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41 Little Jeannie
42 Tinderbox
43 The Show Must Go On
44 Sweet Painted Lady
45 Grey Seal
46 Healing Hands
47 This Train Don't Stop There Anymore

The best song he has performed since the 1976 BLUE MOVES era.

And his best music video EVER. - dek

An amazing song! The lyrics are great

One of my all time favourite songs. - xpixie

Why this song at 65? It should be top 20! - gyungmin

48 Empty Garden

Definitely a top five song in my opinion. He puts so much emotion behind it.

A beautiful song for John Lennon.

Subtle yet poignant; just perfect

Elton's greatest vocals. Bernies's greatest lyrics. Period.

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49 Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

I had like this song because its melody was so brilliant and please put this at the top ten

One of Elton John's best song ever!

Great Song. Why so far down on the list. Gesh. Vote this song up. - blakematthew.tompkins

Best Beatles song ever,
Best Black Crowes song ever,
Best ELTON JOHN song ever! ��

50 I Don't Wanna Go on with You Like That
51 Take Me to the Pilot
52 The Measure of a Man

An amazing song by Elton John! It is one of the soundtracks of Rocky 5! For me, it deserves to be in the top 10!

Underrated as hell! Unbelievable lyrics and incredibly moving.

53 Circle of Life

Good to see both Lion King songs are in the top 10.

I love those songs. Makes me want to watch the movies again.

A meaning for song with timeless lyrics all relate to

This song is a life lesson in itself...

Powerful, solid, magnificent, amazing and most of all one of the most meanigful songs I've ever listened to. Its an anthem and it's the best song by Elton John.

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54 Original Sin

One of his newer songs. Just a beautiful piece of music.

55 Sixty Years On
56 Texan Love Song

The best song in which John puts himself into a role. There is so much emotion behind what he's singing to the point that it causes soulful introspection.

57 In Neon
58 Island Girl
59 The Last Song
60 Seasons

Also used in the pilot episode of "Wonder Years", in the scene where Kevin kisses Winnie for the very first time.

From the 1971 movie "Friends".
"Ain't it funny how young lovers start as friends".

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