and is on the radio all the time. It needs to be ranked higher because it's wonderful.

12 Only You Only You Cover Art

Love this song. I don't know about anyone else, but it reminds me of Voodoo, for some reason. The vocals and the drum beat tempo are amazing, the lyrics simply astonishing. The part that sounds like a chipmunk is just the line "I'm begging you now" sped up, repeated, and high pitched. The "Only You" repeat in the second and last chorus is magical. Definitely most unique Ellie song from Halcyon. Worth at least 10 listens to the newcomer to get accustomed to it.

Not a single but should definitely be in her top 5 greatest songs.

My girlfriend and I both love this song

It makes me feel like I'm in a party

13 Little Dreams Little Dreams Cover Art

SEIOUSLY haha I love this song so much haha AND I also really like ritual it is literally my favourite ellie goulding song ever haha sme fakers are like I KNOW ALL OF HER SONGS and they only know like 3 haha so vote up this song!

Forget best Ellie Goulding songs, this is one of the absolute greatest pieces of music to have been conceptualized!

One of the most underrated songs of Ellie. This song is definitely magical.

This song is a little bit obsessive, but I love it!

14 The Writer The Writer Cover Art

This song is the awesomest and deserves a higher ranking, loved it the first time I heard it. Ellie Gouldings voice is flawless. This song and Figure 8, wow, wow! 'enough said

Seems like I have known the melody for ever... Just love it. If not this then lights would have been my favourite...

HEY! I find this song so appropriate while doing the maths homework too! Perhaps this song has a special relationship with maths.. :D
But really an Excellent song... A Must listen to all...

I love the lyrics of the song as well as the melody! The lyrics' so meaningful and anyone can relate to it

15 Home Home Cover Art

Amazing song just gotta listen in a bit

16 Halcyon Halcyon Cover Art

There is something so uplifting about this song, the lyrics, music, everything. It's upbeat but still so calming. It makes you feel as if there are better days to come -- "I know it's not over, baby I've worked this out before its gonna be colder" I just love it and Ellie's voice sounds great as always.

This song, well it has this aura of it, and it stays. The way Ellie cries "It's gonna be better" has this uplifting, yet incredibly dark spirit in the song and how her husky voice carries it on with such precision and emotion never fails to kill me whilst listening.

Amazing song, when I hear it I'm near to cry and I don't know why. It's so amazing, music is stunning and voice of Ellie is so clear and hopeful. I love this with all my heart

This is one of the most unique songs I've ever heard.. It's completely on another level than all ellie songs

17 Beating Heart Beating Heart Cover Art

I love this song, not just because it was in Divergent, but it is just so unique. The sound in the background makes me feel like I'm floating if I close my eyes. That's true for most of Ellie Goulding's non mainstream songs but this song is really calm.

I'm such a BIG FAN of Veronica Roth and her amazing books!
Thanks to Neil Burger (Director of Divergent )
I came to listen to Beating heart and know that there is an awesome singer called Ellie Goulding!
I think Beating heart should be 3rd best song!

Such an amazing song! This song deserves to be in the top 10! I have been obsessed of this song ever since I heard it on Divergent.

An amazing song with a beautiful video. Ellie goulding and sheilene Woodley rocks. A must listen for Ellie goulding fans and also for music lovers

18 Under Control Under Control Cover Art

If this song was a littel more up beat or faster it would be amazing more than it all ready is

Just amazing why is it not known?

19 Hanging On Hanging On Cover Art

This is the best song of Ellie's. I prefer her cover to Active Child's, although both are awesome! But here, Ellie's "Hanging on".. ALL THE WAY! I'm hooked to it, and I listen to it a million times a day on repeat, of course the version without the Tinie Tempah bit is what I LOVE!

When Active Child released this track in 2011 it was the most beautiful song I had ever heard. Ellie's cover is beautiful too. How could it not be when working with a master composition. I'm sure Ellie is very grateful to Active Child for his music

Why is this amazingly gorgeous song all the way down here? It has a very unique feel, and has a beautiful beat and rhythm to it. I love the way her voice seems to simply synthesize with the effects. Best Ellie Goulding song ever!

I've fallen completely in love with this song and the uber talented artist since I listened to it in the victoria's secret commercial. Man this girl is talented with a capital T to the power infinity

20 Goodness Gracious Goodness Gracious Cover Art

How is this not in the top 10? This is such a great song and thank god it is not overplayed in the radio like all of her other song. Even though this song is easily one of her best. Lyrics, melody and a great climax. A perfect pop song

Not my favourite, but it have such great vibes, so much energy...Great video, Ellie sure love lights. I can relate to lyrics so much. Not my favourite though.

Such a joyful song with such great lyrics. The harmonies in the chorus sound amazing as well. This is at least top 20 quality!

It's just simply fantastic... Her style, lyrics, music... Everything is just so synchronized

21 Outside Outside Cover Art

This song is beautiful. When I was having a hard time at school socially this song helped me through everything.

There's a power in what you do, now every other day I'll be watching you


This song is the best! The melody and everything, the beatbreak, its all perfect. Definitely not a #29 song

Must be in top 10 at least! What is this song doing here at 29?! Just amazing song!

22 Ritual Ritual Cover Art

I have no idea what this song is so low for its perfection just like her

This song is lovely.

I love ritual it has a hreat sound to it

23 Something in the Way You Move Something in the Way You Move Cover Art

This song is just a great song to dance to. It definitely sounds more like Ellie Gouldings style than "On My Mind". Even though I do like "On My Mind"

You can't not dance to this song, it's physically impossible.

24 Under the Sheets Under the Sheets Cover Art

I just wanted to say that this is my second favorite song from her. It's the words, music, beat, and the feeling it gave. She has such a sweet melodious raspy girly voice. I love her so damn much.

Definitely in my top 5 Ellie songs!

Definitely in my top 10 Ellie songs!

Her best song!

25 Your Song Your Song Cover Art

Love the song. Love the way she sings it. It's the "prettiest" sounding of all songs in her voice. Love ellie! Vote!

I listen to this on repeat, gorgeous vocals and I love the instruments used

I love this song so much I prefer her singing it to elton john

This song is so amazing, I like it better than the original

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