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1 The Marshall Mathers LP The Marshall Mathers LP

Eminem's most classic and creative album... Had all the emotions

I love this album this really is the real slim shady, my 2nd favorite would have to be the eminem show

The Way I Am is better than the entirety of the Recovery album. That's saying something since I haven't even mentioned Stan, The Real Slim Shady etc yet.

Stan, The way I am, the real slim shady, criminal, kill you, marshall mathers, I'm back, remember me. it has the best song

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2 The Eminem Show The Eminem Show

The best Eminem album? Either TES or MMLP. Relapse is the runner up. The diversity of content in TES and great lyrics makes it the best in my opinion. To be honest, I voted partly because I want Recovery off the number 1 spot.

The Eminem Sow is an outstanding album with beautiful songs squeezed into it. My favorite song will have to be Without Me because the lyrics are genius and funny and it sounds like he is messing around and that's what I like from when I get a little sick of his awesome serious songs.

JUST ahead of the Marshall Mathers LP but only just. The maturity makes this album so different from the SSLP and MMLP. Great songs on the album, not a bad one and Till I Collapse is the best Em song in my opinion.

Lyrically and musically, the best album of Eminem

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3 The Slim Shady LP The Slim Shady LP

This Album is simply genius... My opinion one of the greatest records of all time - benmitzel

I think this should be in the top 3 at least, I'm a big eminem fan and I've heard all of his songs, this is one of the best album I've ever heard, "my name is", "role model", "if I had", "rock bottom", "still don't give a f***", just for mentioning few songs of this album, this album is amazing, one of his best

I do prefer Eminem Show and Marshall Mathers LP, but this needs votes because this is his most underrated album and is much better than Recovery. It has the best punchlines, rhymes and hilarious disses. This should be higher.

Best album by Em for me, followed my MMLP then Eminem Show.
Top 5 songs:
1. Role Model
2. If I Had
3. Brain Damage
4. Rock Bottom
5. Still Don't Give A F

Recovery is his worst BY FAR!

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4 Recovery Recovery

I hate how people complain about how this album is mainstream; this can't possibly be father from the truth. While Eminem's album includes several samples of pop singers, Eminem uses these samples in a similar manner that he used Dido's sample Thank You as a basis to his unforgettable song Stan. Haters also seems to forget that this album was a comeback for Eminem, a way of showing his fans that he's still the best rapper, which is definitely what this album delivered. This album doesn't only include the well known singles of No Love and Not Afraid, but also has truly passionate and serious songs that can only come from the heart including Going through Changes where he reveals to the world his pre-Recovery drug problems that drove him to near suicide, in addition to my personal favorite from this album, You're Never Over, where Eminem recounts the love and passion he has for his former friend and D12 member Proof who was fatally shot and killed, and shows that the best thing you can ...more

I just love this album as I like the other albums of EMINEM

I absolutely love this album - decorulez97

People say that there was absolutely no Slim Shady in this album, which I feel is kinda wrong because songs like Untitled, Wont Back Down, Session One are just raw Slim Shady

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5 The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Evil twin, brainless, bad guy, rap god, so much better, so far, love game, headlights, and legacy

Maybe not his best, but amazing in it's own right. Has instant classics like Rap God, Headlights, Berzerk, Bad Guy, The Monster, etc. Showcases all his talents at different rap genres, has something for everyone and takes parts from his whole legacy.

The Best Album ever and its gonna be greater than MMLP. Listening to Eminem since I was 12... Now I am 18 and have not heard him like I heard him in Rap God, Survival or Berzerk... He seems different, energetic, and this is the best damn album ever made in music

This album might now be his best album but it definitely had the best set of bonus tracks ever. I wonder why he didn't put them in the main tracklist. Rhyme or reason, so much better, rap God, headlights, evil twin, bad guy are the top songs

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6 Relapse Relapse

ultimate album beutiful we made you crack a bottle are the best I don't know how recovery got top its more in the way of pop although I love no love its beast prefer this and the marshall mathers lp and infinte

Most meaningful. Beautiful beats Not afraid and Love the way you lie. Others are equal.

Let r say this. This albums changed my life. This was his COMEBAck albums before recovery come out. this albums was so dark and honest yet so full of positivity ya know the light at the end of the drug tunnel. My favorite besides the Eminem show for 2 and my first albums at 3 by him Slim shady. I tricking hated Marshall mathers low. Everybody jumped on the band wagon then. Love ya em. Stay hard and underground by the way Marshall mathers 2 is at number 4 for me and is totally berserk laugh out loud

Just all around winner in my opinion

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7 Encore Encore

It was very close, but I am going to have to with "Encore", it features a great beret of songs, such as Ass Like That, Just Lose It & Enocre ft. 50 Cent & Dr. Dre, not to mention the people favourite Like Toy Soldiers which was a big hit all around the world, and is still enjoyed today.

my favourite. close one though - sharm7064

I really don't understand why everyone disses this album. It may not be his best, but it's still pretty damn good. I was in 4th grade when this album was released, and this was the first Eminem album I purchased. So many good memories come with this album, plus I thought it was hilarious. All the skits, just lose it, ass like that, plus Like Toy Soldiers has always been my personal favorite song that Marshall has wrote. This album doesn't get the credit it deserves.

Mockingbird + just lose it + like toy soldiers + Mosh + Rainman + ass like that + puke + evil deeds + spend some time

come on people. Sickass album

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8 Curtain Call: The Hits Curtain Call: The Hits

It's just like a "greatest hits" album how could any album be better than a greatest hits album. If you didn't vote this album and voted maybe the Marshall Mathers LP or the Slim shady LP then just know your favorite song is probably in this album.

Its got the best of the best. How the hell can recovery be ahead of this? Its 50% a pop album. And the best off Eminem show are on here. So this is why this album should be at the top of the list, followed by the Eminem show, and then by marshall mathers LP.

Leaving aside the small FACT that Stan is THE greatest single of all time - even without it this album is Gold. Makes me laugh, shows immense empathy and a refusal not to be himself.
If Stan had been written by someone called a poet then it would be taught in schools - as it should be. Eminem
Is whatever I say he is - and that is - The greatest Wordsmith of our age. No question.

Has the best songs like stan and like toy soliders

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9 Infinite Infinite

This should really be top 5, obviously a lot of people have never heard this album, so I recommend that you all listen to it, because some of his best lyrics are on this album and Infinite is one of my favourite Eminem songs. Go listen to this.

Really? This is number 11? Come on people FOCUS. Hands down amazing lyrics, beat, etc/ I'm not even going to go on because this is not a real top List.

Deepest album great flow really get you thinking about how used he used to be

Not the good. But I love the title track!

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10 Relapse: Refill Relapse: Refill

I really like marshall mathers and curtain call a lot, but to be honest, refill has tons of high quality songs.

Despite the small number of tracks on this album, I had to include it in the list. Forever and Elevator brings of new sense of Slim back.

People are wrong when they say this album is so short, it actually is just relapse but with 9 more tracks added on to it, so that makes it better than it - lazypants

I think this album deserves to be in at least in the top five, come on people. Elevator? Music Box? Hello Hell Brakes Loose?

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11 8 Mile 8 Mile

I know this isn't his best album but lose yourself was so awesome

This should be on no. 1, man! Many reviews said Lose Yourself is the best song by Eminem

Lose yourself, 8 mile, rabbit run.

This album has his best song, not his best album. MMLP 1 and TES are the best. - tonebodytony

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12 Hell: The Sequel Hell: The Sequel

Awesome Album. 11 incredible songs with 2 of the best rappers of our time. A true masterpiece from Royce and Eminem.

Great rapping by both Eminem and royce, Fast lane stands out
As way better than any song he did on recovery except maybe no love.

Why is this album #10? This album was fantastic and the songs had meaning! Songs like Echo, Lighters, and Fast Lane are what rap is all about. Loud Noises featuring Slaughterhouse was impeccable. The album overall was fantastic and I am truly disappointed at it being this low.

This was not my favourite album but definitely should be higher then 12

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13 The Slim Shady EP

Slim Shady was born here! Eminem made an album with his own unique style. This extended play was produced before he was famous. You can't help but relate to or understand where he is coming from as he poetically spills his heart out on some cool ass beats.

This is the one that started it all! The first slim shady album and a lot of songs here are better than the lp version of those songs.

Transition between a bloodchilling opening and the very first Slim Shady track "Low down dirty" is what defines Shady persona the best.

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14 Shady XV

This album is coming out on black friday 2014, I heard a song from it that he relased and it was awesome! - catd

This is an awesome album. Love tacks featuring slaughterhouse and yelawolf.

And it's a deluxe, its got 1 cd with all his new songs, and the other has all the hits from shady records including not afraid, forever, when I'm gone, and in the club by 50 cent - catd

Bad and ugly album. It's horrible. I don't like.

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15 Soul Intent
16 The Freestyle Show
17 Long Time No See Long Time No See
18 Greatest Hits Greatest Hits V 2 Comments
19 Eminem Is Back Eminem Is Back
20 Eminem: All Access Europe Eminem: All Access Europe
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