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1 Lose Yourself (First Verse)
2 Bad Guy (Last Verse)

Arguably The Best Verse In The History Of Rap

Best verse of a song ever! This one verse beats legends like "Stan" and "The Way I Am! " Even better than "the real Slim Shady." Listen to the song NOW! Who thought the sequel to "Stan" would beat the original? You would have to be an idiot to listen to this and not vote it. I won't spoil it 4 you. Listen to it NOW!

If you haven't voted this, you obviously haven't heard this properly. Truly legendary.

Literally the most amazing verse of all time, period.

3 Renegade (Second Verse)

Jay-Z's verse was very good as well, but Eminem was pretty GOAT

4 Forgot About Dre (Second Verse)
5 Rap God (Third Verse)

Next to Control Verse from Kendrick best verse of 2013

6 Till I Collapse (Second Verse)
7 No Love (Second Verse)

How is this not #1? Like, have you not heard Eminem rap in this song? It's by far the best and pumps me up so much!

This was just pure fire - Samuelbatman


8 Stan (Third Verse)

How is it number 1 on best rap verses ever but only no.6 on best eminem verses?

9 Just Don't Give a F*** (First Verse)
10 Kill You (First Verse)

The Contenders

11 The Way I Am (First Verse)
12 Drug Ballad (Third Verse)

Such an underrated song

13 Forever (Last Verse)

Compared to other Eminem verses it's actually pretty weak but compared to the other verses in this song it's a masterpiece. - Brainfck

14 Criminal (Third Verse)
15 Medicine Man (Second Verse)
16 Not Afraid (Last Verse)

It should have been well voted and stood at second position just below the bad guy verse 4.Hands down to Eminem. 👑👑👑

17 Till I Collapse (First Verse)
18 Infinite (First Verse)

The lyrical structure of this verse was just unbelieveable had even better rhymes then lose yourself

19 Legacy (Last Verse)

Em purposefully uses the same rhyme scheme throughout the whole damn song. Never done by any rapper before, and that last verse, amazing wordplay and multi-syllable rhymes. Such an underrated song.

20 Sing for the Moment (First Verse)
21 Lose Yourself (Last Verse)
22 Psychopath Killer (Last Verse)

Straight �"�

23 Stan (Fourth Verse)
24 Fight Music (Last Verse)
25 Stay Wide Awake (Second Verse)

There's not a single word in this verse that doesn't rhyme with any other word in it. Also great storytelling! - Brainfck

26 Beautiful (Third Verse)
27 Sh*t On You (Third Verse)
28 Groundhog Day (Third Verse)
29 Space Bound (Third Verse)
30 Patiently Waiting (Second Verse)
31 Detroit vs. Everybody (Final Verse)
32 Love Game (Third Verse)
33 Lighters (First Verse)
34 When the Music Stops (First Verse)
35 Drop the World (Last Verse)
36 Beautiful (First Verse)
37 Soldier (Last Verse)
38 Cold Wind Blows (First Verse)

Crazy rhyme scheme and very funny! - Brainfck

39 Phenomenal (Third Verse)
40 Right For Me (First Verse)

Crazy rhyme scheme, word play or metaphors in every single line and a sick flow. - Brainfck

41 Above The Law (First Verse)
42 Square Dance (Second Verse)
43 Stronger Than I Was (Last Verse)

Great Than Rap God Every Verse In My Opinion

44 Beautiful (Second Verse)
45 Love the Way You Lie (Last Verse)

I think it's the second verse.

Its not a lot great but the best verse Love the Way You Lie

46 8 Mile (Second Verse)
47 Stan (Second Verse)
48 I Need a Doctor (Second Verse)
49 My Name Is (First Verse)
50 Guilty Conscience (Last Verse)
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1. Bad Guy (Last Verse)
2. Stan (Third Verse)
3. Not Afraid (Last Verse)
1. Stan (Third Verse)
2. Bad Guy (Last Verse)
3. Stay Wide Awake (Second Verse)
1. Renegade (Second Verse)
2. Till I Collapse (First Verse)
3. Lose Yourself (First Verse)

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