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41 I'll Hold My Breath

This song is unbelievably amazing and deserves so much more credit than what it is receiving now. To truly appreciate this song, you should read the lyrics as it plays. It is masterfully written and just touches the heart. It always makes me feel better and I truly believe that it is a musical masterpiece. Let's get this song on to the top!

Very deep and meaningful for any love. Deserves to be at least number two, under Anything Could Happen (1). The instrumental, vocals, and lyrics are so deep and meaningful. Sounds a bit like the "Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart" hook.

The lyrics are simply sweet. love the beat and the tune. Sad to know that many people don't know this song:( I think it's worth to be at least in top 5..

You'd truly appreciate this song once you've read the lyrics. Both the lyrics and tune go well together, giving a sweet appeal to the melody.

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42 Still Falling For You Still Falling For You
43 Human

The beginning to this song is like waking up in heaven and just laying on a soft cloud with the nice warm sun beaming down on you. It just gives me chills but overall this song is awesome!

This song needs to be higher! How could someone not love the chorus?

44 Little Dreams

In the beginning the song seems bored but them you start to feel the magic, because this theme is awesome

This song is a little bit obsessive, but I love it!

SEIOUSLY haha I love this song so much haha AND I also really like ritual it is literally my favourite ellie goulding song ever haha sme fakers are like I KNOW ALL OF HER SONGS and they only know like 3 haha so vote up this song!

45 Believe Me

Probably not my favourite, but definitely in the top 10 for me. Amazing somg

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46 Stay Awake

! I love the music! So magical! It's what I've been waiting for! The song that I go back to again and again!

This is one of her best songs! Pretty disappointed to see that this song isn't higher up

This song is so energic that it brings me up plus the voice of Ellie in the song is incredible

An upbeat and fun song! Love it.

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47 Under Control Under Control

Just amazing why is it not known?

If this song was a littel more up beat or faster it would be amazing more than it all ready is

48 Scream It Out Scream It Out
49 Without Your Love Without Your Love
50 Devotion Devotion

The original version of this song is brilliant, but the live version. WOW. I saw Ellie live at the O2 in March 2016 and she sang the acoustic version. Just her and a guitar. I'd never really listened to the lyrics before then but it was possibly the best three minutes of my life. The whole song was stunning from start to end. If you don't like the original - or even if you do, I love it - look up the live version. You won't regret it.

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51 High for This

This song is pure magic. Even better than the weeknds version. It's the kind of song you listen to when you just want relaxation.


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52 Army

This song should be in the top tens. Love me like you do and lights should be the top two as they are still but this also deserves to be in the tens.

I seriously don't know WHY this is no.65. Sure, I love lights and love me like you do and on my mind but this as well. Come on, it should be one of the top ones. Ellie's my favourite singer, as well as Demi lovato. U both rock!

Amazing song, a tribute to her best friend. So sweet, it gives you the chills.

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53 Home

Amazing song just gotta listen in a bit

54 Tessellate

This is definitely one of her best songs it's so relaxing and really focused on her voice more than anything! Top 10 worthy for sure

I love this song, why is this song not in the top ten? This one is way better than I need your love

An alt-j cover in ellie's awesome voice? Why isn't this already in the top 10?

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55 All I Want

If this was my list alone, this would be number one. It might not be her song, but Ellie sings with so much emotion and so much raw talent. She hits the low notes amazingly but the high notes are something else. This needs so much more recognition that it has.

All I want always makes me cry... It is sweet-sounding, yet heartbreaking. a good song, I reckon. definitely, my number one.

I think this is one of the best songs of ellie goulding... It is very emotional.. Perfect when raining-- from
Philippines with love..

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56 Lost and Found V 2 Comments
57 Codes Codes
58 Father

It's very personal and emotional song. It's all about Ellie and who she is. It's one of her demos and I love it!

59 Say Something

This song is awesome! Love it

60 Don't Panic
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