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1 Chloe (You're the One I Want)

My little cousin absolutely adores this song!

My name is Chloe and that song sums up my life

One of their best newer song! So Catchy

Obsessed is so amazing!

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2 Nothing to Lose V 1 Comment
4 3000 Miles

Lyrics is so wonderful! Awesome song! Stood one of their best!

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5 I Wish
6 Just for One Day

This song is on top because this song describe them.. Reggae band not a boy band.. Pop like song.. And this song rocks!

7 Curious

Hands down the best! The verses have so much meaning and very catchy as well.

I really wish they put this song on the album! It's so good and I could listen to it all day!

I've always loved the older songs the best (although I love the new stuff) and this song is so beautiful and just meaning full. Gorgeous <3 the best

8 Girl Next Door
9 Sunset Blvd

That Drew wrote this himself is incredible! Such a talent overload. I also shows how far the boys have came since their first audition and how their dreams have came true.

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10 Tequila Sunrise

Very chill, mellow song that you can relax to. Also the boys have said in interview that this is the most meaningful song to them.

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11 Spaghetti
12 I Love LA
13 La Di Da Di Da

La Di the Di the is the best song that the boys sing. I love Emblem3, and this song shows of that they can all sing in harmony together. This is definitely the best e3 song ever so far!

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14 My Calling
15 Indigo

Indigo is sick! Drew playing The Ukulele is awesome

16 True Friends
17 One Day V 1 Comment
18 Teenage Kings
19 Rip Tide

I love that song rip tide

20 Say What You Mean
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