The Eminem Show


From front to back this is by far his most polished work. From the the collection of white America, Business, Cleaning out my closet and Square Dance to open the album is by far the best collection of music he has put together and then he ends with a power-packed Til I collapse. For me, this is an all around great rap album that ranks with Doggy Style, The Chronic and Illmatic.

Definitely his best album. His best album with both beats and his lyrics. His best songs on the album are pretty much all of them, except for drips which is absolutely grotty, superman is just boring and dirty, my dad's gone crazy has a few lines that are pretty bad but they are terrible, and square dance is definitely not his best (it is a bit boring). Definitely his best

Unlike a lot of his other Albums, this album is one that I can just start, and listen through the whole thing, and I will love every minute of it. (Except maybe one or two songs) The majority of the album, though is wonderful. Eminem was on top of the rap game at this time, and this album just helped prove why.

By far the closest he has come to releases a perfect album, in fact I strongly believe this would be a perfect album if Drips was excluded. Anyway, still his best album and probably his only release where the non-singles are equivalent in quality to the singles (White America, Square Dance, Til I Collapse, Say Goodbye To Hollywood etc.)

The MMLP is great and has some of his greatest songs of all time but the Eminem Show is his deepest and most introspective album. He puts his entire personal life out there for us in songs like Cleaning out my Closet and Sing for the Moment while also having some of his sickest lyrical verses like Say Goodbye to Hollywood or Till I Collapse. Every single song on his album is a good one and Eminem himself even says that this is his best work.

For the sake of variety I'd have to say The Eminem Show is his best album to date. With topics that go as far as political issues addressing our former president to Eminem's daughter, mother, and all stops in between.. The Eminem Show is a masterpiece with every song on the album feeling like a hit.

I have only begun to listen to Eminem roughly 2 months ago, but from what I've heard of him, The Eminem Show showcases his best work with tracks like Sing for the Moment, Cleaning Out my Closet, White America, and Till I Collapse. These tracks all have fantastic hooks and phenomenal word play, with some of the word play of MMLP2 somewhat lacking with too many corny lines and punch lines. Sing for the Moment has to be Eminem's best song.

I think The Eminem Show probably had the most message in it out of his albums and featured a lot of very underrated songs, like Till I Collapse and Sing For The Moment. Great album and definitely beats other albums in hip hop.

The best rap album of Eminem. It's as good as Nas' Illmatic. Most of the Stans say that MMLP is the best but clearly it has so many rubbish irrelevant songs like Kill you, remember me, who knew, drug ballad. The Eminem Show has only one rubbish songs and that too only lyrically - Drips. Even though this song has one of the best beats and is wickedly hilarious. There isn't a single song on this album which is not good. It's most consistent album of Eminem. From the beginning to the end, you never get bored or want to skip a track. Sing for the moment is the best track of this album.

This album, God, its amazing. I listen to a lot of Eminem, and never have I seen so many of my favorites in one place. Cleanin' out my Closet, the AMAZING Without Me, White America, Sing for the Moment, Buisness, Till I Collapse, all of it! Encore will always be special for me, seeing as how it was my first Eminem album, but sentimental value isn't enough to put Encore over this masterpiece!

Amazing Eminem Album. Personally, my favorite. His lyrics are excellent and the songs are as well. People believe the MMLP is the best but you have to realize, Em has more variety in the Eminem Show. More personal, even sheds little light on his love life. I'm just happy people are now beginning to see how great this album is. Hopefully, Em's next one is like this. Also, Til I Collapse is one of Em's best songs.

This has hits like Without Me, Till I Collapse, Sing For the moment, And cleaning my closet. Plus there is a bunch of other songs like Business, Solider, My Dads Gone Crazy, White America. There is not a single song I don't like on this album it's a classic.

"My songs can make you cry, take you by surprise
And at the same time, make you dry your eyes with the same rhyme
See what you're seeing is a genius at work"
-Eminem - 'My Dad's Gone Crazy' -

Outside the MMLP2, TES is my favorite Eminem album. It is the jack-of-all-trades (like the MMLP2): the comedy in Without Me, the struggle in Sing For the Moment, the confidence in Till I Collapse, the emotion in Cleaning Out My Closet (which I despise however as I listened to Headlights first), and the anger in White America (my personal favorite). However, this album has flaws. First off, Cleaning Out My Closet is not a track I think highly of now that I have listened to Headlights. Second, Superman and Drips are some of his worst, most disgusting work ever. However, these are pretty minor, and the clean version of the album which excludes Drips might be my favorite of all of his albums. - WonkeyDude98

Definitely the best Eminem album. there is only one bad song on this album; the rest are great. I have no idea how encore is above relapse because encore is by far the worst album. if you haven't heard infinite it should be in top 5 at least. - Totalbeasto001

This has to be his best album. The others are great but there is literally not a song on this album that I don't want to listen to all the time! And it's hard for me to decide because honestly, I like all Em's songs, he's the Rap God!

Hands down, the most underrated album, ever. Cleanin out my closet, Square Dance, Soldier, Drips, Without Me, Till' I Collapse, and My Dad's gone crazy. All perfect songs.

yea I love recovery even though its gone the way of pop but I i absolutly love the eminem show it varys in types of rap and it was betweent this and relapse recovery is stll good though

So many different types of songs. I think his best are his funny ones (Without Me; Superman) and his emotional ones (Cleaning Out my Closet; Soldier; Say Goodbye Hollywood; etc. )

For me, it changes from MMLP to TES constantly but right now, I'm thinking TES is slightly better. I just think there are more good/classic songs on TES (I love Till I Collapse, Sing for the Moment and Cleanin' Out My Closet and White America. Soldier, Superman, Without Me, Hailie's Song and Square Dance are also really good). - aashim.aggarwal

There wasn't a single bad song in this album. I loved every single one of them; compared to his other albums I feel like there were a few songs that I personally didn't like.

Eminem's greatest accomplishment, in my opinion. It has everything a true Eminem fan wants- great lyrics, soul, anger and then there's also a humorous side to the album.

There's a reason it went diamond, not one single bad song on the album. Showcased how good Eminem is one of the greatest albums of all time

Frankly, amazed this isn't number 1 by at least 20%. If you look at every song seperately they're all unbelievable and when you put it together as a body of work you have a masterpiece. Hard pressed to say this isn't his prime. Flow, Delivery, Wordplay, General lyricism, Beats, Harmony with the beats, this has it all.

This album displays his most technical prowess. Everything is perfect. Of his first 3 mainstream albums this is the only one that doesn't sound dated.