The Marshall Mathers LP 2


I'm crazy about this album from start to finish. I honestly got drawn in from the very first line of "Bad Guy," which is such a fantastic example of storytelling. There's a twist there I never saw coming, because I honestly took the song at surface value possibly being about his ex-wife... I was so wrong. This albums has such an eclectic mix of stellar songs. I have to admit that I slept on Eminem's last few albums because I thought he had lost some of that singular presence he had from the very moment he blew up on to the scene 15 or more years ago... This album brought all of the memories back. It just sort of solidifies his place as one of the greatest to ever do it, and certainly the greatest rapper alive.

Every. Single. Track. Is. A. Masterpiece. Eminem was topping here with songs that could fit into every album: Berzerk could work on Relapse, Love Game would fit just right on the SSLP, Headlights is truly The Eminem Show, So Much Better would be right at home on Encore (as well as So Far), and Survival works on Recovery (as well as The Monster and Stronger Than I Was). The only songs that would not fit into any other album are Rap God and Bad Guy (even then Bad Guy might've worked on the MMLP), but they aren't supposed to. This is my personal favorite of his albums, and the only one I listened to entirely (including the legendary deluxe tracks) without getting bored.

Also, for everyone that excessively bashes his new style, let's not forget he almost killed himself with drugs to make something like The Marshall Mathers LP. So bashing his new style superfluously could translate into you wanting Em to kill himself. - WonkeyDude98

Such an underrated album. People hear the song "Monster" and just assume this album is to make him a little more money. This album shows a new level of maturity and art from him and once you really listen to the lyrics and the meaning you then realise how great his talents are, if not understood before. Really look at "Evil Twin", wonderful word play.

So many of his best songs: Survival, Berzerk, Rap God, Headlights, Evil Twin, Love Game, Bad Guy, Monster, So Much Better, and Legacy. It gives you both of his personalities; Marshall Mathers and Slim Shady. Some songs make me want to cry, and others get me pumped up. The most all around album I have ever heard from any artist.

I hate it that people complain about this album all the time. It wasn't his best, but if you listen, it is very meaningful. Stronger Than I Was was an extremely deep, moving song and also Eminem is getting older and his career is developing so of course he can't be he same 22-year old psychotic Slim Shady. Love this album

I think this is the closest he'll get to his younger days. Remember guys Eminem isn't exactly young anymore and anger is something you tend to handle better and better as you get older. It's just an effect of maturing. Despite this though Eminem really went hard on this album.

I'm a 50 years old female who works in Switzerland. I listen to Eminem non stop. The MM LP2 is my favorite. I play it over and over again. It's on "Controls" - "Repeat" on my itunes.
My neighbors hate me but I don't care. He is a true artist. Whether you love the man or not, disagree with his lyrics or not. The man is truly talented. Without any doubt the most talented artist of this generation

Far better than Relapse and Recovery. If you are a fan of the early 2000's Eminem, this album is for you.

Why is this below Recovery? Rap God, Bad Guy, Evil Twin, etc. Those CRUSH anything on Recovery.

This is his album with most hit/classic songs. Bad guy, survival, rap god, berzerk, headlights, beautiful, wicked ways, love game, etc. All songs are consistently good except a couple songs not the best to listen to.

Honestly Bad Guy, Evil Twin, Brainless and especially Legacy are all lyrically mastered. In Legacy Em manages to keep the same rhyme scheme throughout the whole beat, now that's skill...

I would like to add that unlike The Marshall Mathers LP, which had too much filler in the last 1/3 of the album leading to Criminal, this one wasted no time, from Bad Guy to Wicked Ways, it was the REAL DEAL. - WonkeyDude98

It gets better and better the more you listen to it, has variational beats and featured artists. A mix of old school with new school. So Far and Headlights are 2 songs I strongly recommend

Best Eminem lyrics of all time! Headlights, Legacy and Bad Guy are my favorites.

The best thing Eminem has done since The Eminem Show.

This is his best album yet, even better than the original. Eminem's lyricism has hit new heights.

'So far' is probably the best song in this album

Eminem admits his faults, apologizes to his mother and family, and comes back with lyrics that made him an icon in albums such as The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP, and The Eminem Show. I never thought that he could reach this level again. Congradulations Eminem! You are indeed back.

Bad Guy, Berzerk, Survival, Evil Twin, The Monster, Legacy, Ass, Rap God, Love Game, Wicked Ways (Deluxe Edition track). Runner up is The Eminem Show.

This is a rap master piece. This album doesn't have any "filler" songs just to take up space. Just as witty and clever as ever. A true work of art!

This album showed that Eminem's rapping skills have grown exponentially and that he is still by far the most talented rapper alive.

Not as good as his best album, the original MMLP, but it is definitely the next on the list. Listening to it gives back memories from his older albums. If you thought Eminem lost his touch, buy this album, and you'll change your mind. Legendary Album right here.

It has some of the greatest tracks in his career and also some of the worst productions he has rapped on

Although MMLP2 is fairly new, I think it shows how he both, has matured over the years, but also that he still has skill (such as: Rap God; Bad Guy; Brainless; etc. ) He also has a few mellow but emotional songs too (Beautiful Pain; Headlights; Stronger Than I Was. )

This album contains some of em's best work. Rap god, survival, bezerk, bad guy, legacy, headlights, the monster and the list goes on. Best album in the world right now no doubt about it, it's just awesome.