Best Eluveitie Songs

The Top Ten Best Eluveitie Songs

1 Inis Mona

Great great song I love it this is the 1st song I've heard from them... It was really cool

Inis Mona is a wonderful folk metal song. I mean the music is extraordinary. There's electric guitars being backed up by Bagpipes!

Magical start, tremendous end, blowing throughout
Mindblowing creation.. THUMBS UP ELUVEITIE

The song of FREEDOM! Never got even a bit bored hearing it again and again... It just takes away my heart and soul! Just love this song!

2 Calling the Rain

The beginning is just amazing with the bagpipes and the guitar merging together... Simply beautiful.

A very genius mix of musical instruments and music... Shake you from inside... The beginning and the bagpipe... Perfect

By far the most powerful song of this great band... tune it up, close your eyes, let it overcome you...

Unique creation... Something that is great to listen to at all moods (sad, happy, angry, lively)... Definitely the best of Eluveitie (my favorite band)...

3 Slania (Folk Medley)
4 Tegernak├┤

Such a beautiful track with an awesome feel as well!

A fantastic flok song with heavy metal! Definitely no. 1 for me!
I personally love all eluveitie songs, but tegernako stands out!

5 Uis Elveti

Very epic song! The instrumental part in the middle of the song is just epic! This is my second favorite after Inis mona. This song should be second on the list!

For me, they Best song Of Eluveittie. I have not words yo describe this song. Just epic.

The best song

Hecka cool song, deserves to be in the top ten

6 Slania's Song

This song is epic! It has kind of silent sorrow that was built in it. It makes you wanna cry inside. Great stuff, must hear it!

Awesome song... Must be in the top 3... Its just too perfect and PATRIOTIC...

Best from eluveitie

This song is the best!
It deserves at least the 2nd place... This song always make me feel like I'm on the top of a scandinavian mountain.. HAIL!

7 A Rose for Epona

Thousandfolds is nothing compared to a rose for epona! Awesome son! And talk ab music baby!

It should be in second after Inis Mona.. Cause this is new and this also simply rocks..

Its an awesome song... Beautiful music and wonderful vocals.
Every time I hear this song I feel as if I am in paradise.
I started loving this band after listening to this song.
It definitely remains as one of the best track I have ever heard in my life..
Definitely should be in top 3

I just love this song! The vocal is so powerful and the music composition is splendid! It MUST be way above in the list!

8 Setlon

Just a music but can touch our heart

The best after isara.

9 Gray Sublime Archon

Awesome. The song is so good and way better than thousandfold. Should be a bit higher

10 Thousandfold

The song that got me into the folk metal genre... This should be Up high along with Inis mona if not above it.. The songs like A rose for epona and calling etc are great but they don't hold a candle to Thousandfold

Best Eluveitie song ever... The only song whi
Ch competes with Inis Mona. ELUVEITE is simply too awesome

Thousand fold should be no 2 in the top ten list apart from the best which is Inis Mona, Thousandfold is an mighty fine mix of guitar, bagpipe & flute

One of the best songs I've ever heard in my life.. Full of thoughts and meaningful with a master class short outstanding!

The Contenders

11 Isara

Epic song... Makes us cry inside... I mean what great intro played... My lord its just awesome awesome good/...

Can't listen to this without shedding a tear. Absolutely beautiful!

It's as if the music is telling a happy story, but makes you sad inside. Really awesome, makes the mood go up.

Perfect mood uplifting song. Appeals to all type of music listeners.

12 Sempiternal Embers

I don't know why nobody added this song yet... The bagpipe work is just awesome... Try out this one.. Guys..

The solo is just amazing

13 The Call of the Mountains

A great song with Anna Murphy on vocals. Bombastic, uplifting and everything that a folk metal song should be.

I can't believe this is at 22! One of the best songs in the genre of Folk Metal. Beautiful, rallying lyrics with powerful music. Absolutely deserves to be in the top 10

This song should be a lot higher! Its perfect!

Their best song. I makes my heart soar

14 The Somber Lay

When I first listened through Slania (my favourite album of theirs), this one somehow slipped past my radar, and I don't know how. My attention was drawn to songs like Gray Sublime Archon, Slania's song and Calling the Rain.

After listening through the album many times over, this one has become one of my favourites. The melody for this song has merged itself with the grey matter of my brain and refuses to leave. It is going to be in my head forever. Makes me kind of sad that their set lists get dominated by the most recently released albums, because it means I probably won't ever get a chance to hear this live.

15 Quoth the Raven

This one Is the Best Eluveitie song! It will sooth your heart! If you hear Eluveitie songs and want to judge them, you must listen to this one, Thousandfold, Of fire, wind and wisdom!

Edger Allen Poe reference


16 King

This song is probably one of the best I have ever heard in my entire life, so melody, every time I listen to this song gives me goosebumps.

Best Eluveitie's song ever. Melodic, amazing lyrics and wonderful vocals. MASTERPIECE!

That flute/violin solo dude

Can't get tired of hearing this masterpiece

17 Alesia

The perfect combination of Anne's vocals and death growling. I have never heard a more heavenly combination of voices.
And the music is completely out of this world.
I fell in complete love with this song the first time I heard it, and it is my favourite song by eluveitie

I'm in love with this song! Masterpiece!

21! You have to be kidding me! Unreal!

18 Your Gaulish War

Ah come on! This one so down the list; insane! For me, it's the best one of the lot, including their recent compositions. It makes you feel emotions that you never knew you had within you.

This song should be at least among the top tens. This heavily deserves the top spot; much better than Inis Mona. By the end of the song, you will find yourself laughing mercilessly.

19 Omnos

Why not top 10? It's my favourite of them.

Totally needs to be in the TOP 10!

I just love galish language

Copy-pasted from someonelse: Awesome of their best...this is the song that got me into listening eluvietie...

20 Luxtos

Please listen to this song before voting.. It's my humble request!

Just amazing, chills every time. My personal favorite, but at least top 5.

For me this will always be their best song.

Needs to be at least top ten

21 Brictom

One of their best songs by far... The tune takes you to a whole different place... They have raised their level of music with time...

What? This is their best song by far.

Best song of this band

What the hell? This song is an old gaulish curse... can any other song be cooler than this

22 Helvetios

When I listen to this song, I picture a battle. A battle that defines history, shapes it and then restores the very humanity to the warriors. This should really be in the top 10.


23 Primordial Breath

One of the best of Eluveitie
Deserves place in first 10...

24 Memento

The music of this song is so awesome that I can't stop listening to it.. It makes me thumb

25 Elembivos

The light the life the strength the harvest great fulness in four moons the antlered on will go to rest... one of the best song I have heard. Masterpiece! ! Awesome guitar. Best drums!

Most understated song... I believe it desereves a spot at least in the top 5

I love this one

24th place?! This is a masterpiece how can it be that far away from top 5?! That violon, that chorus, that solo that drum...
This music is the pefect mix beewteen all of that!

26 Bloodstained Ground

Possibly the catchiest flute based melody of all time, this song always gets me in the mood no matter how many times I listen to it.

I never get sick of this song! It has my favorite flute melody of everything they have ever done. And the energy just gets me pumped. Will always be top ten for me!

27 Havoc

Music at the mid of song is awesome.

This song deserves to be wayy up!

28 The Arcane Dominion

This song has a lot of feel to it. I liked it far more than Thousandfold. Honestly, I don't see how Thousandfold makes it to the top 10 and this doesn't.

This song has the best music of all the list

This should be in the top 10 :/ - gtsamuel

29 Celtos
30 Lugdunon

Amazing intro music, great song. The song will take you to another world. - EvilAngel

31 Neverland

This song is from their new album. If you are a melodeath fan it is a must listen track.

32 Everything Remains as It Never Was

How is this song not mentioned yet? Such amazing intro with the drums, after that the melofic bagpipes and then the great screaming. The clean singing is just fabulous, never seen such a great combination of vocals and instruments. This band has a lot of talent, keep it up Eluveitie!

33 Kingdom Come Undone
34 Carry the Torch
35 Uxellodunon

Its on my top 10 eluveitie, awesome

This song languishing in the bottom half comes as a big surprise. one of their best songs.
Love the starting of the song.

"Land can be taken
But dignity's impregnable" best sentence ever of wisdom. I've it as whatsapp status

36 Carnutian Forest
37 The Song of Life

Such a great song, the title says it all

38 Ambiramus

With the new album now out Ambirambus has just driven itself into my head and won't leave. Some people may groan at it's more poppier structure, but honestly it's just a wonderfully delightful song. It just makes me want to get up and dance, And considering that this is Eluveitie we're talking about here, every song makes you want to get up and dance, that's saying something! - MxJosh

39 Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom

What is this doing here? Top 5 easy!

40 Home

How is this song so low on this me goosebumps every time I hear it...

41 Tegernako
42 Giamonios
43 The Nameless
44 The Siege
45 Anagantios
46 Santonian Shores
47 Divico

I dare you if you can stop repeating this song.
Super song, Magical

48 From Darkness

Please listen to this song. It is flippin' amazing, and clearly not deserving of being stuck down this end

49 Nil
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