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21 Animal Animal

I like this song it's very upbeat and catchy. But not in that Rebecca Black kind of way, I enjoy listening to this song when I'm not listening to Figure 8 or Starry Eyed

I feel so energized when listening to this song! It successfully lighten up my mood. This should be at top ten actually.

22 Your Biggest Mistake Your Biggest Mistake

Music n tune are simply superb

This song is simply awesome

This should be at least in the top 15!

One of her best song

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23 Don't Say a Word Don't Say a Word

The intro and the instrumental at start is just orgasmic (0:50 onwards)

This song is so beautiful! I completely agree that this song has a beginning like no other.

24 Joy Joy

So incredible! one of her less popular songs, but nevertheless, it's amazing. Must-listen!

Her best emotional vocal performance!

You can hear the raw emotion causing her voice to quiver as she sings, bringing a new level of heartbreak to the song... but that's what makes it so beautiful.

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25 Salt Skin Salt Skin

Such an awesome song, deserves a better rating than 9th! Really cool title and lyrics, almost like a poem.

Should be higher than 10th! Awesome lyrics and could listen to it all day!

26 Ritual Ritual

I have no idea what this song is so low for its perfection just like her

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27 Every Time You Go Every Time You Go

This is definitely her best song. The guitar is sick and I love the passion she puts in her voice, it's like you can easily relate to the way she's feeling

This is, in my opinion, one of the best Ellie Goulding songs. I don't understand why it's so underrated. The lyrics are simple, it's catchy, and the guitar is ear-melting. I love this song a lot.

The song starts so amazingy ud be like WHOAH this is unspeakably thebest song ever But then there reaches a part where following then your like NO! What went wrong! But no its still an amazing song to download and even make as a ringtone. MUST DOWNLOAD!

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28 I Know You Care I Know You Care

A very heartwarming song, not her best but should at least be in the top 10 I mean seriously now? I actually really like this song it helps me when I'm down

This needs to move up the list! Such a beautiful song with so much emotion - sure to make you cry.

One of her deepest songs to date. A very emotional, soul seraching song that digs into the the inner feelings of people's hearts.

How is this so low.

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29 Something In the Way You Move

You can't not dance to this song, it's physically impossible.

This song is just a great song to dance to. It definitely sounds more like Ellie Gouldings style than "On My Mind". Even though I do like "On My Mind"

30 Atlantis Atlantis

Amazing and emotional song about someone special being in your life just for a while, and then just having them leave :(

I adore this song! one of her absolute best. doesn't get enough recognition

31 Bittersweet Bittersweet

Ellie sound great and its for the twilight soundtrack. And skrillex help with this song

This is one of my most favourite songs of Ellie Goulding! It should be in top 5. I love the beat and everything else. It's awesome!

Why the heck isn't THIS song rated the first? Unbelievable! 'Lights' is nothing compared to this! Right?

Oh come on, #19 this song shoul be on 2nd after lights
Its sooo awesome you should definitely listen to this song

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32 This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)

WHY IN THE WORLD IS THIS SONG HERE. This is my favourite of hers! You have no idea how the start of the music gives me chills and the lyrics are downright relatable. And God, I just love it. It deserves to be in the Top 10. Trust me - the best song to listen to during your "cold" days.

This song is not only my Ellie Goulding's favorite song, but also my all time favorite song ever! This song should be number 1.

The song beginning is awesome. Must listen. I love it

A bit cheesy but it has grown on me.

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33 Hearts Without Chains Hearts Without Chains

I can't for the life of me figure out why this is no. 46, one of the best songs she has ever done with a beautiful melody and lyrics, so much emotion and a great vocal performance! Ellie Goulding is incredible.

Ellie's voice is full of emotion here. Beautiful song!

This song is one of the best songs of her reissue of Halcyon Days! She should make this a single!

This is my favorite song of all time. It's so sad that it's so low!

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34 Flashlight Flashlight

A song from Halcyon Days, the re - release of her second album, Halcyon.

This is not her worst song. I really deserves to be in the top ten.

Great song! Like most everything ellie dose

Super hype song! Feat Madeon! In my top 10

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35 The Greatest The Greatest V 2 Comments
36 Mirror Mirror

Watch/read "Catching Fire" to piece it together. I adore how it reflects Katniss' confusion and sadness almost vividly.

You have to really listen and read the lyrics they are perfect for the real feelings in the movie. Wow. Amazing.

Oi love this song! Goes perfectly with the movie and book Catching Fire!

Not on list but my favorite.

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37 Dead In the Water Dead In the Water

32? Unbelievable, please listen to this guys.. this song is amazing, the song that is on Divergent, you all better vote it.

This song makes my heart melt! It gives me this kind of feeling, I don't know what kind, but it makes me listen to it again and again and I never get enough of it...

This song is heartbreaking but so, so beautiful. The 2:27 mark shows off Ellie's raw talent and unbelievable control in her voice.

The lyrics is amazing this is what makes Ellie unique

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38 You My Everything

Damn girl. I just can't stop listening to this. I wish I had someone to show it to, but it is just too awesome for that. Thanks for this song. It just gave me a little bit of happiness when I most needed it.

Beginning to this song is so sweet and it just gets better from there!

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39 Wish I Stayed

How this song can be 35? Listen to the powerful verses. They talk about leaving your hometown and not caring about it. It is really emotional.

I can't understand why this isn't in the top 3. For me is clearly the best!

40 I'll Hold My Breath

This song is unbelievably amazing and deserves so much more credit than what it is receiving now. To truly appreciate this song, you should read the lyrics as it plays. It is masterfully written and just touches the heart. It always makes me feel better and I truly believe that it is a musical masterpiece. Let's get this song on to the top!

Very deep and meaningful for any love. Deserves to be at least number two, under Anything Could Happen (1). The instrumental, vocals, and lyrics are so deep and meaningful. Sounds a bit like the "Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart" hook.

The lyrics are simply sweet. love the beat and the tune. Sad to know that many people don't know this song:( I think it's worth to be at least in top 5..

You'd truly appreciate this song once you've read the lyrics. Both the lyrics and tune go well together, giving a sweet appeal to the melody.

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