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41 You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
42 Little Sister
43 Steamroller Blues
44 Don't
45 I'm Coming Home
46 Rubberneckin'

So much better than the Paul Oakenfold remix - dubsinthetubs

47 How Great Thou Art

Elvis was very religious believe it or not. His favourite music was gospel. I love to hear him sing this particular one.

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48 (Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame

This in my opinion is elvis's best song ever

49 Stuck on You

Great song to announce he was back from the Army.

50 Don't Cry Daddy
51 His Latest Flame
52 Pocketful of Rainbows
53 Marguerita V 1 Comment
54 The Girl of My Best Friend

One of elvis very best. very modern song and instrument arrangement is also good. please vote this song.

An amazing song. But I don't mind if it's not on the top 10. Cause' almost all of his songs are really good.

Brilliant tone in the King's voice. Should be top 5

55 Memories

It just touches me and it's going to be my exit song... even though I won't be around to hear it... and I hope it's going to be some years away

56 Trouble

Honestly deserved to be put 1-10 on the list, such a great but underrated song.

Best ever for me. Got me through my teenage age years.

57 King Creole

Listening to this in the radio now, awesome! - wolphert

58 Kiss Me Quick

It's really fun and cute. It's also one of the songs that get stuck in your mind. Rest easy Elvis ❤


59 Such a Night

Such a fun song! I always enjoy listening to it

60 One Night

Elvis doing' the blues; like no one else

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