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Emperor was an influential Norwegian Black Metal (Symphonic Black Metal) band formed in 1991 by guitarist/vocalist Ihsahn and drummer Samoth. With only 5 studio albums they have established a landmark in the history of Black Metal and were one of the biggest acts of the genre.
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1 I Am the Black Wizards

Best Emperor song.

My favourite black metal song, from my favourite black metal album, by my favourite black metal band. WHY IS THIS NOT #1?

No exception, this is the ultimate Emperor track and kills in every way possible

The ultimate black metal song. Definitely one of their best songs they have ever done!

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2 Inno a Satana

So Evil and Beautiful

Inno A Satana! Inno A Satana! Amazing ending song of a magical album. I like In the Nightside Eclipse a lot more than Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk. - metalfan1999

Awesome song. Just getting into Emperor and black metal in general and this one stood out among the youtube playlist.

I just adore this song. Peace out.

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3 Into the Infinity of Thoughts
4 With Strength I Burn

Something elese

All Emperor's songs, from all theirs albums are not form this word... I really like them all and very much...
However, With Strength I Burn is simply the first one and after Ye Entrancemperium...

5 Ye Entrancemperium
6 Towards the Pantheon
7 Thus Spake the Nightspirit

A real symphonic masterpiece. The symphonic breakdown towards the end really makes you wanna band your head. Long Reign the Emperor!

Greatest Song by in my opinion the best black metal band to ever walk this earth - PsychoSandman33

8 Beyond the Great Vast Forest
9 Cosmic Keys to My Creations and Times

Evil! Those long vocal pauses in the background sounds really creepy plus I love Ihsahn's duck vocals.

10 I Curse You All Men

First black song I've heard - Rhapsody

The Contenders

11 In the Wordless Chamber

Pure art and virtuosity, it is the best song ever create in this genere.

12 The Burning Shadows of Silence
13 Wrath of the Tyrant

Great song

14 The Loss & Curse of Reverence

4:15 in to the song. m/

15 The Majesty of the Nightsky

Probably the most powerful song of this amazing band. This song is the symbol of the legend of Emperor

How can this one be rated so low! This is probably my favourite track on In The Nightside Eclispe - metalfan1999

16 Empty
17 Ensorcelled by Khaos
18 Alsvartr (The Oath)

I am the Emperror! Love that part.

19 The Acclamation of Bonds
20 Ancient Queen

Very Underrated

21 An Elegy of Icaros
22 Decrystallizing Reason

This song is underrated.

23 Witches Sabbath
24 A Fine Day to Die

This one must be on the list

25 The Wanderer
26 The Tongue of Fire
27 The Eruption

Severely overlooked piece from an already loathed album..Such a haunting and mesmerizing intro to a song...a very unique song construction..and the drumming can't get any faster than this...#3 on my list of best Emperor Songs... - Arhaan95

28 The Prophet
29 Thorns On My Grave
30 Sworn (Remix)

Super heavy, not really classic Emperor style but a great cover of Ulver and a unique spin on an amazing song. Addicting.

31 Lord of the Storms
32 The Source of Icon E
33 Nonus Aequilibrium
34 The Warriors of Modern Death
35 Of Blindness & Subsequent Seers
36 Depraved
37 Grey
38 He Who Sought the Fire
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1. I Am the Black Wizards
2. Cosmic Keys to My Creations and Times
3. Towards the Pantheon
1. Inno a Satana
2. Into the Infinity of Thoughts
3. I Am the Black Wizards
1. With Strength I Burn
2. I Am the Black Wizards
3. Into the Infinity of Thoughts

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