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Top songs made by this amazing Italian folk-power metal group.

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Seasonspeech Seasonspeech Cover Art

Pure awesomeness. I can't mention any song (by any artist) that would be kept in such atmospehere, while other EK songs could be described as a rtibute to something that already exists (in very loose meaning). No, I don't mean Elvenking copied anything from anybody, but Seasonspeach is undeniably unique.

Without doubts their masterpiece, thanks to this song I understood, why this band calls itself Elvenking

Swallowtail Swallowtail Cover Art

Epic story told in a magnificent way! The lyrics are perfectly supported by the music itself - so the song not only tells a story through lyrics, but through music and instruments as well.

The best intro I've ever heard - and not only among their songs, but ever!

Conjuring of the 14th Conjuring of the 14th Cover Art

It's a really prog song, with nice folk sound! Propably the best song ever, for sure

White Willow White Willow Cover Art

I thought this would be a lot higher. They may not have even been signed if it wasn't for this song. It changed my whole opinion on music with the most catchy chorus and epic ending.

This the song that made me love this band so long ago ( I was a kid about those years) I met the first violin included metal with Elvenking. And then Oaken Shield. Love this song.

On the Morning Dew On the Morning Dew Cover Art

A truly beautiful song, the lyrics and vocals are stunning. I love it when Elvenking show their softer side when they create such beauty as this. I love the harder material but this song will forever be in my heart.

Their best song, by far. It makes you want to grab Frodo Baggins and have a Ho-Down!

A romantic acoustic song, gives you the feeling of calm and piece.

The Play of the Leaves The Play of the Leaves Cover Art

Very progressive parts makes this song really powerful. It feel like a typical Elvenking flow of making their music. I recommend it by far.

This song means so much to me, my favourite... There's pure magic and power inside... I think it deserves to be on the top.

Banquet of Bards
Hobs 'N Feathers Hobs 'N Feathers Cover Art
This Nightmare Will Never End This Nightmare Will Never End Cover Art

Despite it's negative title, it's actually an upbeat and powerful song...

Seriously, this is da best

The lyric is bestial! M/ °__° m/
"I was flying like a raven, bringing sadness to you all
Then my heart broke into pieces, that's when I started to fall"

A Poem for the Firmament A Poem for the Firmament Cover Art

I think "A Poem for the Firmament" is one of the best songs ever in the power-folky world. The lyrics are simply awesome and poetic.

The Poem are composed by a different parts in reference with the hours of the day, like Seasonspeech did with the Seasons of the Year, or Petalstorm did too.

Purest, finest, longest theme in the EK playlist in my opinion. Undispensable for a real fan.

Sorry for my bad English, but I had to say this words.

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Your Heroes Are Dead Your Heroes Are Dead Cover Art

Your Heroes Are Dead is upbeat, and it draws you in immediately. The riffs are amazing, and the chorus is undeniably incredible. This song is awe-inspiring and I love the way the lyrics fit perfectly with the music (something Elvenking can do better than anyone). I love this song!

Very fast-paced, energetic and catchy song.

The Cabal The Cabal Cover Art

Hard choice, this song is kinda different, than the rest of their songs, but it deserves one of the top spots thanks to a great intro and lyrics.

The Divided Heart The Divided Heart Cover Art

Well, say whatever you want, but this song brought me to Elvenking and I'm really grateful to that.

Laugh out loud I dunno why but I love this song so much

Devil's Carriage Devil's Carriage Cover Art

If you wanna know, how Elvenking really does sound like, listen to this song at first.

Miss Conception Miss Conception Cover Art

Truly their best acoustic song, one of my favourites.

Neverending Nights Neverending Nights Cover Art

Such an epic song, one of the most intense songs I've ever heard. It's a relentless sonic barrage from start to finish. It's such a fantastic song, one of their best!

My first Elvenking song and one that represents the diversity of their style. 10/10

Disillusion's Reel Disillusion's Reel Cover Art
Under the Tree of Us'dum
The Wanderer

Absolutely great song, with an amazing chorus. For sure, one of their best songs.
Should be on the top 10.

Agree with the comment below(or above I don't know laugh out loud). I thought "The Wanderer" would be in the Top 5. It definitely deserves to be in the Top 10.

Sure! It's a great song and should be on the top of the list. Top 5 would do it because it's a great song.

So damn catchy and lively! This is Elvenking at its best.

Elvenlegions Elvenlegions Cover Art
Petalstorm Petalstorm Cover Art
Poison Tears Poison Tears Cover Art
King of the Elves King of the Elves Cover Art

Masterpiece from the new album

Dominhate Dominhate Cover Art
Forget-Me-Not Forget-Me-Not Cover Art

In my honest opinion, this song speaks to me on so many levels. Its emotional on a sad level. Without forgetting the beauty of the music, the solo and the unified singing at the end.

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