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21 Philadelphia Freedom Philadelphia Freedom

This is Elton John's best song, and my all time favorite song!

Totally fun - the adult alternative to "Love will keep us together"

Love this song. End of story. Made me proud to be from Phildelphia.

22 The Bitch Is Back The Bitch Is Back
23 Indian Sunset Indian Sunset

The best song I've ever heard by Elton John. The lyrics are so powerful yet sad that it brings a tear to my eye

More of a story than a song, beautiful either way

24 Something About the Way You Look Tonight Something About the Way You Look Tonight

It's elton john's all time best.. How couldn't it be in top 3. Very amazing song.

There is something about this song.

This should be the number 1 just listen to it its beautiful

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25 Circle of Life Circle of Life

Good to see both Lion King songs are in the top 10.

I love those songs. Makes me want to watch the movies again.

A meaning for song with timeless lyrics all relate to

This song is a life lesson in itself...

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26 Harmony Harmony

A true Elton fan favorite. Unfortunately, it's a not performing number, but it's lyrics tell a great story, and Elton shows off a sarcastic singing voice. I highly recommend listing to this RIGHT NOW

27 All That I'm Allowed (I'm Thankful) All That I'm Allowed (I'm Thankful)
28 Tonight Tonight

Even after many years, all my body is vibrating during listening to this song.

If you haven't heard this song, you need to. A masterclass in musicianship, lyrics and melody. You will be moved.

29 Sad Songs (Say So Much) Sad Songs (Say So Much)
30 Chloe Chloe

Such a beautiful song, I dedicate this one to my best friend Chloe

His greatest song very underrated maybe because taupin isn't invovled

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31 Blue Eyes Blue Eyes

This song was dedicated to me way back on 9 October 2010 it was the first time I had ever heard the song and love it

32 We All Fall In Love Sometimes We All Fall In Love Sometimes
33 Curtains Curtains
34 Talking Old Soldiers Talking Old Soldiers

Beautiful, sad song dealing with old age and loneliness. How many pop tunes venture into that territory?

35 Madman Across The Water Madman Across The Water

I agree, this song should be much higher in the poll. It's sad, haunting, and deep, and artfully arranged... All the reasons why it's so poorly understood and appreciated.

Powerful, haunting, and so tightly composed - this song is often overlooked, but remains as masterful as when it first premiered.

This guitar riff is almost unknown in Elton John songs. Amazing beautiful song. Aren't you a madman too?
This would have to be my favorite from Madman Across The Water album besides Tiny Dancer.

Polls can't be trusted. This song is 34th when it should be top 15. It's in my top 10 without a doubt.

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36 Razor Face Razor Face
37 Border Song Border Song

Definitely should be in top 15. Border song has an indescribable feel to it

This song has a great gospel feel. Powerful lyrics and music.

38 Sad Sad
39 Believe Believe
40 Nikita Nikita

Great song, Captures a great aspect of love during the cold war.

My dad loved this song and it will be played at the celebration of his life.

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