Best ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) Songs

The top 10 best songs from the symphonic rock band Electric Light Orchestra.
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1 Mr. Blue Sky Mr. Blue Sky Cover Art

The whole entire "Out of The Blue" album is a daydreamy and atmospheric masterpiece which makes me feel like journeying through space by Electric Light Orchestra in general. I love the catchy and upbeat instruments of this song, plus it reminds me of journeying outside with the sky being blue and sunny.
It's definitely an iconic classic that deserves it's praise and I think that ELO is a brilliant band.

What else can be said? A perfect ending to Concerto for a Rainy day. The reoccurring sounds from previous tracks in the end is beautiful.

Literally musical perfection. The lyrics are so upbeat, the instrumental parts flawless, and the ending is very calm and relaxing. I love this song so much; it got me into the music of the sixties through eighties and after hearing MANY older generation songs, none have quite beaten the quality of Mr. Blue Sky. This is my favorite song of all time and it will remain for ever. -Kw6sTheater

A true masterpiece that sets the sun shining on the rainiest days, brightens the sun tenfold on the sunniest days and makes you grin (almost literally) from ear to ear whenever you hear it.

2 Don't Bring Me Down Don't Bring Me Down Cover Art

I love this song, especially the background music. I prefer this over "Mr. Blue Sky" to be honest, even though I like that song as well.

That back beat has got to be one of the catchiest ever. And the rhythm guitar riff is absolutely awesome! Much edgier than the rest of Discovery.

The best. Check out its cover by the symphonic metal band Northern Kings - man, their version is on steroids.

If you don't have this song in your rotation, your rotation is wrong.

3 Evil Woman Evil Woman Cover Art

This song has the best intro you will ever hear!

4 Livin' Thing Livin' Thing Cover Art

Of course, Livin' Thing would be on here. It's pretty much ELO's progressive pop/rock sound at its finest. I mean, when I was young in 2006, my oldies station played this throughout the year and it's always guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

This song is too good to refuse. I listen to it everyday and it never gets boring or leaves a sour taste in your mouth, unlike the awful trash today such as Eminem, who is only cool because he thinks he is black

Really brilliantly used for the end credits of Boogie Nights! This really exciting amd catchy song, personally either my 1st or 2nd favorite by ELO, really concluded the movie terrifically!

Jeff Lynne kept this one simple for someone who could over produce a little, Living thing had perfect construction and beautiful melody.

5 Telephone Line Telephone Line Cover Art

The very first ELO song I ever heard. This song led to ELO being my favorite band, and is still my favorite song of all time. The song creates such a beautiful, sad and nostalgic feel. Anytime I hear the song I can't help but think about all the people I've lost throughout the years.
"Blue Days. Black Nights"
"I look into the skies (the love you need ain't gonna see you through).
And I wonder why (The little things you planned ain't coming true)"
These lyrics create such a feeling of melancholic happiness. He can't help but reminisce about the beautiful days that passed.. and he wishes nothing more than to hear the voice of the person that has long since faded away from his life.
"I just can't believe... they've all faded out of view"
The orchestra compliments the lyrics in such a perfect way. This is truly one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Even the instrumental is amazing.
This song creates such emotion and is a masterpiece in music making.

I loved this song when it originally came out and rediscovered it by chance on the radio driving one night in 2008, reminding me just how great Jeff Lynne's ELO is and how much I'd missed his sound over the intervening years.

One of the most legendary love songs ever.

"Ok, so no one's answering, but can you just let it ring a little longer...? "

It describes the rush of speaking to a lover and then being denied by the same lover in one song. You can't beat that

Don't bring me down doesn't even compare to this. Not sure how this song isn't #1. It should be way more well known than it is. The lyrics are also easily the best in music history.

6 Turn to Stone Turn to Stone Cover Art

My personally favorite. This song is insanely catchy and infectious!

Epic, between this, Across the Border and Starlight!

What the hell!? Why isn't this higher on the list?

This is proper rock song! Tops, for sure!

7 Sweet Talkin' Woman Sweet Talkin' Woman Cover Art

"Slow down, sweet talking' woman *slow down* you've got me running, you've got me searching"... This song is always stuck in my head, and I'm caught humming and signing this amazing song on a daily basis. One of many ELO hits, and certainly one of their best songs, period.

Very catchy chorus. Might have just officially sold me on picking up some of their material.

Fantasic string intro followed by amazing vocals, catchy chorus, and backing vocals. Puts me in a great mood time and time again

I loved this song the first time I heard it. And that was just the last twenty seconds

8 Hold on Tight Hold on Tight Cover Art

Love it, love it. I even learned the French bit in the middle so I could sing along. Memories of happy days...

No question in my mind a Fab Fab song. I play it up loud in my car. Hold on tight to your Dreams!

I like this song as #1. Just awesome!

Lovely memories of fun fair hot summer and being with life long friends

9 Shine a Little Love Shine a Little Love Cover Art

First you have to get used to this song. But then it's the purest and most typical song of ELO at its zenith, apart from All over the world.
It gives you kick and drive in every situation. It never gets boring, even after 40 years.

Greatest fusion of rock, hard core disco and classical strings that has ever been released. No wonder life seemed to be so much nicer back in 1979.

Personally, this is my favorite! So fresh! So timeless!

Such a happy love song. Very underrated.

10 Can't Get It Out of My Head Can't Get It Out of My Head Cover Art

Simply one of the most beautiful songs ever composed. In case you didn't know the album Eldorado the story of a daydreamer. Just listen to this song and let your imagination go

I love every thing about this song! From the amazing chorus to the orchestra, this song couldn't be any better!

I have to listen to this beauty over and over on full blast. Outstanding Jeff Lynne acoustics.

Needs to be heard with the eldorado intro and outro to be fully appreciated.

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11 Strange Magic Strange Magic Cover Art

One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. When I hear it, I never want it to end. An overall classic!

One of my favorites. Strange it is so low, must be some sort of magic.

Definitely one of their best. Loved it the first time I heard it!

It's literally one of their most famous songs why so low?

12 Last Train to London Last Train to London Cover Art

I first heard this song as a little girl...before I began school. For years I didn't even realize that ELO did this tune. I heard it while playing random ELO songs and my eyes lit up as I remembered being in love with this song at the age of 4. There are so many hits but THIS is mine and my co-workers all time fave from ELO! I'm so excited to see and hear Jeff Lynne this summer.

Not as many people know this song because it isn't highlighted in best-of albums. I agree it is one catchy song. I would gladly trade out "All Over the World" or "Hold On Tight" for this one. But most of all, I'd want to kick out this song's album-mate, "Don't Bring Me Down".

How the hell this song is not even in the list here?!? It should be in the top 3. It was one of their biggest hits... You better listen to it.

Top 3 ELO song. Cause I really want tonight to last forever, I really want to stay with you, let the music play on down the line tonight

13 Xanadu Xanadu Cover Art

Beautiful melody, beautiful backup, Harmony, creative bridges, soaring voice of Olivia Newton John, space age ending, what is not to love people! ElO's Bohemian Rhapsody

I prefer the re-recorded version with Jeff Lynne on vocals. It's my favourite of their songs.

14 Do Ya Do Ya Cover Art

No idea what lyrics Jeff Lynne is screaming out, but this song demands to be blasted on 11. Killer.

Great song! This should be number 1 baby. Great guitar roto this and evil woman are the best if you know rock 'n' roll

The BEST song they've made. Catchy guitar riff and amazing chorus. Should be #1

15 All Over the World All Over the World Cover Art

I listen to this song and it is so refreshing to see "all" these people dancing, smiling, singing, enjoying life with hearing a song with a beat/rhythm! Something we need to feel and not all the negativity society has these days. Thanks ELO!

I hum this song when I am going to work or not feeling to go. I think it's one of the best songs Jeff ever wrote. Hum with me!

Hearing this at the end of "Paul" brought me back to ELO 30 odd years later. Thanks for all the music Mr Lynne

16 Twilight Twilight Cover Art

I love this one. It's just awesome. The pick instrumental composition is breathtaking.

Amazing song to follow Prologue. The transition is amazing, one of they're best!

Special song, hard to understand it not being top ten.

Gotta be my favorite. Learned about ELO from the Daicon videos. Fell in love.

17 Showdown Showdown Cover Art

Best "rock" song in the entire ELO portfolio. Half the people submitting their votes probably haven't even heard this song. To those folks, I say do yourself a big favor... Listen to this song and then promptly change your vote in order to move this classic ELO cut where it belongs, which is at least in the top five! Lionheart0829

I woke up from my slumber when "I need her love" brought back nostalgic memories!

Laugh out loud 23 You got to be kidding me. Armatures!

That song just made me feel good and still does.

18 Confusion Confusion Cover Art

Should be in top ten with great intro keyboard and vocoder.

Great underrated song

19 Rock n Roll is King Rock n Roll is King Cover Art

You gotta be kidding. This is easily in the top three for this amazing band and I am not a grandpa or grandma.

Seriously love this song, ever since the first time I heard it, it's a song I've been able to rock out to.

Loved watching my mom and grandfather jive to this classic!

Great band, I love each and every song of them!

20 Calling America Calling America Cover Art

This song got me into ELO at 14.. Twilight and Turn to Stone made them my fave group forever!

I always thought of our youngest son on his tours of duty (6) to Iraq! Yes, that's six tours to Iraq

Such a great underrated hit. I wish this song got more attention.

Definitely in the top 5!

21 10538 Overture 10538 Overture  Cover Art

One of their first... And definitely one of the most outrageously original tracks in that era. There's a very good reason this was chosen for the Oscar-winning American Hustle... This is one of the greatest tracks of all time.

Truly underrated song! I still wonder why more people don't know about his hidden gem. Maybe it's safer that way!

Probably the only song in history that makes you want to "air cello". Quite brilliant!

How is this not at least in the top ten!

22 Nightrider Nightrider Cover Art

A travesty that this single didn't chart anywhere. The best song on the Face The Music album. Just as an aside for the people that wonder why some of their favourites aren't higher in the charts...if it wasn't a single or a hit the odds are that many don't even know it.

Severely underrated. At least top 20 material. I can't believe I had to add it to the list myself.

One of the first underrated songs I discovered. I will always love it.

Love to crank it up when I here this song.

23 Shangri-La Shangri-La Cover Art

It's a shame this song isn't up there with Telephone Line as they both are beautiful works of art.
You can really feel the pain in the singers voice while he sings.
And the outro is one of the best in music history.
The song seems to be about losing a loved one.. at least that's my interpretation. Or ShangriLa is just a metaphor for happiness. The outro always feels grim to me because the lyrics "I will return to ShangriLa" always makes me think that he's about to end his own life.. quite grim. But still a beautiful piece of music

How is this so low? Shangri-La is one of the high points of the album. It brings everything together beautifully with the reuse of the orchestrated parts of Telephone Line, as well as Opera lady from Rockaria! Perhaps the strongest album-closer in ELO's entire disgocraphy

Just another uniquely Jeff Lynne creation. Having been influenced by Beatlesque/Sgt. Pepper's loneliness and broken hearted cries for help. I learnt to play this on my 12 string and get shivers from stem to stern singin' the lyrics. How Jeff, Mr. Lynne, has been able to go on after having these sort of feelings, well; I'll never know.

Music is the highest form of comunication when lyrics like these are added, and the emotion(s) performed by the ELO crew it must be like bleedin' all over the stage!

Then finally the fade out... never heard any recordin' fade away like that. It makes me envious. But mostly it pulls me in through it's shrinking singularity right till I can hear Jeff Lynns wailing, heart breaking vocals na more. I swear he's still singing it out, even now, and every time I've played it. Stuck in some forelorne world out there.

I keep wondering to myself every time I hear them play- has Mr. Lynne set up camp right behind my heart, sopping up my breaking ...more

One of only 11 songs that gives me chills when I listen to it.

24 So Fine So Fine Cover Art

I love how every ELO song compliments a certain emotion perfectly. So Fine has a "Live your life" vibe to it. Makes me want to gather a few friends and just see the world.
"Sundowners we'll go on and on.
We'll find the land of the midnight sun.
And when you look, you'll see for miles around. you'll see, the world is In your hands."
I love this song

String rhythms at its best, an outstanding pop rock song.

25 Roll Over Beethoven Roll Over Beethoven Cover Art

Wow!? This song is pure gold, Guarantee you will be tapping your feet to the beat.

This is their best.

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