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101 Elderberry Wine
102 The One

Went crazy when I saw him perform this song in Milan dedicating it to his friend the late Gianni Versace. The piano finale is amazingly beautiful, those notes came so easily and beautifully that us people in the audience would look at each other like saying : is he really doing this so heavenly? Truly inspiring song on the easiness of true love

This song reminds me of one people, and he's The One

One of his best

103 Gone to Shiloh
104 Right Before My Eyes
105 Ballad of the Boy in the Red Shoes
106 Mandalay Again
107 Hey Ahab
108 Holiday Inn
109 Ballad of a Well Known Gun
110 Country Comfort
111 All the Girls Love Alice
112 The Bridge
113 Carla Etude
114 The Captain & The Kid
115 Did Anybody Sleep With Joan of Arc

One heck of a hidden gem, a b-side released in 2002, its an absolute masterpiece proving how Elton & Bernie are capable of writing top music comparable to their 70's material even this late in their career.

116 Salvation
117 Skyline Pigeon

What! This song was 30's! Why this wonderful masterpiece in the LAST PLACE?! It should top 40 of ALL THE TIME! - gyungmin

Undoubtedly best Elton John song ever!

Only true Elton fans remember this. It is rarely heard on the radio and not often included in live shows(I've been to 57 since Baileys in Watford). This will always be my all time favourite piece of music. I'll have it at my funeral as a celebration of life listening to eltons music

The best lyrics by Bernie Taupin!

118 Bitter Fingers
119 First Episode at Hienton
120 Teacher I Need You
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